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  1. 1. This chameleon came inbecause he had a largecyst on his eye. Dr. Louremoved the pus andjunk that was inside of itand applied somemedication to it beforesending him home.
  2. 2. This is Oreo, one of the Chihuahuaswho had eaten castor beans. Heand some of his siblings were kept afew days, and then after lots offluids and antibiotics they were ableto go home.
  3. 3. Monstarr had parvo,and she was the firstdog I encountered anddealt with that hadthat. She stayed a fewdays and then wenthome.
  4. 4. This is Mr. Knightly.He had anemia andliver problems, so hewas receiving bloodtransfusions andantibiotics. He wasable to go home after afew days.
  5. 5. This pug was havingeye issues, so he wasgiven some eye dropsto help keep his eyesmoist.
  6. 6. This is Reagan, the firstdog I encountered to havestomach bloat/twistissues. Even though Iwasn’t able to watch thesurgery (it was at nightwhen I wasn’t there), I stilllearned a lot about bloatand twist. He went homelater that day.
  7. 7. This is Jetta. She hasdiabetes, and she neededinsulin and help being fed.She stayed with us for afew days and was then ableto go home.
  8. 8. Buddy had been hitby a car during thevery beginning of myinternship, and atthis appointment hewas getting hisstitches and drainsremoved.
  9. 9. This cute little puppy (Lou)had a broken pelvis becausehis owner had stepped onhim. He was given morphineand pain killers to take home.
  10. 10. This was a stray snake thatcame in. There was nothingwrong with it, but we hadn’thad a snake before so it waskind of cool.
  11. 11. This is JoJo. Her family left heroutside in the heat and shehad a heat stroke. She was interrible condition when shefirst came in, and for a whilewe didn’t think we were goingto be able to save her’ then bysome miracle her temperatureand breathing became normalagain. She went home after acouple of days.
  12. 12. This is Jenny. She had anunusual growth in herarmpit, which was drainedof the thick blood that wasfilling it up.
  13. 13. This is Lilly, who had soreson her bottom. She wasgiven some medication andointment to make it feelbetter.
  14. 14. These are some straykittens we received.Nancy and Stephanie eachtook two home to givethem some extra care.
  15. 15. A stray who had someserious eye infections! Shewouldn’t let anyone get nearher eyes to give her eyedrops though, so I’m notsure what happened to heror her eyes because shewasn’t there the next day.
  16. 16. This is Gracie! She wasjust in to get some matsof hair removed fromaround her eyes.
  17. 17. This is a stray ferret wereceived that waseventually taken by anadoption agency. We hada lot of interesting strayanimals this past summer!
  18. 18. This is Captain JackSparrow, Hemysteriously grew ill onenight, and his ownerrushed him to thehospital once she foundout. Unfortunately, hepassed away as soon asthey arrived.
  19. 19. Bella came in because shewas having bathroomissues, so Dr. Todd thoughtit may be a small urinarytract infection.
  20. 20. This is Booshka, who washaving an allergic reaction tocertain foods. The ownersneed to test her and find outwhat food/ingredient that is.
  21. 21. This stray is the momof Bruce and Bruno.She was taken by anadoption agencyafter a few months.
  22. 22. Remmy had an allergicreaction tosomething, and hekept shaking his head(which wasn’t doing hiany good at all—hisear was starting to fillup with blood andsuch from all of it). SoDr. Todd cleaned hisear and bandaged hisear to his head, sothat even if hecontinued shaking itwouldn’t affect his earanymore.
  23. 23. Yogi is paralyzed, but he’s one ofthe happiest dogs I have evermet. His owners were debatingwhether or not to euthanize him,but he wasn’t there the next dayso I’m not sure as to whetherthey took him home oreuthanized him.
  24. 24. Charlie was in for a large cyston his head. Dr. Lou got a lotof pus out but couldn’t geteverything out of the cyst, soshe flushed it out and senthim home with antibiotics tokill off any bacteria that wouldstart to grow.
