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A sample of a Product Design Document for "Purgatory- False Omen" by Erez Yerushalmi (Smite Entertainment)
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Product Design Document - Purgatory False Omen

  1. 1. Official Site:
  2. 2. An innovative publisher of multiplayer online gamesHEAVEN MAKER PURGATORY ALMIGHTY Fantasy Sci-fi Dark-Fantasy Civilization Management Real-Time Strategy Action RPG Strategic Simulation
  3. 3. PURGATORYSquad-Based Multiplayer RPG set in Orphea; a Neo-Fantasy Hive-City HEROES Recruit, dismiss and unlock Heroes according to your needs 6 Factions I 10 Different Heroes I 30 Evolution Paths GAMEPLAY Fulfill quests I Co-op with other players I Fight in PvP Battle
  4. 4. Recruit a Warband of powerful heroes and unleash your fury on the gargantuan hive-city of Orphea. Purge the alleys from the Queen’s blasphemous foes or walk the dark path of Corruption, serving the unnamed ones that lie beneath the city’s soil
  5. 5. PURGATORYSquad-Based Role-Playing-Game set in themassive Urban world of Orphea; a Neo-Fantasy Hive-City WARBAND Lead a Warband of gritty heroes in the epic era of the city of Orphea. Manage gear and weapons as you evolve and expand your Warband with new heroes and evolutions FAME & FORTUNE Battle the clutches of the macabre Nihilum or the oppressing zeal of the Messiarchy. Warbands and heroes earn experience and reputation, unlocking new abilities and evolution paths.
  6. 6. SINGLE PLAYER Rally your Warband through the alleys of Orphea, as you make your way up, from the unlit catacombs of UnderCity to the majestic spires of Oth-Alma, hundreds of miles upwardsMULTIPLAYERJoin a multiplayer treaty, where players joinforces in massive clashes for supremacy,conspiring against rival alliances THE GRUDGE Confront rival Warbands in a furious PvP gameplay, where primacy, fame and reputation is determined
  7. 7. CUSTOMIZATION 15 unique heroes, 50 evolution paths, 100 abilities and Warband reputations, numerous items and pets; all enabling players to customize their Warband according to their liking and play style INJURIESPermanent injuries, insanity and corruption can all wear off your heroes , succumbing them to the inevitable fate of Orphea and her secrets
  8. 8. MASSIVE URBAN WORLD One of the most unique game environments to ever be seen, Orphea is a massive Urban world, where the vertical axis is part of the experience itself The city is in fact a mad collection ofWards, connected by whirling staircasesand narrow bridges, creating an insane architectural tapestry Walk on slender bridges between towering walls, travel giant pits connecting between the city’s Wards and experience a multi-cultural city, built patch upon a patch
  9. 9. BROWSER BASEDPlay in the browser; no downloads. No premiumpayment. The game is streamed via a uniquecontent bundle structure, providing playerscontent on demand.Downloadable version also offered to playerswishing to bypass loading times
  10. 10. Recruit a Warband Recruit heroes and customize your Warband with gear and weapons Compete Fulfill Join friends in cooperativemode or unleash your Warband Travel the City of Orphea andon other’s in intense PvP mode complete Contracts (quests), alone or with friends Discover Discover The hive-city of Fame & Riches Orphea, unlock new content Collect treasures, trade and earn and unveil its many secrets Experience and Reputation. Both your Heroes and Warband gain levels Recruit & Evolve Recruit exciting new heroes to your Warband. Acquire Evolution kits to customize your heroes
  11. 11. Glyphs (virtual currency) Users can purchase extra “glyphs” in order to Pets amplify their experience and acquire premium Boost your Warband with Hunting content hounds, Psi-using Owls and demonic familiars Evolutions Each Evolution includes a fresh newavatar, weapons, abilities and gamingstyle to specialize one of your heroes Keys Access to premium game zones, where unique Contracts and items can be found Items & Abilities Weapons, consumables and special abilities to boost your Warband’s punch New Heroes Unlock new heroes and recruit them to your ever-growing Warband
  12. 12. Orphea: the grim, cyclopeanworld-city, home to billionsof souls and the Arch-Queen,her holy residence and theruling Messiarchy thatgoverns all. It is a Worldencapsulated within a city.An endless tapestry ofcathedrals,, buildings andlives.The hive-city is an asylumwracked with madness andblasphemy, where insidiousintrigue and macabre horrorsconsume human souls.Orphea is a chaotic,mistrustful place: an endlesscollection of claustrophobic,rat-filled alleys and mazystreets. The gargantuan cityclimbs up into the sky andstabs deep into the earth formiles in each direction, Wardupon Ward, tower upontower, piercing a slate-colored sky and digging intothe lightless, demon-haunteddepths.
