: Looking for a responsible and challenging financial, administration and audit
Aug 11-Now

Head of Tax & Business
APV (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, the accounting, audit, taxation and training firm)

Sept 04-Sept 07

grantee to ensure that successful sub-grantee are being able to carry on the
assigned task eff...
 In support to the Provincial Treasury, provide capacity build and assist the
provincial treasury staff to implement the ...
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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE 1. CAREER INTEREST : Looking for a responsible and challenging financial, administration and audit position in an established Private Institution. 2. NAME 3. DATE OF BIRTH 4. SEX 5. MARITAL STATUS 6. PLACE OF BIRTH 7. PASSPORT HOLDER 8. RESIDENCE : : : : : : : 9. PHONE / EMAIL 10. EDUCATION YETH Samen 8 April 1979 Male Married, two sons Kok Touch Village, Prey Sralet Commune, Pearaing District, Prey Veng Province. National Identification Number 050088817 332 E2, St.128, Sangkat Mittapheap, Khan Prampei Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. : +855 (0)12 290 401 / or : June 2008 - Present : CamEd Business School, Cambodia Study for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Membership  Core subject including: Financial Reporting, Taxation, Audit and Assurance, and Performance Management, and Financial Analysis.  Passed professional exams F1 – F4  Course study completed F1 – F7 F1 : Accountant in business; F2 : Management accounting; F3 : Financial accounting F4 : Corporate and business law; F5 : Performance management; F6 : Taxation; F7: Financial reporting 1999 - 2003 : Bachelor of Management Specialized in Accounting, Maharishi Vedic University (MVU), Cambodia. 11. COMPETENCY SUMMARY: i. Financial Policy: Ability to develop and apply financial, administrative policy and procedures, administrative and procurement management, grants administration procedure for effective internal control mechanism and day to day operation. ii. Financial and Budget Management: Proficient in preparing and managing organizational budgeting and costing analysis. Ability to practice a sound financial management system, day to day financial operations and exercising an effective internal control procedure. Capability in preparing the financial report according to International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), preparing the consolidated financial statement, and material adjustment including during and after the reporting period. Able to comply the Cambodia tax regulation. iii. Monitoring and Evaluation: be capable of exercising different tools for effective monitoring and evaluation of admin/financial/HR/IT as well as client based activities. Ability to track adverse project activities and provide suggestion/recommendation to ensure efficiency of operations and quality of service. iv. Report Writing: Skills in writing reports particularly in financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, administrative management monitoring, and compliance review. v. Programme Planning: Familiar about the programme planning for effective and efficient management. Having the ability to analyze cross cutting issue and be able to advice to improve program planning management. vi. Accounting System: Ability to use and customize accounting system such as ACCPAC, QuickBooks and Peachtree. Ability to design accounting system using Microsoft Excel. vii. Training: Ability to provide training and coaching related to financial management, computerize accounting system. Ability to prepare training need assessment, training curriculum, training plan, and conducts training. Ability to be a mentor. viii. Others: Understand the impact of value diversity and cultural sensitivity. Team building skill and ability to use basic conflict resolution skills. Track gender sensitivity, need mechanism, environmental factors for the development of a system. 12. WORK EXPERIENCES: Curriculum vitae – Yeth Samen Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Aug 11-Now Head of Tax & Business APV (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, the accounting, audit, taxation and training firm) Responsibilities:  In support to accounting and tax services: getting to know client’s business culture, identify relevant control systems and setting up the accounting system for clients. Lead in performing the data entry of transaction for accounting outsourcing service and prepare the financial report. Supervise the tax officer in performing the monthly and annual tax declaration.  In support to training service: prepare the training material, and conducted training on the practical accountant training. Develop the practical exercise material for students to practice. Prepare the final exam questions, marking scheme and answers sheet.  In support to APV (Cambodia) Co., Ltd management: Assist in revising the audit programme to strengthening the quality of audit service. Communicate with all type business to present our service. Respond to all enquiries from clients in area of audit, accounting and taxation. Ensure that APV (Cambodia) Co., Ltd operations are complied with relevant local and internal law and be updated to new emerging regulation. May 10-Jul 11 National Grants Management Officer – European Union Food Facility Project, Food and Agriculture Organization Responsibilities:  Develop the Grants Manual for projection operation in managing the 2.9 million US dollars of the letter of agreement and 2.1 million US dollars for irrigation contract;  Review the budget, work plan, term of reference providing to Implementing Partner. Issuing, amendment 55 Letter of Agreements (for NGO and governmental partners) and 29 contracts (for irrigation works).  Ensure the Implementing Partners are compliance with term, condition, scope of work, financial management, financial and programme reports.  Provide training to partners in 10 provinces in regarding the financial management record keeping, relevant supporting documents and financial report preparation;  Reviewing Implementing Partner financial and program report in compliance with the agreement, provide clearance of the report for eligible to make the payment;  Assist project manager in reviewing and preparing the project budget amendment;  Coordinate internal and external audit; donor visit; independent external reviewing and assessment team;  Conduct technical field visit to assigned sub-grantees at the field office to review their day to day operational management, accounting record system to ensure transparency and accountability are being practice in their operation. Prepare written reports on finding and recommendations for corrective action.  Develop and update grants matrix;  Assist in an arrangement of national programme workshop;  Assist in closure of all Letter of Agreement and contract. Sept 07-Apr 10 Grants and Finance Officer Pact Cambodia, the USAID funded Local Administration and Reform Programme Responsibilities:  In support to sub-grantee selection process: assist in establishing in sub-grantee selection criteria relating to financial section. Conduct pre-award assessment on financial management capacity, internal control system, risk assurance mechanism and administrative management policy with the short-listed sub- Curriculum vitae – Yeth Samen Page 2 of 4
