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P2 relativity home page


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P2 relativity home page

  1. 1. RELATIVITY? GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH 19 HIGH STREET METHERINGHAM LN4 3AZ TEL 07793582137 EMAIL RELATIVITY2012@O2.CO.UK Family history is fascinating! But it can also be immenselyfrustrating. There can be many hurdles to clear in its undertaking mostcan be cleared but by no means all. Names, dates and locations are the building blocks to creating a family history record but often spelling and family hearsay can distort the facts. Being able to clarify and collate the facts is extremely rewarding. My 20 years experience in genealogical research helps me to sort out fact from fiction and get to the truth by using available records such as certificates, census returns, family knowledge and of course, much more. Althoughfamily knowledge is helpful, sometimes quite simply, it isn’t! To give an example, I and all the rest of my family knew my Grandmother quite simply as Granny Maud, only her name on her birth certificate was Emma Jane! So sometimes what I find might not always fit with family ‘knowledge’! An initial consultation (at no cost) would help me ascertain requirements and show me what information there is to work with. Sometimes there is next to nothing…but I do like a challenge!!! In many cases the only way to proceed is by the acquisition of certificates but, this does not happen without the client being informed. Certificates cost £11.00 each and become the property of the client. My main area of research is with English, Welsh and some Irish records and whereas other areas can be researched there is sometimes extra time and cost involved, however you, the client, is kept informed of any extra cost at all times.Why not try an initial consultation at no cost? You could be surprised at where it takes you…Please phone, text or preferably email me, my name is Julia, with your number or email and I will return your call…..look forward to talking to you…