  25. 25. This is Faith, the cat whowas severely constipated.After Dr. Todd helped herget most of the stool out,she was given lots offluids and then was ableto go home after a day.
  26. 26. This is Boomer, who wasoriginally admitted as a leptosuspect. Howver, he becameworse and worse as the day wenton, and his family eventuallydecided to euthanize him.
  27. 27. This is Meme, who was in for acorneal ulcer. Dr. Todd scraped hercornea with a needle so that theblood vessels would rush to it andhelp it heal. She was also givensome antibiotics and was able to gohome.
  28. 28. This is Precious, who wasbrought in for Chronic HeartFailure. She was receivingoxygen and antibiotics, andafter two days she was able togo home.
  29. 29. This is Buddy. His ownerbrought him in to thehospital with the decisionto euthanize him becausehe was paralyzed, and hewas having explosivediarrhea. He seemed like avery nice dog, so it was asad thing to do (the ownerwas pretty upset as well);but as we all knew, it wasprobably the best decisionfor Buddy.
  30. 30. Jolie has diabetes and Thyroidcancer, and she was inreceiving a glucose curveduring this appointment.
  31. 31. This was a stray parakeet wereceived. He’s very pretty! Ibelieve a friend of one of thetechnicians adopted him.
  32. 32. This rabbit’s name isOreo! She was solelyin for a nail trim.
  33. 33. This guinea pig’s name isPillow! She was in just fora nail trim.
  34. 34. Zaba was in thehospital for heavybreathing andvomiting. She wasgone the next day Iworked, so I’m notexactly sure what itwas that she had.
  35. 35. Bruce and Bruno! The two straypuppies who were born at the hospital(their mom was a stray the hospitaltook in while she was nearing the endof her pregnancy). They were veryhyper and playful, and were bothadopted by two technicians who workat the hospital.
  36. 36. This Chihuahua’s name isChocolate. He got neutered, andit was cute because he was verycold after he woke up from theanesthesia so we wrapped himup very snug with blankets. Hewas a little ball with a headsticking out! Once he warmedup he twisted out of the blanketsand wanted to be played with.He went home a few hours afterhis surgery.
  37. 37. This is Spike, a stray witha mohawk-like hairstyle.He was a cool and nicedog, but he was sick for awhile with cold-likesymptoms so he wastreated for that, and thenan adoption agency tookhim to get adopted.
  38. 38. This is Fortune Cookie and Mrs. Butterworth!They are Karen’s Puggies, and she wouldbring them in when she would come to work.Fortune Cookie was always very hyper andcraved attention, while Mrs. Butterworth wasvery shy and not a fan of being aroundpeople.
  39. 39. This is Charlie, a deaf St. Bernardwho was receiving a dental. Hewas quite large, and tried to biteanyone who tried to touch him(who wasn’t his owner). We hadto get his owner to help us out acouple of times so we could givehim his dental, and then releasehim later on.
  40. 40. This is a stray (whom I namedCream Soda) who came in witha nasty upper respiratoryinfection. She was givenmedication and recovered, andwas placed in the Kitten Roomonce it opened. After a fewweeks, she was adopted.
  41. 41. This is Toby, who wasbrought in because he wasshaking his head a lot. Itwas discovered he has ayeast infection, so he wasgiven some antibiotics.
  42. 42. This is Tequila Rose, who wasbrought in because ofdehydration and refusal toeat. When she wasinspected it was discoveredthat she had terrible teeth,and that was the reasoningbehind her dehydration andlack of appetite. Hopefullyher owner scheduled adental for her after this.
  43. 43. This is Schwarzenegger. He hadHerpes Keratitis in his eye, so hewas given some medicated eyedrops and medicated treats to fightthe virus. His third eyelid iscovering his eye right now, butwhen moved aside and looked atwith an ophthalmoscope theinfection and ulcer could be seen.