  3. 3.      Sept 04-Sept 07 grantee to ensure that successful sub-grantee are being able to carry on the assigned task effective and efficiently. Provide assistance to sub-grantees in developing budget proposal as well as program activities to be submitted to Pact for review. In supporting to Pact sub-grantee: review and analyze sub-grantee budget application to ensure cost efficiency and consistent with the propose work-plan and preparing the contract for sub-grantee. Ensure that sub-grantees financial and administrative systems are adequate for compliance with donor requirements through supporting in reviewing and providing recommendation for updating and improvement. Developing and training to partner on the financial management system, bookkeeping, budgeting and grant management process as well as assist in establish internal control system to safeguard the organizational asset. Ensure that sub-grantee has maintained proper accounting system using QuickBooks or Peachtree by assisting the setting up of the system and provide training on its application; Review sub-grantees financial reports and supporting document for accuracy, accountability, consistency, and compliance with approved budgets in order to provide clearance for eligibility to make cash transfer; Conduct field reviews of assigned sub-grantees at the field office and prepare written reports on finding and recommendations for corrective action. Provincial Finance Advisor Partnership for Local Governance (PLG), United Nations Development Programme, (the multi-donor funding including World Bank, ADB, DFID, CIDA and UNDP) Support to Provincial Rural Development Committee of Kampong Chhnang Province of the Seila Programme Responsibilities:  In support to Provincial Rural Development Committee (PRDC) and ExCom: provide technical support to PRDC, Executive Committee (ExCom) Units and PRDC implementing agencies (all provincial line departments) on decentralized financial systems and procedures. Conduct formal and on-the-job training for counterparts on all aspects of the program financial management system including budget preparation, preparation of payment claims, disbursement procedures, certifying and approving procedures, accounting procedures, appropriate filing systems, financial report preparation and financial monitoring and evaluation procedures. Review annual budget and sub-contract before approval and summit to national programme;  Provide training to finance unit staff on the application of Peachtree Accounting System. Provide technical support to ExCom Finance Unit to conduct internal reviews of the program financial system;  Support to ExCom Finance Unit to prepare financial reports to the PRDC; monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports to the National Committee for Management of Decentralization and Deconcentration Reform (NCDD), and other reports to donors according to specific contractual requirements.  Support PRDC Internal Auditor to prepare audit program, audit work plan and conduct the audit for the program operation. Support Internal Auditor to prepare audit reports and appropriate recommendation.  Capacity builds and assists the ExCom Contract Administration Unit on the financial and administrative aspects of the Unit responsibilities;  Certify all payment and financial report of PRDC ExCom for donor in accordance with national programme policy;  Design financial report using Peachtree accounting system for project as needed. Ensure that Peachtree Application is running well on the network;  Coordinate the external audit and assist PRDC ExCom in preparing audit management respond. Ensure that all corrective actions are taken by PRDC ExCom following the audit recommendation. Curriculum vitae – Yeth Samen Page 3 of 4
  4. 4.  In support to the Provincial Treasury, provide capacity build and assist the provincial treasury staff to implement the financial policy and procedures which relate to the Commune Sangkat (C/S) Fund. Support provincial treasury to prepare financial reports required for the C/S Fund. Design financial report for provincial treasury using Excel Spreadsheet. Support treasury in annual account closing. Certify payment under the RILGP/IDA-World Bank Fund.  Support provincial treasury in processing the real regime and estimated regime taxation;  Conduct training to provincial and district facilitator on the Commune Sangkat (C/S) financial policy and procedure, budget preparation and annual accounting closing procedure in order for them to support commune council effectively. May 03-Sept 04 Finance/Admin Assistant Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Responsibilities:  Coordinate and direct financial planning, budgeting, and procurement of field office. Prepared reports summarizing organization’s current and forecasted financial position, credit activity required by finance staff in Phnom Penh;  Control and be responsible for cash receipt, disbursement, banking, protection and custody of funds, petty cash fund, cash advance. Analyze and records of financial transactions to determine accuracy and completeness of entries. Maintain tables of accounts, and assigns entries to proper accounts, and process payroll;  Compile reports and tables to show statistics related to cash receipts, expenditures, accrual and prepayment accounts. Perform financial calculations such as amounts due, balances, discounts, and principal. Collect, count, and disburse money. Prepare bank reconciliation;  In support to administration, compile, copy and file record of office and field activities. Verified car log sheet and put line item for each trips. Assist admin/logistic assistant in material supply, quotation and procurement. Communicate internal and external the office. Assist in preparing staff leave report. 13. OTHER SKILLS AND TRAINING : Other Training Skills Certificates  Essential Skill for Graduate Study.  Corporate Governance Training.  Basic research methodology.  Professional Project Management.  Peachtree Complete Accounting Program.  Grant Management Skills.  QuickBooks Program.  Communication and Facilitation Skills.  ACCPAC Accounting System including  Leadership Skills (Co-Operacy). Financial Report Designing.  Training of Trainer.  Advanced Writing and Career Management.  Excel Accounting Management. 14. Computer & accounting software skills:  MS word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook System.  Peachtree, QuickBooks and ACCPAC Accounting Software Application. 15. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION: Registered student - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), U.K. Registration Number: 1632961 Date of Registration: June 2008 16. REFEREES: Curriculum vitae – Yeth Samen Available upon request Page 4 of 4