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Athento e-Administration Product Sheet


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Athento e-Administration Product Sheet

  1. 1. www.athento.comAthentoe-AdministrationProduct OverviewIt’s fundamental that information contained in files anddocuments be kept safely, but it’s also important to beable to share and use documents and files acrossdifferent applications and throughout our businesses.This is even more true for public entities and govern-ment organizations.Athento e-Administration is a platform that covers thefundamental needs of document management, butwhich also offers a development framework for appli-cations and procedures which is capable of providinga layer of services which cuts development time andguarantees the quality of the final system.This means versatility when it comes time for newintegrations with other document managers or busi-ness applications and wide evolving control over theapplication.Specifications• Based on open standards (JAVA, Seam, JSF).• Follows the OSGI development model.• Multiplatform.• CMIS support.• Compatible con with 90% of documentmanagement.FunctionalityA modular solutionDocument Management, whether the documentshave already been created following the National Inte-roperability Framework or are traditional/normal,everyday documents.Complete management of the document life cycleof a government file: permits the use of a electronicfile when the file is opened, processed, conserved andselected.A interfact that’s never been seen before in gover-nment: modern, intuitive y accessible, it’s light yearsfrom the antiquated interfaces seen on traditionalmanagers on the market.Athento offers modules that solve problems that arespecific to the public sector.Athento ENIAllows for modification to the Interoperability Techni-cal Norms for documents and electronic files, electro-nic signatures, authentic copy and digitalization ofdocuments, among others.Athento ECOAllows the electronic management of internal commu-nication, guaranteeing control over the reach/spreadof communication.Athento Registro E/S:Permits the authorization of paperwork and receptionof related documents, in order to keep the structure ofthe entire process.