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Class observation rubric


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Class observation rubric

  1. 1. Class Observation Rubric Teacher observed: YeseniaSepúlveda B Observer’s name: Miss Patricia Martínez I. / YeseniaSepúlveda B Name of the school: Liceo Industrial Hernán Valenzuela Leyton, Hualpén. Class: 1st grade high Nº of learners: 38 Age of the learners: 14 aprox. Date: September 5th 2012 City: Hualpén Type of school: Corporate school Length of the class: 90’ aprox. Instructions: Read the left-hand column criterion. Put a tick in the appropriate column depending if the criterion is observed or not. Write the evidences you find in the right hand column. Aim: Tonotice if the Student-Teacher demonstrates a correct use of Classroom Management in the classroom.CRITERIA OBSERVED NOT OBSERVE INDICATORSDoes student-teacher show warmth, caring, Xrespect, and fairness for all students?Does student-teacher maintain eye Xcontact and a calm voice when speakingto the students?Is the student-teacher’s voice loud and X Observed But it isclear enough to be heard in the front as necessary to improve.well as at the back of the classroom? To project the voiceDoes student- teacher plan a lesson that Xencourages the development of criticalthinking of the students?Does student –teacher have the Materials Xand equipment ready at the moment to start
  2. 2. the lesson?Does student-teacher have a highly effective X Observed but it isdiscipline repertoire and can capture and necessary to payhold students’ attention any time? attention in the whole class not in some of themDoes student-teacher stop inappropriate xbehavior promptly and consistently instudents, with an appropriate voice leveland encouraging students to self-discipline?Is student-teacher alert, dynamic, and self- xassured and maintain all discipline problemsin control?Does the student-teacher ask questions high xquality with adequate time wait time for allstudents to respond?Does the student-teacher use a variety of xtechniques to solicit responses from allstudents before, during and after the lessonto check for student understanding?Does the student-teacher use correct x Observed but there arelanguage spoken and written conforms to some aspects in theStandard English? pronunciation and grammatical issues that was not developed effectively. Post observation comments and/or suggestions: _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ City on a Hill Charter School.(2004) Performance evaluation rubrics. Boston. USA from
  3. 3. Danielson, C. (1996) Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching, Chicago. USA