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www.athento.comAthento e-HealthClassification of documentsand automatic dataextraction in hospitalpharmaciesProduct Overvi...
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Paperless Pharmacy (Athento e-Health Product Sheet)


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Paperless Pharmacy (Athento e-Health Product Sheet)

  1. 1. www.athento.comAthento e-HealthClassification of documentsand automatic dataextraction in hospitalpharmaciesProduct OverviewThe Paperless Pharmacy module of Athento e-Healthis an intelligent tool which helps hospital pharmaciesget rid of the manual work associated with documents.By using powerful semantic technologies and imageprocessing, Paperless Pharmacy can identify, classifyand store documents automatically. Drug inclusionrequests, pharmaceutical alerts, documents related tooutpatients and many other documents can be classi-fied by Athento, without needing any employee inter-vention.This module can also detect information contained indocuments, and extract it automatically. One applica-tion of this functionality could be the options designatedby the doctors in tables of combinations of medicines,as well as extraction of patient data (national identitynumbers, names, etc.) contained in prescriptions orother documents to facilitate recovery of the docu-ments after.In addition to the functionality of its capture functionali-ties, Paperless Pharmacy offers traditional documentmanagement functionality (control of versions, manag-ing users, structuring the system).Paperless Pharmacy is already in use in hospital phar-macies such as the pharmacy of the Hospital ClínicoVirgen de la Victoria, in Málaga, Spain, which distrib-utes 31,000 doses of pharmaceuticals each year.Specifications• Athento e-Health (Paperless Pharmacy module).• Apache (or other HTTP server).• Multiplatform (use of Linux is recommended foroptimum performance).• SGBD: Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server.(PostgreSQL 8.4 is recommended).• Connection with HIS systems.Key Benefits• Reduction in dispensing times.• Efficient information recovery.• Elimination of manual tasks related with docu-ments.• Elimination of paper in pharmacy processes.Features• Indexing content of documents using OCR technolo-gies.• Automatic classification of documents.• Automatic data extraction from documents.• Management of pharmaceutical alerts• Management of Standard Operating Procedure(SOP).• Support for barcodes and QR codes.TWAINPrescriptonsClinicalReportsPharmaceuticalalertsScanner