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  • Thi truong an theo game ntn? Success factor cua thi truong game nhat va han la gi
  • Social game: housewife and workersFeature phone: $2B (almost 50%)
  • T store (SK Telecom) nhung it thi phan ve game mobile
  • Tro nay cua SS Group=> MCC neu xay dung Mobay thi cung se lam dc viec nay
  • [Industry report] mobile games aug 2013

    1. 1. IDG VENTURES VIETNAM Mobile Game Industry _______________________ __ By Phuong Vu August 2013
    2. 2. Agenda I. Japan Mobile Game Market II. Korea Mobile Game Market III.Vietnam Mobile Gamer Market IV.Challenges/Recommendation
    3. 3. Japan - Market Overview
    4. 4. Japan - Market Overview Source: Asian Development Outlook database Japan mobile game market: $4.3 billion 2 dominant players: GREE & DENA (Facebook + Zynga in one) 300-400 mobile game developers 20+ Platform providers 361 1,380 2,824 3,870 4,256 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 5,000 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Size of Japan's Social Gaming Market Unit: $1 million Feature phones still has Huge presence
    5. 5. MOBAGE GREE Nouen Kokkoina (Dena)-Gardening stimulation Dragon Collection(Konami)-Card battle Kaitou Royale (Dena)-Action Pro Baseball Dream Nine(Konami)-Sport Gundam Card Collection (Bandai)-Card battle My Restaurant(enish)-Restaurant management One piece Grand Collection (Bandai)-Card battle Crows x Worst (Konami)-Card battle Gundam Royale(Bandai)-Action Bahamut Brave(AltPlus)-Card battle Setorurin(Dena)-Pet raising Monster Hunter Island(Capcom)-RPG Rage of Bahamut (Cygames)-Card battle Dragon Tactics(enish)-Card battle Sengoku Royale (Dena) -RPG Dragon x Dreizehn(Drecom)-Card battle Final Fantasy Brigade (Square)-RPG Genjuu Hime(gumi)-Card battle Sengouku Collection (Konami)-Card battle Our Pocket Dungeon 2(enish)-RPG Appstore Google Play Puzzle &Dragon(Gungho) Puzzle &Dragon(Gungho) LINE LINE WIND runner Clash of Clans(Supercell) LINE LINE POP LINE Pokopang LINE Pokopang LINE POP クイズRPG クイズRPG LINE Windrunner プロ野球PRIDE Gundam Arewars ラブライブ(Klab) プロ野球PRIDE LINE Bubble ラブライブ(Klab) LINE Play Card battle and RPG games dominate both GREE & Mobage platform Puzzle & Dragons top in both iOS & Android LINE has strong presence in both platform Japan - Top Game apps
    6. 6. Aggressive TV Marketing Japan is the only country in the world where mobile games are regularly being advertised on television Gree allocates about 90% of its advertising and promotion budget (about US$250 million in FY6/12) to TV spots Japan’s success – Unique Marketing Tools Collaborations between developers Collaborations between companies boost each other presence Ex: Collaborations between P&D (17 million users) and Clash of Clans help Clash of Clans achieve Rank 1 in Top Free Apps in Japan
    7. 7. Game mechanism: Bejewel &Pokemon 17 million users in Japan (more than 10& Population) Generate $70 million a month Japan’s success – Game trends Puzzle & Dragons Hype Popularity of card battle game Card battle games have proven to be excellent money maker 70% of top 20 in GREE & Mobage are card battle games
    8. 8. Gacha as money makers Biggest money makers in Japanese mobile/social game Gamers can receive rare item through playing gacha 100-300 Yen per turn Japan’s success - Monetization Frictionless Mobile Payment Wide range of paying options: Carrier billing, credit cards, e-money, pre-paid cards, Paypal
    9. 9. Korea - Internet & Smartphone nation Approximately 33 million smartphones About 65% smartphone users play games on their phone( Around 21 million mobile game users) Large LTE Subscribers allow users to play games anywhere Android is the dominance platform in Korea with 90% market share
    10. 10. Korea - Market Overview Dominate by Game Online (75% market share) Mobile game: 50% growth by the end of 2012, Followed by 45% growth in 2013 Mobile accounted for 8.5% of the gaming market In 2014 Martket size 2013F is $850 Million Korea Mobile Game Market Is still in the initial growing stage
    11. 11. Korea – Market Overview Main players Upcoming Players Four major players comprise 62% market Share Online game developers (Wemade, CJ E&M Nexon, NCSoft) become mobile game Developers & publishers)
