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Propiedad San Martín de los Andes
Increíble Propiedad venta en lo mejor del sur de la Argentina. Se localiza en la periferia de San Martín de los Andes y cerca de Chapeco, en el camino de los 7 lagos. Muy cerca del Campo de golf diseñado por Jack Niclaus.

La propiedad tiene 4.800 hectáreas en una zona protegida.

Con casa pequeña de 200 m2, construida 1997 con estilo “Bavarian” con cuatro dormitorios, living, comedor, tres baños un toilette y una cocina.

Tiene un Bungalow pequeño, donde están las monturas de los caballos y tiene un dormitorio un living y un baño

Tiene agua mineral fría y caliente de una surgente cercana.

La propiedad tiene1.800 Hectáreas de Bosques naturales e increíbles vistas al lago y a la montaña. El pico mas alto alcanza los 2.200 metros sobre el nivel del mar.

Esta permitido la división en 5 lotes con 500 metros cada uno de costa de lago y se está tramitando la subdivisión en 20lotes

Usos posibles;
1) Turístico ya sea para la construcción de un hotel o cabañas
2) Eco Turismo
3) Trekking
4) Rafting
5) Caza mayo de ciervo rojo y caza menor
6) Pesca
7) Forestación
8) Ganadería
9) Frutos finos

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Espeleta san-martin-de-los-andes-yes-propiedades-com

  1. 1. EspeletaA ranch in the Andean Patagonia - Argentina -
  2. 2. The Espeleta Ranch is located by the Meliquina Lake, near San Martinde los Andes (“SMdLA”), in the Province of Neuquén, Argentina.It offers the following benefits:• Access by commercial plane, to Chapelco Airport (20km from SMdLA);• Ranch is located at 25km from SMdLA, in the National Park ofLanin;• SMdLA offers first-class 5 star hotels and restaurants;• Skiing is available at Chapelco ski resort (@ 20km distancefrom ranch) – please visit:• Can enjoy golf at the Chapelco Golf & Resort (designed byJack Nicklaus) – visit:• Best hunting area for big game (red deer) in the Patagonia.Other species are also found;• Located in the “the seven lakes” circuit – known for itsunspoiled beauty and probably the best scenery in southernPatagonia;• Innumerous fishing locations (find rainbows & browns trouts);
  3. 3. The Espeleta Ranch has a main house, a bungalow, a garage, and a house for the personnel.
  4. 4. The view from the house is overwhelming - the best remedy for eventhe most stressful business person in town !!
  5. 5. The house is comfortable, has a Bavarian look and was designed foreasy maintenance:• Area: 200 m2, built in 1987.• 4 Bedrooms (fits 12), 3 bathrooms & 1 toilette; Kitchen,living-room and dinning-room;• Hot water and fresh mineral water from a nearby source.
  6. 6. The living-room has a fireplace to gather the family during chilly afternoons.
  7. 7. The bungalow has convenient space to store and harness the horses’ equipment. It has one bedroom, a bathroom and a living-room with a kitchenette.
  8. 8. Did you ever think it was possible relaxing, while drinking a tasty gin-and-tonic with friends, sharing a similar view? …
  9. 9. … or, reading a book on the terrace, enjoying one side of the lake…
  10. 10. … or the other side of the lake, at sunset ?
  11. 11. On the other hand, imagine trekking the mountain surrounding the house … house road Lake Meliquina
  12. 12. Or even exploring the area horse-back … on
  13. 13. …reaching the far end of the farm limits. Limits Espeleta Ranch
  14. 14. Or staying camping at aprox. 2100 mtrs above see level, where trees no longer grow,
  15. 15. Enjoying a true Argentine “asado”, after hours of horse-back riding …
  16. 16. And watching the animals roaming …
  17. 17. Face the fascinating adventure of owning a ranch in the Argentine Patagonia ! The Espeleta Ranch:Area: 3000 hect. or 4800 hect. availableInfraestructure: Main House (with central heating), Bungalow, Garage, and Personnel houseHighest Peak: Espelata (2200mts above see level)Prime Location: Near the town of SMdLA, Chapelco Ski resort, Golf Resort (Jack Nicklaus Design), Year-round sports and adventure