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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. A A A 'Buse and her sister have got two flight tickets, they · Resme gore ciimle a~agldakilerden hangisiyle devam etmelidir? A) Are going to fly to istanbul. B) Has got an aunt in istanbul C) Are driving to istanbul. A) i1knur is Bora's wife 0) Will fly to istanbul. B) Rldvan is Gizem's brother C) $eyda is Armagan's mother 0) $afak is Buket's father 2. 'It is big, it can run fast but it can't swim. It has got four legs and a long tail. People ride it. Yukandaki ciimlelerde anlatllan hayvan hangisi- dir? Resme gore konu~ma balonu a~agldakilerden hangisiyle devam etmelidir? A) You must slow down and stop. B) We must call the police. C) We mustn't fasten our seat belts. 0) You must exceed 50 kph.
  2. 2. A A A Kar§lltklt konu§mada resimdeki ad am a§agldaki- lerden hangisini soylemelidir? A) What is the film like? B) Let's go to Suzan's birthday party tonight. C) What shall we do in the afternoon? 0) Where would you like to live? What can I do for my personal hygiene? A) Tufan likes playing chess but he doesn't like play- ing football. B) Berna likes skipping rope but Ozan doesn't like Doktor, hasta s:ocugun sorusuna kar§lltk a§agl- playing tennis. dakilerden hangisini soyleyemez? C) Ozan enjoys skateboarding but Berna doesn't en- joy American football. A) You should wash your hands before you have 0) Tufan dislikes playing football but Ozan likes something. playing tennis. B) You should brush your teeth three times a day. C) You shouldn't wash your hands with soap. 0) You shouldn't eat anything before you wash it.
  3. 3. A A A 10. Hangi resimle ile cumlesi arasmda tutarslzhk vardlr? Ahl?veril? arabasmm il,(inde al?agldakilerden han- gisi yoktur? A) There are three bottles of milk. B) There is a loaf of bread. C) There is a tube of toothpaste. 0) There is a jar of honey. 9. 'You play this game with twelve players. You need a ball and a net. Each team has six players and you must hit the ball over a net. You must use your hands'
  4. 4. A A A 11. 12. Hangi resmin kelimeleri resmi yansltmamakta- 1. 'I am Hakan. I repair cars' 0 dlr? 2. 'I am Sibel. I look after ill people in a hospital.' 3. 'I am Can. I catch criminals. Yukanda yaptlklan i~lerden bahseden ki~ilerin Sl- raslyla meslekleri hangi se~enekte verilmi~tir? A) Policeman-Doctor-Newsreader B) Taxi driver-Nurse-Policeman C) Mechanic-Doctor-Teacher D) Mechanic-Nurse-Policeman Resme dayanarak a~agldakilerden hangisi sayle- nemez? A) It is raining now. B) He is sitting on the bank. C) He is carrying an umbrella. D) He is speaking to his friend.