From Portugal - Treaty of Lisbon


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From Portugal - Treaty of Lisbon

  1. 3. This treaty intends to achieve the balance between the Council and the European Parliament. Now, both institutions have the same importance. Now, the European Parliament will only interfere in the work of national institutions if it doesn't get good results. The citizens will be part of the political progress in the Europe. National Parliaments and citizens will now be able to see which decisions have been taken by which national ministers in the Council, since all its deliberations on legislative matters will be made public.
  2. 4. Each institution, each part of the Europe, has a very important role: - In fields like the customs union, the common trade policy and competition (only the Union may legislate); - Supporting and coordinating areas like culture, education and industry (the Union may only support action by the member states); - In other fields, like the environment, transport and consumer protection (the Union and the member states share lawmaking power, not forgetting subsidiary).
  3. 5. A Europe of values and rights T he Lisbon Treaty makes significant advances regarding the protection of fundamental rights. This Treaty defends rights as dignity, freedom, equality, solidarity, citizenship and justice. Data protection, bioethics and the right to good administration are some additional rights which were proclaimed. Now, the European citizens can send a petition with at least one million signatures obtained from a number of Member States to the Commission inviting it to take a legislative initiative.