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Program of the III-rd Session of Volodymyr Yevtukh Ethnosociological School english version


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Program of the III-rd Session of Volodymyr Yevtukh Ethnosociological School english version

  1. 1. THE THIRD SESSION OF PROFESSOR YEVTUKHETHNOSOCIOLOGICAL SCHOOLThe subject: “Ethnicity in the Framework of InterculturalCommunication”Data: June 4, 2012Time: 10.00 – 14.00Place: Jagiellonian University, Institute of the Middle and Far EastStudy, Krakow (Poland).Moderators: Sylwia Jaskula, Ph.D (Head of Information Culture Departmentat PEDAGOGIUM College of Social Sciences, Warsaw), Daryna Dikova-Favors’ka, Ph.D (associate professor at the National DragomanovUniversity, Kyiv).Speakers: professor Leszek Korporowicz (Jagiellonian University,Krakow), professor Volodymyr Yevtukh (National DragomanovUniversity, Kyiv).Discussants: Ph.D Margaret Sekomb, (Adelaida University, Adelaida,Australia), professor Dominigue Bouchet (University of SouthernDanmark, Odense, Danmark).Participants: professors, associate professors, researchers fromJagiellonian University, other Universities of Krakow, NationalDragomanov University.Conception of the discussion (questions to be discussed):- concept of the notions “ethnicity”, “intercultural communication”;- regularities and peculiarities of functioning of ethnicity in culturalspace;
  2. 2. - intercultural communication: to avoid misunderstanding;- spaces of intercultural communication;- ethnic interaction and intercultural communication: parameters ofinterplay;- intercultural competence;- intercultural communication and interethnic tolerance (poles oftouching and divergence);- ethnicity in concrete cultural spaces (Australia, Danmark, Poland,Ukraine);- technologies and techniques (procedures) of teaching of interculturalcommunication in polyethnic societies.Remarks:a) participants of the session are invited to advance own opinionconcerning the questions mentioned above as well concerning questionsbeing in touch with the subject of the session;b) the course of the discussion (the whole report) will be published inthe Journal “International Scientific Forum”.Languages at the session: English, Polish, Ukrainian.