  13. 13. THE ARCH-QUEENShe is called the Last Messiah. The PurifyingFlame. The Binder of Demons.They say the Arch-Queen is the city incarnate;her breath is the wind and her bones are therock upon which Orphea rests. She rules overthe last age of mankind, preparing it for theWrathful final judgment of Nihilum itself.THE MESSIARCHYThe Messiarchy’s roaring machine of faithpervades every aspect of Orphean life,worshipping the glory of the last messiah, theArch-queen, in her last reign on humankind.Even death is no escape from the Messiarchy.A citizen’s body may serve long after the soultakes flight. The Academia’s physicians breathea mockery of life into dead flesh, leaving thestitched-together results to prowl the streetsfor paramilitary raids and enigmaticexperiments.Thanks to it, Sanitarium hums with thescreams of the insane. Its fanatical priests andPax-Urbanum enforcers battle heretics,criminal gangs and Nihilum cultists.
  14. 14. Beneath the underworldstreets of UnderCity, lies theNihilum, slowly seeping fromits prison in fragments and evildreams. Imprisoned beneaththe city for millennia, macabreentities dwell in its malevolentvoid in an ancient slumber,awaiting worshipers who willbreak the chains that holdthem.The Nihilum’s inspires cultsdevoted to mind-shatteringentities. Corrupt figures servethem in exchange for wealth,glory and the ancient gifts ofdarkness. Under the Nihilum’sinfluence, Orphea writhesunder a real intrusion of darkforces: demonology, evildreams and possession.Witch Hunters, the Inquisitionand the Messiarchy purge theblasphemous in a constantstruggle to rid Orphea of theVoid’s grim resonance.
  15. 15. The “Grudge” is the commonexpression used to describethe ferocious conflict betweenthe Warbands of Orphea.In the last era of the city, as itcrumbles into the whisperingheresy buried beneath thestreets, each man standsalone. The warring Warbandsfight each other trying to claimthe city’s riches and darkestsecrets. Some fight for Honor.Others fight for rulership,supremacy, fame or even theglory of the Arch-Queen.Others are driven by greedand darker doctrines best leftunspoken.Amidst this ongoing conflict offaith and philosophy, playersmust recruit a powerfulWarband, train and gear theirmen and claim the secrets ofOrphea while conspiringagainst friends and foes
  17. 17. Heroes are mighty individuals HEROESfrom one of the 6 factions,cults and orders of the City ofOrphea.The Hero is the basic “Unit”of the game. Though playersstart the game with a singleHero, they will slowly recruitmore heroes to theirWarband, controlling up to 4heroes at any given moment. Each hero can be customized with a variety of items and color schemes. “Evolutions” are specialization kits that can be acquired in the online store. An Evolution unlocks a completely new avatar for the hero, a set of fresh portraits, new weapons and 3 novel abilities that offer a new gaming experience for each hero.
