Rising sea


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I am working at KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) in Malindi, as a volunteer of JICA. My job is teacher of environment. This presentation is about Rising Sea. It contained cause and effect of rising sea.

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Rising sea

  1. 1. Rising Sea Takatoshi AKAI 23-1 JOCVMalindi Marine National Park
  2. 2. TOPICS• Quiz• “ Day After Tomorrow” will occur?• Cause of sea level rise.• Effects of sea level rise. Case Study: Tuvalu• Conclusion
  3. 3. If iceberg in North Polemelt, sea level rise?
  4. 4. Let’s try experiment in your house ①Put water in the glass up to the edge. ②Put ice in the glass. ③Wait until the ice melt. ④You will find the water will not flood.
  5. 5. The conservation of mass  You will study or studied in science class.  This nature law signifies “Even if the shape changed, its mass never change”.According to this principle, Kueri?even all iceberg in North Pole melt,the sea level does not change. Kueri!
  6. 6. “Day After Tomorrow” will occur?
  7. 7. Sea water will expandwhen the temperature raise.So, maybe sea level upjust a bit.
  8. 8. Cause of sea level rise⇒The ice in South Pole melt into ocean in winter.⇒Other land area, such as Greenland and ice on top of the mountain melt into ocean.Sea level rising up to 7cm per year.
  9. 9. Effects of sea levelrise ; Case Study inTuvalu The lower height above sea level in Tuvalu. There are some areas already below the sea. If the global warming continue, Tuvalu will be sank under the sea. Now, dozens of citizens are migrate to New Zealand every year.
  10. 10. Effects of sea level rise ; Case Study in Venezia Venezia is famous for historical beautiful structures and tourist attraction. However, within few decades, gradually, Venezia will be sank under the sea.
  11. 11. Conclusion There are many places besides the sea shore. Once they sank under the sea, we can not visit anymore. This is not happening in other country, this is happening besides us. Therefore, we should consider how to avoid raising sea level.