  44. 44. This is the adorable blackPomeranian LuLu. She wasjust in for a nail trim and toget her anal glandssqueezed, but I’ve neverseen a black Pomeranianbefore, and she a sweetlittle thing so I wanted toinclude her as well.
  45. 45. This is Daisy. She hadbeen bitten by a coyote afew weeks prior to thisappointment, and wasgetting new X-rays to re-check her progress. TheX-rays looked okay, so shewas able to go homewithout any re-bandaging/casting.
  46. 46. This is Tex, a kitten who wasin for having Hypothermia,Hypoglycemia, and excessivediarrhea. We needed to helphim eat, and sometimesneeded to help him get stoolout because he was so weakand his digestive system wasso messed up. He stayedwith us in an incubator for afew days, and he got betteran better each day. He wenthome with some fluids andantibiotics.
  47. 47. This is Bailey, and she hadHGE. She left the morningafter the night that she camein, but as she was leaving thepoor thing had a huge caseof HGE all over the floor.She still went homeregardless with someantibiotics, and with asuggestion to keep hersomewhere in the housethat would be able to bewiped up easily (a hardfloor) in case she had anymore issues.
  48. 48. This is Kobee, who hasDiabetes Mellitus,Cushing’s Disease, andhigh levels of theAdrenocorticotropic(stress) hormone. Hewas receiving antibioticsand fluids, and was ableto go home after a coupleof days.
  49. 49. This is Rudy, a Terrier who hadPancreatitis. She came insometime during the night, andshe left soon after I arrived inthe morning.
  50. 50. Buddha, the bulldog whooriginally came in to receivevaccines but was then discoveredto have lymph node cancer. Hisowner was very upset when heheard this, and Dr. Karendiscussed the options oftreatments with him. I don’tknow what the owner decided todo. I assume treatment, but Idon’t know for a fact.
  51. 51. This was a stray baby birdsomeone had found and broughtin. We were trying to keep itwarm by placing it in a tiny boxwith tissues and rubber glovesfilled with warm water. It survivedthroughout the day, but died afterTracey took it home to try andkeep it alive. We knew it didn’thave much of a chance to live, butit was still unfortunate.
  52. 52. This is Lycan, who hadrashes all over his face andunderarms from what wasan allergy, most likely a foodallergy. He was sent homewith antibiotics andinstructions for carefulfeeding and observation.
  53. 53. This is Diego. He was attacked by anotherdog which caused severe damage to hisneck and neurological system. He stayedwith us for a couple of weeks, andmiraculously he gradually began to regainmovement and such over the course ofthose couple of weeks, and after a fewweeks he was able to stand a slightly walk,so he was able to go home under thewatchful eye and care of his owners. Yay!
  54. 54. Lacey was being treated forPancreatitis. She wasreceiving fluids andmedication, and she able toreturn home after a fewdays.
  55. 55. This is a stray Chihuahua whohad Parvovirus. We kept him inthe stray cat ward and gave himmedication, and he stayed therefor a couple of weeks until hewas well enough to be backaround the other stray dogs.
  56. 56. This is Roxy. She was beingtreated for an upperrespiratory infection (havingthe signs of vomiting, fever,diarrhea, and stuffiness).She went home after acouple of days.
  57. 57. This is Hugo. He was getting treated forPancreatitis, and he was the first animal Igave an injection to (it was Cerenia, tohelp him stop vomiting). He was able togo home after a few days.
  58. 58. Penelope had a bite wound onher tail, and she kept coming inonce every couple of weeks forroutine checkups, for moremedication to be applied, and toget new bandages. She wasextremely cranky when anyonewould touch her tail, and shewould jerk a lot and meow-shriek really loudly. Her tail keptgetting better and better though,an was nearly healed by the timeI finished my internship.
  59. 59. This is Tessa, a Maltese who had aC-section and gave birth to fourhealthy puppies in the really earlymorning (before I arrived). Theyhad to be bottle fed since Tessawasn’t producing any milk, andthey all went home soon after Iarrived that day.
