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Why use a document management system in the health sector?The role of people working in health institutions is toensure th...
What else does Athento e-Health offer?                        With Athento e-Health:                                      ...
Athento e-Health
Athento e-Health
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Athento e-Health


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Intelligent Document Management solution designed for the health sector. Informed Consent, Hospital Pharmacy, Laboratory, Medical Records and more.

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Athento e-Health

  1. 1. Why use a document management system in the health sector?The role of people working in health institutions is toensure the health of patients. They should not be worriedabout a tons of paper that grows every day in their offices,or by the large number of procedures involving thehandling of such documentation.The objective of Athento e-Health:Maximum ease the task of health workers and reduce it’sintervention in the administration of documents, so youcan focus on what really matters: patient care.How can Athento e-Health enhance your work? Reducing the time of document management, paper usage and physical space for storage. Allowing you to work with high volumes of documents. Prevents you from losing your documents. Helping in the treatment of confidential information (Data Protection Laws, ISO 27001). Eliminating duplicate data. Allowing the approval, review and document control. Keeping your documents available 24 hours a day. Providing a review of their contents with rapid search tools. Freeing the medical staff of repetitive tasks. Remember: Athento e-Health improves your work facilitating administrative tasks such as archiving documents.Athento e-Health or another document manager?Athento offers functionality that other document managers do not, for example: Integration with other applications used in the health sector. Recognition of barcodes and other common codes in Healthcare. Using digital signatures to ensure integrity and validity of documentation. Management of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Recognition of document types. Automatic extraction of relevant data. Secure online access to documents throughout the process.
  2. 2. What else does Athento e-Health offer? With Athento e-Health: The Informative Consents (I.C.) are filled Paperless Hospital Pharmacy automatically by the system.With Paperless Hospital Pharmacy you can: The different models of I.C. unify and centralize Automatically classify documents: Get on a single for services.folder, invoices, requests for inclusion drugs, assessmentreports, prescriptions, or any document. The patient data can be taken from any Hospital Information System (HIS).The system will work for you sorting, storing and labelingdocuments automatically. Patients may digitally sign consents, with tablets (iPads etc.) or other devices. Access via web interface: The application is sim-ple and intuitive and your documentation is accessible Quick and easy recovery of any I.Cfrom any browser. Each I.C. is identified unequivocally. Manage Pharmaceutical Alerts: Athento e-Healthautomatically handles pharmaceutical alerts received byemail. Get Statistics: Athento allows you to monitoraccess to the application, the amount of documents in the Who’s already usingAthento e-Health?document manager and their origin, the latestpharmaceutical alerts etc. Hospital Valle de los Pedroches de Pozoblanco (Córdoba, Spain) Hospital Virgen De La Victoria (Málaga, Spain) Questions? Contact us: E-Informed Consent We’d love to hear from you!.Athento e-Health makes it possible to have an InformedConsent (I.C.) managed 100% digitally, as the documentis generated, filled in and signed electronically.