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Design thinking action lab assignment - Define and Empathize


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As part of the assignment on design thinking

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Design thinking action lab assignment - Define and Empathize

  1. 1. DESIGN THINKING ACTION LAB ASSIGNMENT Kameswaran Subbaraman 5th August 2013
  2. 2. Design Challenge Brief • Go to school, get your degree, get a job. Does this traditional path from education to employment make sense today for the hundreds of millions of learners around the world? -
  3. 3. • Interview Stakeholders1 • Create Empathy Map2 • Define Problem statement3 Assignment Overview
  4. 4. Empathy Map --Say • Say1. Industry can partner with Educational institures to help prepare students for real life challenges. 2. Academic Brilliance does not always translate to job performance 3. A Radical way to resolve would be to just hire for skills and ignore educational qualification 4. A practical way approach would be to equip students with real life skills in partnership with educational institutes 5. Transition is traumatic for students 6. Students undergo emotional upheaval 7. Education environment is overl y protective 8. Education curriculum does NOT include emotional elements 9. Quality of teaching staff is also an impediment 10. Students do not follow the code of ethics rigourously 11. Students are NOT prepared to take ownership 12. Students need to acquire collaboration, team work and communication skills
  5. 5. Empathy Map --Feel • Say 1. Students’ transition needs in an ever changing world are not adequately addressed. 2. Parents have a role – as they seemingly goad their wards towards lucrative career rather than pursuing their talents 3. Industry can contribute by bridging the gap between academia and real world problem solving. 4. Feels
  6. 6. Empathy Map --Think • Say 1. The current Educational system is flawed and does not address real life challenges 2. Industry can do something about it by participating with educational institutions and imparting job skills 3. Educational system can include some real life problem solving as part of the curriculum 4. Students take ownership of their skill enhancement aspectin addition to routine learning 5. Parents can also contribute by not goading students towards streams that yield high salary and rather let students choose their area of specialization
  7. 7. Empathy Map --Insights • Say1. Education system as antiquated– still largely follows a “sage on the stage” approach . 2. Education system inadequately prepares students for the real life challenges, leaving a gaping hole 3. This leaves a huge emotional pressure on students when they start their careers 4. Skill development, collaboration and problem solving need to be imparted to students 5. Industry can also participate with educational institutions in their community and contribute to skill development and be a “Guide by the side” .
  8. 8. Problem Statement • As a consummate HR Professional whose role not only includes hiring students just out of college but also ensuring that they have an environment to thrive on and achieve their dreams, every day, She, needs a way to ensure that the transition from school to work is productive to both employees and employers