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Super tiendas olimpica


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Exposicion de los formatos comerciales

Published in: Business, Technology
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Super tiendas olimpica

  3. 3. HORIZONTAL EXHIBITION The AXE product is distributed in an accessible and customer view, with offerings that allow you to have greater sales.
  4. 4. VERTICAL EXHIBITION In this type of display we can see how the products occupy an entire shelf gondola fro m first to last in a way that the customer takes the product without problem.
  5. 5. EXHIBITION IN GONDOLAS There are used different shelves in order to draw customers attention and provoke action and shopping for products to have a better output.
  6. 6. COLD ZONE They are different place s where they are located cold products s uch as meat, dairy. Where there is little movement and lighting.
  7. 7. HOT ZONE It is located in the center of setting remote from the cold zones
  8. 8. IMPLANTATION IN A MESH • The implementation on a mesh is to strategically place the families within a particular category of products, depending on the rotation and / or notoriety of the items that comprise it, to "drive" the direction of flow of customers to ends or colder areas implantation.
  9. 9. IMPLANTATION CRUSADEThe cross-presentation is a joint implementation of products in different sections orcategories of products that complement each other in the way that consumers are usedor consumed.
  10. 10. MATERIAL POPThe material POP (Point of Purchase) is a category ofmarketing that uses advertising placed at points of sale.This is done to encourage purchase.
  11. 11. PLANE AND ILUMINATIÓNOlympic superstore is considered as a supermarket. We note that in cold areas there is less light in hot areas, overall the place is a very good lighting.
  12. 12. IMPLANTATIÓN VRAC• This is where we offer the promotion of several products in which one is the complement of another.