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My ideal vacations


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Rio de Janeiro

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My ideal vacations

  2. 2. WHY RIO DE JANEIRO? Rio de Janeiro is a place where you can find beachs, history, sports, nature and a amazing clime in a one city.
  3. 3. Cristo Redentor It’s a giant structure in form of Cristo, it have a 38 m of height but 8m are of base of it. It’s ubicate in the summit of the Corcovado. When you see the Cristo Redentor you have a sensation that the Cristo redentor is giving a hug to the city.
  4. 4. Pão de Açúcar(Pan de azucar) Is a rock of 396 meters The tourist can climb the Pão de Açúcar and other beacks, the Babilonia and the Urca .
  5. 5. Pedra Da Gavea Pedra da Gáveas rock face looks like a human face; some have suggested that the facial features were carved by prehistoric Indians. From the top is a fabulous view of the Atlantic Ocean, wide beaches, lagoons, the forested coastal mountains.
  6. 6. Portal da Gávea Portal da Gávea is an impressive rock formation after Carrasqueira Pass. It is a junction of two types of rocks: Gnaisse and Granite. Its an important geological observation point and has difficult routes to climb. Look the big roof that climbers practice their habilities.
  7. 7. Praça Quinze de Novembro This place show the history of Rio de Janeiro because you can find some monuments that made in colonial epoch. You can visit a Imperial palace, where the viceroy of Brasil life in the colonial epoch.