  60. 60. This is Tyson, a Pitbull-mixwho had Parvovirus. He wasplaced in the stray cat ward(like we always do with parvodogs since the cats can’t getit), and he stayed with us forabout a week or so before hewas able to go home.
  61. 61. This is one of the stray kittens (whom Inamed Tommy) that we had in the straycat ward. He loved playing with myphone charm (a little stuffed bear). Hewas moved to the kitten room a fewweeks after it opened up, and waseventually taken by an adoption agencyright after I left my internship.
  62. 62. This is a mommy Maltese Molly whowas finishing giving birth to threepuppies when I arrived one morning!There were four puppies in total, butone of them had been caught in thebirth canal for a while andunfortunately died. All the puppiesand mommy were perfectly healthy,and she went home a couple hoursafter giving birth.
  63. 63. This is Figaro, who was in the hospitalfor anemia, hypokalemia, and lethargy.He received blood transfusions, fluids,and antibiotics, and he became betterquite quickly.
  64. 64. This is Biscuit. He hasDiabetic Ketoacidosis,and was vomiting. Hewas receiving antibioticsand insulin over thecourse of the few daysthat he was at thehospital.
  65. 65. Grace ate a large amount ofibuprofen, so she was givencharcoal to regurgitate it and alot of antibiotics to protect hersystem. She was throwing upand having black diarrhea allhay, which wasn’t fun for us atall. But she went home theday after she came in whichwas a good sign.
  66. 66. This is Norma! She was anadorable sweetie, always wantingbelly rubs and giving kisses all thetime. She originally stayed withus for about a week because shewas having seizures, but thenwent home and came back a fewweeks later for medical boardingwhile her owners went away.
  67. 67. This is a hamster that hadrushed in for various issues itwas having, and it wasbasically dead when it camein. It had a case of severe wettail (and as I said, was basicallydead), so it was euthanizedwith the family’s permissionso it wouldn’t suffer anymore.
  68. 68. This is Sabrina, who was in for aSplenectomy (her spleen wasremoved). She was verylethargic, it was hard for her towalk, and she was also on a lot ofmedication for the after effects ofthe surgery. She went home afterabout two days.
  69. 69. This is Larry. He was in for agrowth removal (the blackgrowth on the side of hismuzzle area). His surgerywent fine and he went home afew hours after it wascompleted.
  70. 70. This is Mia. She was in thehospital for Pancreatitis andInflammatory Bowel Disease,but even though she was inpain she never hesitated tojump up for pets or to cuddlewith someone. She was withus for a few days, an then wastransferred back to her regularhospital. She was very loving,and I hope she’s still doingokay.
  71. 71. This is Sophie. She was in for asimple spay, but she was aninteresting case because she wasa sweetie when anyone waspetting her, but she also knewshe was in the hospital; so thesecond someone tried to pickher up or touch her in a way thatwasn’t petting her she wouldback up and begin to shriekextremely loudly. Eventually wewere able to get her out of thecage and give her the anesthesiafor the surgery. She of coursewas fine afterwards and was ableto go home.
  72. 72. This is a dog who is owned, but hisowners were being investigated foranimal abuse (there was a courtcase and everything) because thedog was extremely skinny (all hisbones could be seen) and he hassome abrasions and a large growthon his face. He was with us forabout a month or so. We fed him alot and cleaned his growths andgashes while he was with us. Hewas really sweet too and seemed toreally appreciate all the medical,feeding, and loving attention wewere giving him. I’m not sure whatthe exact ruling and everything isfrom the case, but he went backhome after about a month or so.
  73. 73. Noel was in for a simple spay,but she was a very pretty cat.I’ve never seen a cat like herbefore.
  74. 74. This is Skittles. She isan old dog who can’tsee or hear well, andshe came in becauseshe was havingseizures. She musthave been doing okayat the hospital, though,because she wenthome after two days.
  75. 75. This is Abbey. She is a long-time patient of the hospital,and she was getting shavedand groomed. I was able togive her vaccines and boostershots.
