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Paterson alliancecopy [read only]


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#GivingTuesday received global attention in 2012. On the heels of a successful campaign, I shared some of the latest social media and online tools that non profits like the Paterson Alliance can take advantage of. Great audience, plenty of questions!

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Paterson alliancecopy [read only]

  1. 1. Get Social in 2013:Why Your Nonprofit Should Use Social Media .
  2. 2. .
  3. 3. What Channels Are You Using To Reach Your Audience? New and Traditional Channels Community Newspapers Organization Website Community Engagement TradeCompany NJ/NY Radio Publications CisionBlog Mobile Communications .
  4. 4. BY THE NUMBERSFacebook 845 million activemonthly usersTwitter 500 million Linked In 200 millionregistered users Google+ 400 millionYou Tube 800 millionsubscribers Pinterest 147 millionTumbler 15 Billion Monthlypageviews and 120 million Instagram 100 Millionsubscribers users .
  5. 5. Non Profits on Social MediaRevealing statistics about Non Profits Using SocialMedia:98% use Facebook74% are on Tweeter66% have a Presence on You Tube48% have LinkedIn Organization/Business Profiles32% have Flckr accounts26% now use Google+ .
  6. 6. Your WebsiteYour Main Channel for Connectivity .
  7. 7. GIVE YOUR AUDIENCE WHAT THEY WANT ONLINEClearly convey the results of donor support.Tell compelling stories of success.Your messaging: Help, provide value, be a resource.Ask what your supporters like or want to hear about.What posts receive the highest engagement? e.g.Images, links, videos, postsCommunicate online with other industry groups. Create opportunities to share information online.Provide opportunities to donate online on birthdaysor in memory of… .
  8. 8. “Success in Social Media takesdesign, intent and relentless pursuitof opportunities even when they areelusive.” Brian Solis .
  10. 10. Non ProfitSocial Media/Mobile Tools .
  11. 11. About“Any Guidestar-verified and active 501(c)3 nonprofit can collect donations through causes.” 153 million people around the world use the app. 1 billion actions have been taken. .
  12. 12. Tweet for Funds .
  13. 13. Mobile AppsMobile Fund raising campaign:MGive Promote Your Organization’s Volunteer Opportunities .
  14. 14. Integrating Mobile Campaigns with Social Media .
  15. 15. Use All Available Channels .
  16. 16. Videos Work! .
  17. 17. Google for Nonprofits .
  18. 18. Google for Non Profits .
  19. 19. Tracking and Measurement .
  20. 20. Free Tracking ToolsHootsuite Google AnalyticsSocial Mention MonitterWildfire SeesmicSocial Bro TopsyKlout Peer IndexAddictomatic PlagtrackerGoogle AlertsGoogle Trends Technorati .
  21. 21. Effective on Social Networks It’s about sharing, discussing, not broadcasting. Cross reference between website and social channels, use sharingbuttons. Make social media a dedicated job in your organization. Set uprules for engagement. Get more staff involved. Create alerts e.g.Google alerts to monitor perception and news. Consider creating an advertising budget for social media. Crowdsource, Facebook surveys. Ask followers to: Please Retweet your messages. Make content visually appealing. .
  22. 22. Thank You for the Invitation! Yolanda M. Finley @PRFocused Info@prfocused 973-220-1303 .