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Film ppt

  1. 1. 20101639yeon hwa Jo
  2. 2. About South Korean film•1. Liberty (1945-1950) and War (1950-1953) eras. With the surrender of Japan in 1945, Korean cinema enjoyed a burst of liberty. During the Korean War, film production slowed.•2. Golden Age (1953-1973) •With the armistice of 1953, South Korean president made an effort to help rejuvenate the local film industry by making it exempt from taxation. •A consistently large and devoted theater-going audience, and many films continued to give South Korea cinematic culture throughout the 1960s•3. "Revitalizing Government" era (1973-1979) •This time period can also be called as "the winter of the sixty years in Korean film”
  3. 3. About South Korean film 24. Recovery (1980-1996)The government basically had all the controlto display whichever film they want and cut out all the filmsthat would go against their views.5. Current (1997 through present)From the late 1990s, South Korean cinema managed to attaindomestic box office success exceeding that ofHollywood blockbuster movies due largely to laws placinglimits on the number of foreign films able to be shownper theatre per year.6. Festival successKorean film first garnered serious international recognitionin 2002 at the Venice Film Festival, where the film Oasiswon the second prize award.
  4. 4. foreign movie remade in Korea 영웅본색(A Better Tomorrow, 1986) - It is an official remake of the 1986 Hong Kong film A Better Tomorrow. • In South Korea, the film was released with the Korean title Mujeokja (lit. "Invincible"). • Internationally, it was released with the same name as the original Hong Kong version.
  5. 5. Korean movie remade in Hollywood Lake House • The Lake House (2006) is the first in the trend of American remakes of Korean movies. • It stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. The original is Siworae (2000), also known by its international English title, Il Mare.The Uninvited• Janghwa, Hongryeon (2003)is a popular Korean horror movie.• The international English title is A Tale of Two Sisters. The literal translation is "Rose Flower, Red Lotus".• It is a psychological horror film loosely based on a Korean legend with the same title.
  6. 6. Conclusion • It’s obviously that Film transcends its national boundaries. • Today people around the world make a community throughout movies, and people can relate to. • It’s true that more and more remake movie release by filmmakers, people can realize about what happened another country. • This phenomenon is another aspect of cultural interchange.