  76. 76. This is Smokey, a kitten whowas adopted by one of theguys who worked at thekennel next door. The guywanted him to have adeclaw, but the ladies at thehospital talked him out ofthat to he received atendonectomy. Herecovered fine, and wasable to go home with hisowner later that day.
  77. 77. This is one of the straykittens, who I found tohave a nasty upperrespiratory infection whenI was cleaning her cageand giving her clean litter,food, water, blankets, etc.The poor thing was justmiserable, she just wantedto be held (or wrapped ina blanket) and just wantedto sleep. I had her getchecked out by one of theVets and they gave hersome medication. Withina week she was almost100% better, and she gotadopted (a man wanted tosee all the kittens, eventhe ones that weren’t inthe Kitten room)!
  78. 78. JoJo was an emergency; she hadbite wounds, so Dr. Lou cleanedthe wounds, inserted a drainagetube, and stitched up the smallopenings. She was very scared,but very calm and sweet to us.She was able to go home acouple of hours later.
  79. 79. This is Cutie thePomeranian. She’s veryshy while at the sametime very friendly, and shewas very interested in mycamera when I took apicture of her. She was into be spayed; the surgerywent fine, and she wenthome during theafternoon.
  80. 80. Bear here got into someibuprofen, so she has been givensome charcoal (to make herregurgitate the ibuprofen), andshe was also on plenty of fluidsand antibiotics. She was able togo home sometime that night.
  81. 81. This is Buddy, the mini-loprabbit who was neutered onmy first day working. He wasbrought in by his owner todaybecause his front right leg hasbeen sort of twisted and stuckoutward, and he drags it as hehops around; his ownerbrought him in to make surethat everything with his leg isokay. Dr. Lou said that shedefinitely felt that themuscles in the leg weredifferent from the other leg,but no issues; it was justprobably something he waseither born with, or grewaccustomed to as he startedwalking/hopping. Therewasn’t anything the Vetscould do, but it didn’t reallymatter since it wasn’t harmfulto Buddy in any way.
  82. 82. This is Mack, who came infor stomach bloat and twist.His stomach was so twistedwe couldn’t get a tubedown his esophagus todrain the trapped fluid fromhis stomach, but after about20 minutes of trying Dr.Todd was finally able to.The actual surgery wentfine, and after his stomachwas untwisted Dr. Toddsutured his stomach to hisside so it wouldn’t be ableto twist again. Herecovered from his surgeryfine as well.
  83. 83. This is Ippy, who was anemergency for pyometrasurgery. Her infected uteruswas huge—even the largestthat the hospital had everseen up to that time. Thesurgery went smoothlythough, and she wasrecovering fine so she wenthome sometime that nightafter I had left.
  84. 84. This is Zoey, whom I called ‘Zoey the Little LionPomeranian’ because of her haircut. She was thecutest thing and always very happy! She was inthe hospital a few times for heart failure, and wasgiven both medication and oxygen while shestayed. After her third visit to the hospital,though, she must have been fine because shedidn’t come back after that last time (at least notwhile I was still working my internship) .
  85. 85. This is Trixie, a kittywho wasconstipated (thoughnot nearly asconstipated as poorFaith was). Thedoctors helped getmost of the stoolout, and Trixie wenthome a few hoursafter arriving at thehospital.
  86. 86. This is Scruffy. He came inseizing, twitching when hewasn’t seizing, having bloodydiarrhea, foaming at the mouth,etc. I sat with him for almosttwo hours while the doctors ranaround trying to figure out whatwas wrong with him, while atthe same time trying to seetheir appointments. Eventuallythey figured out that he waspoisoned, most likely by eatingsome of the palm plant in thefamily’s house or by eatingchewing gum he found in thetrash. He was given antibioticsand charcoal (to regurgitate),and stayed at the hospitalovernight. He went homeabout an hour after I arrived atthe hospital the next morning.
