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Tools review


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Tools review

  1. 1. REVIEW OF TOOLS  Miss Yesenia Sepúlveda B
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE OF THE CLASS At the end of the class we will be able to Describe the location of tools in different context.
  3. 3. Prepositions
  4. 4. There is / There are
  5. 5. Describe what you seeThere is a hammer There are tools
  6. 6. Negative Form There is notThere is not a hammer on the table . There is a wrench
  7. 7. Negative Form There are notThere are not tools on the table There are fruits on the table
  8. 8. Interrogative Form Is there...?Is there + singular noun + complement Is there a hammer next to the nails Yes, There is No, There is not
  9. 9. Interrogative Form Are there....?Are + There+ plural noun + complement Are there tools on the table? Yes, There are No, There are not
  10. 10. Let`s Practice
  11. 11. 1 Is there a hammer? Yes, there is a hammer.2 Where is hammer? It’s on the table
  12. 12. 1 Are there hammers? Yes, there are some hammer.2 Where are hammers? They are on the table
  13. 13. 1 Is there a notebook? Yes, there is a notebook2 Where is notebook? It’s between the chisels and hammer
  14. 14. 1 Is there a helmet? Yes, there is a helmet2 Where is helmet? It’s behind the hammer
  15. 15. 1 Is there a tape measure? Yes, there is a tape measure2 Where is the tape measure? It’s in front of the hammer
  16. 16. There are some tools There is a hammer between gloves and pencil There is a level behind the helmetThere is a tape measure in front of the line