Game concept presentation


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Sample of the technique used to propose a game concept, prior of writing a game specification. The process includes ideation of base mechanics and hooks, trying to visually portray the concept in the best way possible. This helps executives to grasp the potential feel, look and pace of the upcoming product

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Game concept presentation

  1. 1. High Octane Sport Predictions
  2. 2. A sport’s fan ultimate digital experience, offering a series of high octane mini-prediction-games Unlock exciting game modes By leveling up Players choose to play clean (Tycoon) or bend the rules (Mogul) Players join & create Clubs, socializing in mass gameplay
  3. 3. PAYOFF Return every day to collect daily earnings and boost your Fame Failing to return results in loss of fame CHALLENGE PLAY Challenge fellow friends by generating events Join on-going events and predict sport results The higher your Fame is, the more challenges you can launch Unlock exciting new game modes as you level up EXPAND Use your Star-Cash to purchase Slips, goods, favors and taunts Slips are used to access weekly events
  4. 4. A Capsule is a mini prediction game, through which the player experiences the game Sport Stars include 9 thrilling capsules, divided into three tiers More Capsules unlock as the player levels up Each capsule offers a unique monetization model Each capsule consumes some of the player’s Fame. Upon depletion, the player can’t act any more on that day
  5. 5. Win or Lose. One score. one Winner TIER 1 ' Pinpointed game performance prediction Which team will hold the edge at every game quarter?
  6. 6. High Stakes. Crazy-Odds. Wild Prizes! TIER 2 Extreme Scratch-Card experience Strikes, red-cards and faults. Sabotage your way through
  7. 7. Beat the experts In their own field TIER 3 Streak through multiple games, unlocking secret combos Free style score roster. Endless options. Total Rush
  8. 8. XP Level Accumulate Experience Points to reach new levels Gain new levels to unlock new game modes and options Gain by: Playing games Winning Inviting friends Challenging Unlock new: Game Modes Taunts Favors Options
  9. 9. Star-Cash fb Credits Use star cash to buy virtual goods, powerful taunts and boosters Use credits to access premium events and acquire soft cash Gain by: Acquiring bundles Inviting friends Daily Payoff Spend on: MMOT events Registering a Club Premium Taunts Premium Capsules Buy Star-Cash Spend on: Taunts Favors Goods Mascots Banners Club Fees Play More
  10. 10. Fame Fame dictates how many capsules a player can play daily. When Fame points are depleted, the player cannot act any more during that day Gain fame Collect daily payoffs Challenge friends Send taunts Send Favors (gifts) Spend Fame Playing Games Creating Challenges Wisdom of the crowd
  11. 11. Taunts are virtual mockings sent to an opponent, generating a slight hindrance effect Favors are “gifts” sent among fellow players. Each Favor is a consumable game bonus I Own You Shaking Hands Loose additional -10 star-cash on your next loss Gain double Fame points on your next winnings
  12. 12. Tycoon Mogul Premier League Saboteur Win 10 Bull’s-eye predictions Bribe the Referee 10 times Tycoon Open your own club and recruit 5 members Stay Away! Send 12 taunts at a rival player High Roller Sport Jackal Reach 5th position in a weekly event Collect 5 jack pot winnings
  13. 13. Clubs can challenge rival clubs for intense game competitions LEVEL UP RANK Clubs level up according to their member’s activities Clubs have internal rankings; Managers, assistances, etc Levels unlock new mascots, club taunts and banners Higher ranks manage the clubs, gaining forum and blog tools RECRUIT Recruit new members to the club, using an advanced invite system
  14. 14. High Octane Sport Predictions