  87. 87. Introducing Frisco! He is aPersian cat who was inbecause he was havingseizures and heart problems.He was a very cranky kitty, andwas able to go home afterstaying in the hospital forabout a day.
  88. 88. This is Charlotte the Pug. She hadcome in sometime during thenight as an emergency to receivepyometra surgery. Since I wasn’tthere I didn’t get to see thesurgery, but she was recoveringvery well and went home in theafternoon.
  89. 89. This is Beefcake, aBoarder Collie mix whohad a huge lipoma on herthigh. It was removed ina very simple surgery,and she was able to gohome later that evening.
  90. 90. This is Adonis, a very chubby (andcuddly) Domestic-Short Haired catwho came in as an emergency fora blocked urethra. He had hissurgery and recovered fine. Eventhough he was in a lot of painbefore the surgery, he was stillvery friendly and wanted pets andto be played with all the time. Hewas even more playful after hissurgery.
  91. 91. This is Mamota, along-hairedDachshund who wasreceiving a dental.Nothing was wrongwith her, but shewas the first animal Itubed so I wanted toinclude her.
  92. 92. This is Rosie, who wasbeing treated forVestibular Syndrome.She was only in thehospital for a day, sothat was a good signand hopefully meansthe cause of theVestibular Syndromeis being treatedcorrectly.
  93. 93. This is Charlie, who was brought in forhaving gross, necrotic tissue all over hischest area. Dr. Todd took him intosurgery and removed the area, andlater on that day Charlie was able to gohome.
  94. 94. This is SuperYou, theAbyssinian guinea pig whowas brought in for coughing,labor breathing, and lack ofappetite. Dr. Lou looked himover and came to theconclusion that he seemedto have pneumonia. Shesent him home with someantibiotics, and also withsome gruel to get him tostart eating again.
  95. 95. This is Pete Pebbles, the catwho had a broken leg forfive weeks yet wasn’tbrought into the hospital byhis owner. He came induring the beginning of myinternship, and the leg hadreset itself; so Dr. Mark tookhim into surgery and re-broke the leg, placed a rodin it through his bone, andcasted the leg up. PetePebbles received routinecheckups every few weeks,and this picture was takenwhen he was receiving hislast checkup before I leftand was able to get the rodtaken out. His leg was re-casted though, to make sureit would continue to havethe proper setting over thenext couple of weekswithout the rod.
  96. 96. This is Lucy, a Maltesewho was hit by a car.She luckily didn’t haveany serious injuries; justa few abrasions on herthigh. A few stitchesand staples later, shewas good to go!
  97. 97. This is (what we believe tobe) a baby squirrel thatsomeone brought into thehospital. She found it whileshe was on a walk (itpossibly fell out of a tree?No one was sure), so shebrought it in to see if therewas anything the Vets coulddo. Unfortunately therewasn’t (since it was soyoung, and also since no onehas much knowledge onsquirrels). I believed thissquirrel was euthanized so itwouldn’t suffer while itbarely struggled to stay alive.
  98. 98. This was a cat that cameover from the kennelnext door the weekbefore my last week. Hewas (of course) a stray,and the nervous systemin his tail was dead.Therefore, his tail wasremoved and he now hasa cute little nub for a tail.
  99. 99. This is Chico. He was in duringthe same time as Maxie andGabe, and he also had the sameissue as Gabe (FLUTD bladderstones). However, he receivedsurgery during nighttime when Iwasn’t there, so I was only ableto see him recovering. He wasrecovering at a great rate, andwas able to go home later in theday.
  100. 100. This is Gabe; he was in during the endof my internship for FLUTD (FelineLower Urinary Tract Disease). FLUTDcovers a variety of issues, but in hisspecific case he had bladder stones.He therefore received bladder stonesurgery, and recovered fine. He wasable to go home a couple of daysbefore I finished my internship.
