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Combat The Fat Nutrition Program


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In this Combat the Fat review, we’ll take a closer look at this best-selling weight loss program and try to determine whether or not it lives up to the hype. Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll know for sure whether this popular workout...

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Combat The Fat Nutrition Program

  1. 1. Combat the Fat Review Click Here to Download Combat the FatIn this Combat the Fat review, we’ll take a closer look at this best-sellingweight loss program and try to determine whether or not it lives up to thehype. Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll know forsure whether this popular workout program is right for you or not. What is Combat the Fat? Combat the Fat is an intense exercise regimen created by former U.S. Military Fitness Trainer, Jeff Anderson. The routines and exercises contained within Anderson’s videos are based on
  2. 2. scientific research done by the United States military and are proven to benearly 300% more effective than normal weight loss programs.Unlike many other so-called weight loss programs, Combat the Fat isn’t ascam, ripoff, or hoax. This program has been proven time and time again tobe ultra-effective when it comes to producing results, and it’s thousands ofpeople around the world are using it to get the body they’ve alwaysdreamed of.Combat the Fat – The Five FundamentalsThe Combat the Fat program is based on the following five principals thatAnderson used while he was in the military training troops for combat.These principals are the foundation of the workout routines and lifestyleAnderson encourages you to adopt.1. Building Muscles Gets Rid of Fat – Instead of spending precious timejogging or walking on the treadmill, Anderson pushes you to spend thattime building muscle in order to burn fat faster. The Combat the Fat systemis based on the belief that muscles are the fat burning machines of thebody and if not exercised, weight loss literally comes to a standstill.2. Do Not Give Up the Foods You Enjoy – You don’t have to give up thefoods you enjoy with the Combat the Fat program. Instead of making youdiet away all the foods that you love, Anderson says that you can use thefood you love to eat to help you combat fat. There are ways that you can
  3. 3. use foods, even seemingly fattening ones, to boost your metabolism. Thisin turn melts excess body fat.3. Master Your Own Body Weight – In the military, Anderson made hissoldiers use their own body weight for strength and resistance training. Thereason fitness experts in the army emphasize body weight so much isbecause these types of workouts activate your central nervous system,triggering a rapid fat meltdown in return.4. Dieting is Not as Effective as it is Made Out to Be – In reality, dietingdoes very little to help you lose weight. The most it does is help you lose afew pounds in the beginning, but eventually you reach a point whereprogress stops (this is what is commonly known as the dieting plateau).Going beyond this plateau by not eating at all can be dangerous andseriously affect your physical health. Anderson is a firm believer that it isnot what you eat, but how you eat that makes the difference.5. Failure is Not an Option – So many people today think it’s perfectly okayto stop a program when they get bored or tired of it. This is out of thequestion with Anderson. He runs Combat the Fat in the same way that heused to train the troops, and this could very well be the biggest reason formany of his students’ success. In his program, you can expect to bemotivated daily to trim your waistline and regain a healthy physique.Combat the Fat Review – Final Words
  4. 4. If you’re sick and tired of weight loss programs that promise the world butfall flat on their face when it comes to results, Combat the Fat is the breathof fresh air you’ve been looking for.By combining an ultra-effective dieting and nutrition plan with fat burning,muscle building bodyweight workouts, Jeff Anderson has applied hismilitary background and fitness expertise to create one of the most highlyeffective weight loss programs we’ve seen to date. Click Here to Buy Combat the Fat Today