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Athento LIMS (english)


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Solution Laboratories, administration, integrated document management (Nuxeo) and Open ERP.

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Athento LIMS (english)

  1. 1. Why is lab management complicated? Manual work arising from the management of data is expensive. There is too much data, but information is lacking. There are several laboratory instruments, but each with a different set of data! Laboratory information is managed separately from the administrative one. There is an excess of paper in processes. Information is received and delivered to a large group of users.SolutionCentralize and integrate the documentation, whether it comes from laboratory processes or management.This requires an ERP software, which addresses the complete process-from laboratory or not-but also to integratethe power of a document management system. Athento LIMS is a solution developed in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025 that can efficiently manage all the information generated by the processes of a laboratory.But what is the added value of document management? You no longer have to have the information stored in different data platforms. You can have documents -real files- and work on them, not only with records in a database as in the typical LIMS You can organize your information with the structure of your choice, for example, records of customers, patients, etc... Allows multiple people to work together on the same documents. Evita la pérdida de documentos y promueve la normalización de los mismos. Prevents loss of documents and promotes the normalization of them. Allows you to define document associated workflows, achieving greater control and standardization of processes and laboratory tasks. Provides Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) keeping them accessible and enhancing consultation by the users of the system. Are there any similar applications on the market? There are applications that integrate LIMS with Document Management Systems but they... don’t address the management of administrative processes. Also, Software licensing is often prohibitively expensive and doesn’t allow, as Athento LIMS does, adding or waiving functionality to suit the particular needs of each laboratory.
  2. 2. What processes can Athento LIMS manage?They are divided into two groups according solving administrative or management of samples processes.Administrative Management Processes: Purchasing Management: Catalogue of suppliers, purchase orders, etc. Personnel Management: Hirings, dismissals, staff updates, training and so on. User Management: adding, deleting, user updates (customers). Different levels of access to test results of samples. Assigning different fees associated with users. Inventory Management: Managing Stocks. Billing Management: Creating invoices, accounts receivable, budgeting, and so on. Workflow Management: Monitoring and synchronization tasks. It allows the establishment of different states for the task, very useful for sample requests and orders.Sample Management Processes: Equipment management: Generation of maintenance alerts of equipment and instruments. Space Management: Book and allocation of meeting rooms, laboratories, etc. Event Management: Development of training courses, meetings, deliveries, etc. Samples Tracking: Control of aliquots of the same sample. Automatic assignment of samples to units or services. Integration with laboratory instruments and software: Centralized management in the system of results and reports produced by equipment or lab-specific software. LIMS Athento Mobile management: Access to the system from different types of mobile terminals. Integration with BarCode: Recognizes barcodes and retrieves associated information. For Whom is Athento LIMS? Some Technical Aspects of Athento Athento LIMS is designed for laboratories that LIMS: want a more efficient management through a tool Athento LIMS uses technologies such as Open ERP and Nuxeo DM that integrates all processes in a laboratory. It can run on any platform and with the most used databases. Athento LIMS enables both web and desktop access.Want a LIMS system but don’t know yet which one?Go for it, ask