  18. 18. MIGHT represents the ATTRIBUTESHeros Health; his ability tosustain damage before beingtaken out of action.A Hero’s GRACE (equivalentto mana or action-points), SELECTED HEROrepresents the amount ofcontinuous actions, such asattacks and special abilities,the hero can conduct beforehaving to rest. MIGHT Health I Hero is KO when reaches 0 Might GRACE Action Points I Hero can’t activate abilities when reach 0 Grace Heroes are also characterized by their ability to absorb damage during combat PHYSICAL (corporeal damage) ABILITIES MENTAL Hot Keys 1-4 XP Bar (Psi and insanity) SPIRITUAL (corruptive influence)
  19. 19. The Warband is a group of 1 WARBANDto 4 Heroes, controlled by asingle player.Players “flip” between heroesin real time, using their skillsand abilities to confrontchallenging situations.Other Heroes in the Warbandfollow the charactercontrolled by the player,reacting according . HEROES Flip between heroes using Hot Keys 5-8 WARBAND A player’s Warband can NAME consist of any number of Heroes, from any given faction (even from opposing ones), though only 4 heroes REPUTATION can be taken into each contract (quest). Warbands gain ranks exactly as heroes. Ranks unlock new abilities called Reputations Hence, strategic planning of a Warband composition is a vital aspect of Purgatory’s gameplay.
  20. 20. WARBAND MANAGEMENTManaging one’sWarband, allocatingequipment and creatingspecialized Hero-Combos(specs) create a deeptactical gameplay. ERADICATION SPEC This Warband has the ultimate spec for quick-pace Witch-Hunting Contracts. The Inquisitor is accompanied by an Arco-Deacon of House Archimedes and a Witch Hunter of the Eradicus Lamia Order, making this Warband as lethal as it gets. The Warband is complimented with two Hunting Hounds (familiars)
  21. 21. WARBAND MANAGEMENTHEAVY-DUTY SPECThis Warband has a powerful, heavy damage, tanking spec.The Pax-Urbanum Warden, required to control the two berserking monstrosities, is accompanied by a zealous Proto-Martyr (subject to Flesh-Catharsis, enabling him to absorb massive amounts of Damage) and a Behemoth Detainee(equipped with heavy chains). The Warden is equipped with a Scheming Raven (Pet), offering the Warband extra Psipower and Mental resistance
  22. 22. INVENTORY HEROATTRIBUTES An animated avatar of the hero is portrayed in this interface, together with its vital attributes (Might and Grace)INVENTORYABILITIESEVOLUTIONS Clicking a Hero’s portrait will open the Inventory HUD. This interface is used to manage each and every hero in your Warband. Drag &d Drop Items to the Hero’s Backpack in order to equip them Use the side tabs to scroll BACKPACK between Attributes, abilities, inventory and evolutions. Drop items in this panel to equip the hero with up to 7 items
  23. 23. CONTRACTSContractor Contracts (Quests) are given to players by a massive arrayThe NPC providing the contract of NPC’s, each serving a different faction and agenda. By selecting contracts with morale or factional outline, players can steer their Warbands into the dark side NARRATIVE of Nihilum, the pious paths of the Messiarchy or the zealous, unforgiving ways of the Rogue factions. NPC’s with an open contract OBJECTIVE are marked with a yellow ball of fire above their head. Completed contracts can be delivered to the appropriate NPC with a green ball of fire floating above their head. Warbands completing a REWARDS contract earn additional Reputation, a currency Items, XP and currency rewarded for reward and additional items completing the Contract of unique quality
  24. 24. In Purgatory, veteran Heroes FATALITIEScarry scars, injured limbs andmacabre nightmares. Theyslowly succumb to the handsof corruption or into anoblivious insanity. INJURYFatalities are permanent Physical injuries such asinjuries acquired by a Hero or scars, decapitated limbs, eyean enemy. injuries and broken bonesEach weapon has a slightchance (%) to generate aFatality upon a successful INSANITYstrike. Generated by Psi attacks and mind shattering visions fromWeapons differ in their the Nihilumfatality rate (%) and the typeof fatality they may generateFatalities can be removed by CORRUPTIONusing specific consumables; Spiritual attacks, demonican Eye-Patch removes the possessions and corruptiveeffect of an Injured Eye, manifestationswhile a “Caleb’s Kiss” willcure a single Insanity.
