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Game classifications

This presentation discusses about the game classifications, (game type and game genre with examples)

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Game classifications

  1. 1. GAME CLASSIFICATION S By. Manilyn M. Celeste
  2. 2. GAME TYPE
  3. 3. Game Type  Is categorized by the medium or platform through which a game is played.  The differences can be determined either;  Game platform cost  Predominant game it offers  Number of players  Ease of access  Playing atmosphere  Connectivity  Peripheral support
  4. 4. Arcade  Platform – it is coin-operated entertainment machine that is usually installed in public areas such as restaurants, bars and amusement centers.
  5. 5. Arcade Games Pacman
  6. 6. Donkey Kong
  7. 7. Street Fighter
  8. 8. Console  Platform – It is an interactive entertainment computer that produces a video display signal that can be used with a display device like a tv or monitor to show a video game.
  9. 9. Console Games
  10. 10. Personal Computer (PC)  Platform – is a general purpose computer than can be customized depending on the user’s needs.  PC designed for gaming require higher specifications. Additional peripherals can be connected to achieve full potential of a game.
  11. 11. PC Games
  12. 12. Mobile  Platform – these are portable multifunction that were not created mainly for video games.  These include mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, tablets, portable media player and calculators.
  13. 13. Mobile Games
  14. 14. Mobile Games
  15. 15. Game Genre
  16. 16. Game Genre  Refers to the gameplay challenges and how the obstacles are completed. Game Play  Is the way a player interacts with a game and encompasses the game rules, goals and controls.
  17. 17.  These are games in which pieces are moved on a board following a set of rules agreed upon by both players.  It aims to defeat opponent players in terms of counters, position or accumulated points
  18. 18.  These are any games using playing cards as a primary tool.  A deck or a pack of cards with identical shapes, sizes and back designs is used.
  19. 19.  These are action games where a player takes control of an on-screen character to battle against a human or computer opponent
  20. 20.  Focus primarily on firing projectiles at enemies  First person Shooter Games – are games played from the perspective of the character that features a first person view.
  21. 21.  These are games that feature supernatural environments wherein players are assumed to have magical powers.  Many Role playing games are considered to be fantasy games
  22. 22.  These are games wherein players take the role of one or many characters with specific skill sets  The game is an adventure in which character traits are developed and the plot is integral to the experience
  23. 23.  These are games designed to mimic reality for the purpose of entertainment, education, training and case study
  24. 24. The genre is divided into 3 subcategories:  Vehicle Simulation – such as racing and flight  Life simulation – where a player simulates an artificial life – form including individuals, relationships and its ecosystem  Resource Management and Construction simulation – where a player builds, manages and expands or upgrades fictional communities or projects
  25. 25.  These are games that follow rules and physics of a specific sport.  It can be simulation or fictional representation of the actual game or its characters.
  26. 26. Show What You Know…
  27. 27. Game Title Game Type Game Genre 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Give 10 video games and identify their game type and game genre: