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Project scheduling and tracking


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Software Engineering

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Project scheduling and tracking

  1. 1. Software Engineering
  2. 2. What should we do when managementdemands that we make a deadline that isimpossible?
  3. 3. Software project scheduling is an activity that distributes estimated effort across the planned project duration by allocating the effort to specific software engineering tasks.Macroscopic schedule- identifies all major software engineering activities and the product functions to which they are applied.
  4. 4.  Compartmentalization Interdependency Time allocation Effort validation Defined responsibilities Defined outcomes Defined milestones
  5. 5. Example: four software engineers – 5000 LOC/year…but when placed in a team 6 potential communication paths…assume the team productivity 250 LOC/yearTherefore, team productivity is… 20,000-(250*6)=18,500 LOC/year– 7.5%
  6. 6. …in 2 months remaining, 2 additional people are added in team in which the communication paths escalates to 14.…productivity input of the new staff 840*2=1680 LOCTeam productivity… 20,000+1680-(250*14)=18,180 LOC/year
  7. 7. E = L3/( P3t4 ) where E =effort expended(person-years) t = time duration in years
  8. 8. Consider: A real-time software project estimated at 33,000 LOC, 12 person-years of effort. // ~ 3.8 person-years.