  25. 25. ABILITIES Abilities enable Heroes to perform powerful attacks, summon inherit forces and even go berserk. New abilities are unlocked when a hero gains new levels or when an “Evolution” kit is acquired. SLOTS Allocate Ability points to amplify an ability’s game effect ABILITIESDrag and drop abilities into the Hotkey slots to Ability points enable players customize your playing style to amplify an existing ability or acquire a new one. Ability points can be both acquired via the store or gained through ranking
  26. 26. REPUTATION A Warband gains Reputation Points (RP) for every major accomplishment successfully completed. When a Warband gains RANKING enough Reputation Points, it When a Warband gains enough RP the player is gains a new rank, unlocking notified and must select a new Reputation for new collective abilities called his Warband Reputations. A Reputation is a passive ability that boosts the entire Warband Reputation reflect the Warband’s status in the city, as its name becomes a legend among friends and REPUTATIONS foes.Available Reputation abilities appear when the Reputations include benefits Warband gains a new rank such as Contacts amidst the Black Market, a renowned Nemesis, Jaggermarks, Prophecies tied to the Warband fate and more
  27. 27. Glyphs are small silver or VIRTUAL GOODS golden plates used as Orphea’s main currency, Though each Ward presents a unique plate (hence, glyph). inscribing MERCHANT Merchants serve different factions, Silver glyphs (soft cash) can offering reduced price points to allied be earned in-game through treasure collection and Warbands quests completion. Gold glyphs (hard cash) must be purchased by the player via a microtransaction. They can then be used to acquire a variety of unique items and upgrades PAYMENT CHANNELS SMS Landline MERCHANDISE Credit CardItems are shown with their respective price.Unavailable items (limited quantity or above Social Gold player’s capacity) are grayed out Super Rewards
  28. 28. EVOLUTIONS“Evolutions” are character INQUISITORkits that enable players to Base Hero (Melee DPS)specialize a specific hero andenhance its look and gamestyle. 12An Evolution (acquired in the ORDER PURITANonline store) unlocks a A master dueler of flintcompletely new avatar for and bladethe hero, a set of freshportraits, new weapons and 3novel abilities that offer anew gaming experience for 18each hero. ORDER REGNUM A powerful Psi bearer with zealous temperWhen having multipleEvolutions, players canchoose which evolution to 15use according to the ORDER NIHILUMContract’s nature. A Binder of demons and Pseudo science
  29. 29. Warbands tend to cater a FAMILIARSvariety of Familiars (pets) forcombat, espionage andapothecary needs.Familiars include CorruptedServants, Witch-HuntingHounds, Birds of Prey andeven Pseudo-Science devicessuch as the notorious RANKING Familiars gain ranks exactly like heroes,Ba’alZebub; a mechanical becoming more powerful as they advancelocust-like apparatus thatcommunicates with itsmaster through shrieks andgrind movement Familiars follow their NURTURING designated Master, attacking any foe targeted by the Some Familiars require nurturing, Warband. usually via a requirement for consumables. Hunting Hounds, Familiars are a great way to for example, require fresh Meat boost a Warband’s performance and look prior to every contract, or else beyond the basic 4 Hero they will become fatigued formation.
  30. 30. WITCH-HUNTERS“Burn this Ward to ashes….This blasphemy must be SMITEpurged!” THE UNRIGHTEOUSThe zealous orders of Witch YOU ARE GUILTYHunters include ferociousindividuals dedicated to thetotal eradication of demons,witches and heretics. LETS THE HOUNDS FEASTMost Witch Hunters arehighly superstitious bynature, covering parts oftheir skin, forehead or face ERADICUS LAMIA Eradicus Lamiawith tattoos of various Eradicators of witches and Witch Huntingomens and wards practitioners of black magic(Jaggermarks), believingthem to have protectivemeasures against demons EPOS DEMONIC Epos Demonicand witches. Slayers of demons and vile Demon Hunting beings of the Nihilum Ex-Umano EX UMANO FLINTLOCK RIFLE Hunters of Mutant Hunting Heretic & Heretics, mutants and beings that were once The Flintlock rifle makes the Witch Hunter a powerful men long-range threat, hurling fiery projectiles of holy fire. When things get nasty, the Witch Hunter uses an array of forged blades and holy water to eradicate his enemy
  31. 31. THE INQUISITION“You have failed the Arch-Queen, Governor... This Wardis now under my control!” I ACCUSE YOUThe Inquisition is a secretive ACCEPTholy order responsible for YOUR JUDGMENTsuppressing any sign ofsorcery, false religion andmacabre threats. INCINERATE THEM ALLAn Inquisitor’s arrival sparksrumors and commotion, ascitizens speculate on thereasons behind his visit. They “THERE IS NO REPENTANCE”are rare and powerful agents When creating an Inquisitor, the playerwho only appear during a must select to which Faction he or sheunique threats that require will belong, as the Inquisition recruitstheir burning zeal. the most devoted, zealous and prominent members of each faction. Hence, a Witch-Hunter Inquisitor or a Magna-Regina Inquisitor will have aINQUISITORIAL BLADE unique look and talent-set. The only rule is that each Warband can have aThe Inquisitorial Blade is a symbiotic weapon carried single Inquisitor at any given moment. by each and every Inquisitor. By time, the Blade morphs to resemble the Inquisitor’s creed, Inquisitors recruited to the Nihilum are manifesting his passion and unique doctrine traitors that passed the lines and now serve darker powers .
  32. 32. PAX-URBANUM “I am the Arch-Queen’s vigilant eye and pounding ARBITER’S fist!” RETRIBUTION The Pax-Urbanum enforces the Arch-Queen’s laws FIELD COURT throughout Orphea; A merciless, vigilant force, that can uproot the toughest KINETIC JUSTICE rebellions or crush mutinies through skill and raw aggression. Wardens are elite enforcers SUPREME ORACLE with the authority to capture A powerful Pax Officer, criminals, sentence them and master of the mind and Psi mete out punishment. BLACK CHAPLAIN A potent Apothecary; master of poisons and syringes POWER MAUL PRIME CONSTABLE One signature Pax-Urbanum weapon is A ruthless enforcer of thethe Power Maul, which incapacitates enemies with a Arch-Queen , equipped withmixture of blunt force and an etheric shockwave that a lethal arsenal of weapons disrupts their thoughts and senses.
  33. 33. MESSIARCHY “Praise her glory, for she is our greatest salvation and most imminent doom…” PREACH THE SINFULBeyond their blood redgarments, Messiarchy REPENT THE WICKEDPreachers wear theiraffiliation on mortified flesh.They sear holy brands into SHE HAStheir foreheads and tattoo SPOKEN TO MEblessings on their skin. Theirbacks bear the crisscrossmarks of whippings. ARCO-DEACONOthers pluck out their eyes to A holy missionary, bearer ofhalve the offense of a sinful the Queen’s Gracesight. They drive nailsthrough their forearms andheads, not only to sharpen BLIND ZEALOTtheir commitment to the A fervent preacher, blinded by faith and guided by zealfaith but also to acknowledgethat they, like all Orpheans,are unworthy of the Queen’s ERADICATORmercy A tragic desperado, these preachers practice the mastery of fire and steam
  34. 34. PROTO-MARTYR “Insanity is a virtue underestimated by many in CAGED FURY this city ”Flesh Catharsis is the fate ofthe incurably insane when FLESH CATHARSISthey believe themselves tobe saints or messiahs. FALL FROM GRACESilently supervised by thehooded members of theBrotherhood of the Key,Pseudo-Surgeons drivehundreds of rusted nails and STEAM BOUNDmetal thorns into precise Unstoppable raging monsterlocations along nerves and of grotesque mask andorgans. Wounds are sealed steam-filled apparatuswith white-hot brands, andthe mouth is stitched shut to PSI BOUNDprevent blasphemous A fervent servant imprintedspeech. with Psi glyphsFinally, a metal mask isaffixed, symbolizing the DEMON BOUND A raging demon imprisonedmartyr’s mad sins. As a within a war mongrelresult, the Proto-Martyr is a monstrositysteel-faced grotesquerie: ascarred, pierced missionarywith animalistic reflexes
  35. 35. SUB-TEMPLAR“I have sinned. I have beenreborn in this cage of flesh. Iserve her… and her only…” UNDENIABLE OATHThe Messiarchy employs therite of Sub-Purgation on RINASCIMENTOthose mutated by a demonicseed beyond Inquisitorialexorcism or purification. UNLEASHEDA legion of Pseudo-Physicianslabors under a chantingCardinal, stitchingarmaments and sacred wards SUB MORTUMinto the candidate’s flesh. A potent war machine with forged skeleton and driller-A raging monster of stitched armtissue and smoking turbinesarises from the Rite. The Sub- SUB PURGUMTemplar is hulking hybrid of A blazing horror of engulfinggrinding brass mechanisms flames and claws of steeland coded, tattooed muscle,controlled by secret binding SUB-ROSUMwords and commands. A holy monstrosity of regenerating limbs and sacred skin
