Reflections Of Nd (Edited)


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Reflections Of Nd (Edited)

  1. 1. National Day Reflections 2009
  2. 2. Staffs Reflections from
  3. 3. “ I am so proud of you, Singapore. A little red dot that has way surpassed the expectations of people around the world. Our past leaders have led the country with vision, excellence and integrity. Happy Birthday Singapore!” Mrs Janis Kok
  4. 4. “ Many races, one Nation, We're Singapore, in celebration. Peace, harmony and prosperity, Let's all progress in unity. Happy 44th birthday, Singapore, We'll always be standing tall.” Mdm Linda Ng “ Singapore, you always have a special place in my heart and I will forever call you 'My Home'. Happy 44th Birthday, Singapore!” Mdm Tan Meow Huang
  5. 5. “ Singapore, an island in the Sun. I am proud to be part of it. Let's stand together as one united people, cherish what we have and work towards a brighter future. Happy birthday, my Homeland!” Mdm Lai Lee “ Happy Birthday Singapore! You have proven that size does not matter in this world. We may be small but our ambitions are not. Thanks for the F1, IR, YOG and whatever that is going to come to our shore.” Mr Ryan Gwee
  6. 6. “ The Theme ‘Come together’ is perfect as we are proud of our country, Singapore, and we have a great need for a day to come together as a nation to show. We need to celebrate our accomplishments both locally and globally too. Having our very own ND blog is an excellent way to pledge as a school that we will do our part in building a home for all to stay happy and united.” Mdm Thana
  7. 7. “ Looking forward to YOG 2010.. a milestone indeed, for Singapore. Happy 44th birthday, Singapore!!!” Ms Shima Shazwani “ There can never be another place in my heart like - the one that I have given to Singapore. This is truly my home where I always feel peaceful and safe.” Mdm Fadzilah
  8. 8. p6 pupils Reflections from
  9. 9. “ Singapore is where I was born. I have spent 12 years of my life here. This is where my family and my friends are. Singapore is very important to me. Singapore is my home.” Koh Wen Ling 6 Honesty “ Singapore is where I was born Singapore is where I study Singapore is where I can have peace and harmony Singapore is where I meet good friends Singapore is where I am supposed to be HAPPY 44TH BIRTHDAY, SINGAPORE i looove Singapore.” Alvin Chik Yi Chao 6 Honesty
  10. 10. “ Singapore is my homeland; This is where we belong. We are one nation! A small yet united country!! Happy Birthday, Singapore!! There’s no place I rather be...” Koh Rui Yun,6 Loyalty “ Singapore is not my country as I did not born here but I will still say that Singapore is a safe island and the education here are good compared to other countries. All I want to say is Happy Birthday Singapore!” Harmeet Kaur 6 Loyalty
  11. 11. p5 pupils Reflections from
  12. 12. “ My dream for Singapore: INDEPENDENCE FOREVER FIRST IN ALMOST EVERTHING VERY SAFE COUNTRY BEST ECONOMY SHOPPING PARADISE MOST POLITE COUNTRY. ” Shi Min 5 Patience “ I'm a Singaporean and I will never ever abandon Singapore for anything. Singapore Rocks WOoHoo!” Jamice Lee 5 Patience
  13. 13. “ I love Singapore!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday.” =D Xuan Yun 5 Courage) “ I love Singapore. I am very proud of Singapore. Happy 44th birthday Singapore!!! Love u!!” Rachel Neo 5 Courage
  14. 14. p4 pupils Reflections from and their parents
  15. 15. “ We wish that Singapore will remain peaceful and stay as a riot-free country!” Chang Wen Yee and family( P4 Respect) “ Happy 44th birthday Singapore!!!!!” Jerry's family (4 Loyalty)
  16. 16. “ Wishes-Let people to be united. Dreams-Train Singaporeans and participate in Olympics games. Consider Singapore as home-It is a safe country..” Tan Jing Yi and family (4 Honesty) “ Singapore is a safe country and we have an organised government. It is also a clean and green and multi-racial cultural country. Lastly, the transportation system is very convenient. Happy Birthday Singapore!” Wan Xuan's family(4 Integrity)