  101. 101. This is Max/Maxie, whowas at the hospital for acouple of weeks formedical boarding becausehis owners were going outof town, and his diabetesneeded to be watched andhis insulin and medicationneeded to be given. Hewas chubby and had noteeth, and whenever wewould call out his name hewould respond with a cutelittle high-pitched meow.He was very cuddly andalways wanted hugs andpets. Such a sweetie!
  102. 102. This is Coco, the little Chihuahua(she was little, even for aChihuahua!) with Anorexia andAzotemia. I’ve never heard of adog having Anorexia, so I foundthat to be very interesting. Shealso has her little teddy bearwith her, which she treasured (itwas very cute to watch hersnuggle with it).
  103. 103. This is Buddy the Bulldog ,who was in for Entropionissues (his lower left eyelidwas turning in, causing hiseyelashes to touch andirritate his eye). Part of hislower eyelid was surgicallyremoved, which solved theproblem.
  104. 104. This is the Saluki, Loy. Hecame in because of a bitewound, which was easilyfixed with a cleaning, stiches,and drainage tubes.
  105. 105. This tween kitten was infor a simple dental, but Ihad to include herbecause she is asweetheart and agorgeous cat, and hername is Pancake. That’sjust adorable.
  106. 106. This is the mommy Pomeranian Bolla, whocame into the hospital while giving birth witha puppy stuck in the birth canal. That puppywas unfortunately dead, but the other threepuppies (and mom) are perfectly fine andhealthy. It was also an exciting time for mebecause I was able to assist this time withcleaning the puppies and helping thembreathe!
  107. 107. This is a stray Chihuahua we received during the lastcouple of weeks of my internship (I called him Oreo;he was a very kind dog, and unusually so comparedto the other Chihuahuas we normally have). His legswere very weak (we weren’t sure why), and becauseof that he couldn’t walk easily. We had to pick himup and carry him when moving him or taking himout, and we had to place his food an water right infront of him. However, a few days before I left,Stephanie decided to give him a treat of LittleCaesar’s instead of his normal food because he wassuch a sweet and well-behaved dog. She put itdown about a foot away from him (not thinking),and he sniffed the air; he then somehow musteredup all his strength to get up and walk over to thefood, and then licked the bowl clean within aminute. It was the funniest thing! Nothing we triedwas able to get him up, and something silly like LittleCaesar’s was able to convince him to get up.Anyway, he was a lot better after that and walkedaround his cage more and more. Whatever waswrong, Little Caesar’s seems to have fixed it! He wasstill there when I left, and I don’t know if anadoption agency has taken him yet or not.
  108. 108. This is Jagger, the GoldenRetriever puppy who wasreceiving a routine puppycheck-up. His owner wasalso curious about how heand her adult dog, Jake,were getting along and howto make sure no problemsarise between the two.
  109. 109. This little kitten (whom I namedLittle Red Collar) was one of thekittens brought over from thekennel next door to be placed in theKitten Room when it was firststarted. She got adopted on thefirst day she was there, but the manwho adopted her left her at thehospital for a few weeks becauseshe was going to be a birthday giftfor his little girl, and he wanted towait until her birthday to bring LittleRed Collar home. She was veryloving and playful; more so than anyof the other kittens in the room atthe time, and that’s really sayingsomething (since all the kittens atthe time were very playful)! Shealso loved to be cradled. I playedwith her a lot when I went into theKitten Room, she was such asweetie. She went home afterthose few weeks, and I hope she’senjoying her new life and family.
  110. 110. I named this kitty Fred, the first of the ‘Weasley Twins’(there were two orange cats in the stray room that bothcame in during the beginning of my internship, and theyare both very alike; so I named this one Fred and theother [coming up] George, like the two red-headedWeasley Twins from the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise). Fredwas very needy; he was very sweet to people, butalways wanted attention and didn’t play well with othercats when they were out at the same time and wantedto be petted as well. I’m sure he would have had noproblem finding a home with people who had no otherpets, but I was told some sad news before I finished myinternship: he has a nasty version of the Feline Herpesvirus, and it wasn’t clearing up and was only gettingworse. Because of this, Chris (the volunteer) said hemight have to be euthanized (one, so he wouldn’t besuffering from the sickness, and two, so he wouldn’t bestuck in a cage for the rest of his life since the chancesof him getting adopted would be slim to none now thathe has a nasty Herpes virus, especially as an adult cat. Idon’t know if he was euthanized or not since it wasafter I left, and even though I’m keeping in contact withsome of the girls from the hospital I’m not sure I wantto know. I want to leave with happy memories of him.