  36. 36. BEHEMOTH“arggggg…. Remove thechains… I have workedenough for fools such as UNLEASH MEyourself…”The Void’s corrupting TISSUE REGENERATIONessence snakes throughnarrow paths into the deepUnderCity. Exposureproduces Damnation: AT THE BOTTOMmutations that bend the OF THE PIThuman form into hideousshapes and develop exoticabilities such as unnaturalstrength, fortitude and the CULT OF THE TAINTEDability to see in the deep Touched by plague, thedarkness. Behemoth becomes a harbinger of diseasethe Behemoth is a hulkingmutant deformed by the REGIME OF FOOLSinsane screams of the Lost in delirium, theNihilum and the toxic steams Behemoth is haunted by insane visions of grandnessthat seeps through cracks inthe lowest floors of the Hive-City. BROTHERHOOD OF THE DAMNED Corrupted by Nihilum seed, the creature becomes an unstoppable mutation
  37. 37. DARK EMISSARY“He has given me his eyes…for through me ha gazes onthe world of men andschemes his awakening” SIGNS OF APOSTASYA mortal champion of one of FALSE OMENthe Antinomian Gods, A DarkEmissary’s possess aformidable arsenal ofcorrupted powers and STIGMATAmutations. While lessercultists might be crippled byphysical changes, DarkEmissaries become morepowerful soldiers as their EMISSARY OF PHAUSTdeformities intensify. An elected of the Watcher. blessed by numerous eyesAn Emissary’s stigmata aresignature mutations that EMISSARY OF SITRAprovide clues as to the An envoy chosen to carry oneidentity of the Emissary’s of Sitra’s parasitesAntinomian master, gifts andpurpose. The older a DarkEmissary is, the easier it is to EMISSARY OF ASTAROTHdetermine his allegiance. His An Emissary chosen to carrypatron inscribes it on long- Astaroth’s smoldering rage tocorrupted flesh to make that the citythe most ancient Emissariesare true avatars of the EMISSARY OF ZAZUL-METAntinomians. An powerful Weaver of psi lies and tentacle organs
  38. 38. BROTHERHOOD OF THE KEY“This city has secrets betterkept in abiding darkness” REMINISCENCEThe Brotherhood of the Keyis an obscure sect of hooded OPUS CLAVISflagellants, bound to servethe city (and the city only) byan ancient oath. BEND REALITYKeepers hide their featuresunder heavy hoods.Numerous Glyph Keys arehitched to their robes by thinchains and rings of brassKeepers refer to importantformulae on their sleeves toassist them through theirsoul-twisting burden. Without Brotherhoodknowledge, Clavian is nothing SPADA The Spada is A long, thin, sharp dagger that dartsmore than a set of from a Keeper’s deep sleeves in the blink of anmeaningless symbols, thougha Keeper knows how to use eye. The Spada is wickedly sharp and inscribedits esoteric mathematical with the sect’s strange symbols. With the properformulas to bend the fabric lore, a Keeper can actually bend space to cutof reality around him. enemies at a distance
  39. 39. Erez Yerushalmi, CEO Cell: 972-544-688538 Email: erez@SmiteEnt.comCredits: Akizhao, Andree Willan, Oren Shved, James Gammel, Thomas Calisto, Carsten Holtmann, Theo Stilianides, Brett stebbins, Jeremy Vickery, Daniel Simon,Candra Asionk, Rudy SH, Timo Paanan, Victor Titov, Bruno/Skazi222, David Edwards, Arik Newman, Adiel Gur, Haim Mike, Kobi Maman, Jordi Ministral,Edvart, Malcolm Sheppard, Adrian Smith, Tamara Salatova,, Mark (MarkusTheBarbarian)