  111. 111. This is George, the other‘Weasley twin’. He has beenthere since the beginning ofmy internship as well, and isa sweetie; he would alsoplace his front paws on mythighs and always want to beplayed with and petted; andif no pets were being given,he would simply sit next toyou and/or place his head onyour lap (if you were sittingdown). He really enjoyed thecompany of being withsomeone. He also lovedreceiving treats. He was alsostill in the stray cat roomwhen I finished myinternship, and I hope he getsadopted soon as well.
  112. 112. I named this kittenGrandpa Kitty becausethe way he stoodreminded me of that of agrandpa, and hismuzzle/nose area wherehis whiskers are locatedremind me of amustache. He was veryshy and nervous, but verynice; especially once hebegan to realize that wewanted to pet him andplay with him when weopened his cage. Hearrived towards the endof my internship, butwhen he gets put up foradoption I’m sure hewon’t have any problemsfinding a home.
  113. 113. This is Sandy, a stray kitten wereceived about halfway throughmy internship. I absolutely loveher torti coloring and spots.When she first came in, she wasvery scared and slightlyaggressive because of that.Eventually, after a few weeks, shebegan to calm down and realizedthat we weren’t going to hurt herand were trying to help her, soshe became more and morefriendly and playful. When I left,she still hadn’t been put up foradoption or sponsored by anadoption agency, so I hope she isstill doing okay and will beadopted soon.
  114. 114. This is Annabelle (I named her). She wasthe first animal at the hospital I really grewattached to. I played with her whenever Icould, and she and I really formed a bond;to the point that she wouldn’t let anyoneelse hold her and she would getscared/worried when anyone else would tryto even touch her. Once she was moved tothe Kitten Room, she would hide thesecond anyone but me would come in. Andwhen I would leave, she would sit at thedoor and stare at me to come back beforeshe would go and hide again. She was veryfreaked out after her first few weeks in theKitten Room; that wasn’t a good idea to puther in there in my opinion, even though Ireally wanted her to get adopted.Eventually she was taken out, and rightafter I finished my internship, an adoptionagency took her so she could get adopted (Iwas also really touched because I found outthey kept the name I had given her,Annabelle, when she went with theadoption agency).
  115. 115. Lilly was a straykitten we receivedabout half-waythrough myinternship. She wascovered in fleas andwas a mess. But webathed her, combedher, and medicatedher everyday, andshe once againbecame theadorable, fluffy,playful kitten yousee here. She was/is the sweetestthing, alwayswanted to play andget pets and justpurred and purredand purred whenbeing held. She andAnnabelle are thetwo I miss the most.
  116. 116. These are some of the kittens (including Little Red Collar) in the kitten room, and this is how they would react whenever I would turn on the faucet; they were so fascinated by it, it was very cute and hilarious!This is Annabelle before she wasmoved to the Kitten AdoptionRoom. Whenever there wasn’tanything going on at the hospitaland no chores to carry out, Iwould go into the stray cat roomand play with her.
  117. 117. This is the little lion- Pomeranian, Zoey. I let her run around the recovery room while I cleaned her cage; she was very happy to be let out to run around for a little bit!This is Lilly whenever I would playwith her; she loved to try to catchmy fingers between her paws, andwhen she did she liked to give aloving nibble on them beforetrying to catch them again. Andshe always gave me the cutestlook after she would nibble; it wasalmost as if she was asking, “Is thisokay??”.