    12. 12. Mobile Messengers Operator Appstore Korea – Game Platform Local Content Distribution
    13. 13. Top Grossing iOS Rank Game Publisher Headquarters Subcategory 1 Magu Magu 2013 for Kakao CJ E&M South Korea Simulation, Sports 2 Million Arthur Actoz Soft South Korea Strategy, Card 3 Windrunner for Kakao WeMade South Korea Adventure, Action 4 Puzzle & Dragons GungHo Online Japan Puzzle Role Playing 5 Hello Hero for Kakao Fincon South Korea Role Playing 6 Cookie Run for Kakao Devsisters South Korea Racing, Adventure 7 Clash of Clans Supercell Finland Strategy, Action 8 Devil Maker Tokyo for Kakao palmple South Korea Role Playing, Card 9 Kingdom Overlord com.digitalcloud China Role Playing, Strategy 10 New Three Kingdoms Card RedAtoms,Inc. China Role Playing Top Grossing Google Play Rank Game Publisher Headquarters Subcategory 1 Cookie Run for Kakao Devsisters South Korea Casual 2 Magu Magu 2013 for Kakao CJ E&M South Korea Sports Games 3 Windrunner for Kakao WeMade South Korea Arcade & Action 4 Everybody Cha Cha Cha for Kakao CJ E&M South Korea Casual 5 Anipang for Kakao SUNDAYTOZ South Korea Brain & Puzzle 6 Hello Hero for Kakao Fincon South Korea Casual 7 Everybody pong pong pong for Kakao CJ E&M South Korea Casual 8 Every Town for Kakao WeMade South Korea Casual 9 Arrow for Kakao 4:33 South Korea Arcade & Action 10 Fish Friends for Kakao NHN South Korea Sports Games South Korean game app publishers swept the rankings on Google Play Every title in the top 10 game apps by monthly revenue was published for the Kakao platform Five of the top 10 are included in the Casual category Five of the top 10 ranked games by iOS App Store revenue in May belonged to the Role Playing Strategy category Korea - Top Grossing Games
    14. 14. Vietnam – Smartphone Market Smartphone Growth with 30% mobile users owning smartphones Nokia though still the market leader Android, IOS and Symbian are favorite OS
    15. 15. Vietnam – Vietnam Market Overview Vietnamese mobile game users mostly are From 18-25 range Unlike PC, Mobile Gamer users tend to play for leisure
    16. 16. Vietnam – Game Platform Mobile Messengers Operator Appstore Local content distribution
    17. 17. Company No. of Games Name McCorp 9 MCTQ, Tru thần, MCVL, MC Võ lâm3, Vấn kiếm, Túy Giang hồ, Tào tháo truyện, 12guns, Vệ thần MeCorp 8 Long tinh, Thành cát, kỳ tiên, thống lĩnh thiên hạ,Pháp sư đại chiến, goFarm,Vfarm,iWin VTC 8 Hoàng Đế, Hạo Thiên, Bẫy rồng, Pokezoo,Ngũ đế,Hiên viên kiếm,iBai, Teen teen Sgame 1 Chiến thần FPT 2 Phong thần,King CMN 2 Sướng du kỳ tiên, Thiên địa quyết VNG 4 Đông Phương hiệp,Chuồn chuồn,Xếp hình, Farmery Soha 8 Tình kiếm, iGà,Tam Quốc Mobi,Thuỷ Hử 3D,Mobi Army, Mộng Tiên, Bóng Đá Đường Phố,Thần Chiến Total 42 Vietnam – Mobile Game Market Overview Market size by revenue in 2012: $18M 50% growth in number of games compare to 2012 Soha & VNG are very active
    18. 18. Strategy RPG Casual Sports/Arcade Soha Tam Quốc mobi Thuỷ hử 3D, Tình Kiếm Thần Chiến iGa Mobi Army Mộng tiên Bóng đá đường phố VNG Đông Phương hiệp Farmery Xếp hình Chuồn chuồn CMN Sướng du kỳ tiên Thiên địa quyết FPT Phong thần King McCorp Tào tháo truyện Vệ thần Tuý giang hồ Võ lâm 3 Tiên hiệp Vấn kiếm MCVL MCTQ Tru thần 12guns MeCorp Long tinh Thành cát Kỷ tiên Thống lĩnh thiên hạ Pháp sư đại chiến goFarm vFarm iWin Sgame Chiến thần VTC Hoàng đế Bẫy rồng Pokezoo Ngũ đế Hiên viên kiếm iBai Teen Teen Vietnam – Mobile game composition RPG games genre dominates mobile game market in Vietnam (62%) Soha has the most diverse game portfolios
    19. 19. iOS Google Play Clash of Clans Top Eleven Top Eleven Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga Iron Man 3 - The Official Game Hay Day Real Football 2013 Dragon City Mobile Age of Warring Empire Angry bird friends Tower of Saviors iWin online Dark Avenger Marvel War of Heroes 마구마구2013 for Kakao Elves Realm Monster Warlord War2Victory Galaxy Empire Vietnam – Top Game Apps Vietnamese developers/ publishers Fail to compete with foreign players In top grossing apps. iWin (ME Corp) is the only Vietnamese Game in top chart
    20. 20. Vietnam – Challenges for Vietnamese Mobile Market Large number of Licensed Chinese game with RPG genre saturates the Mobile Game market VN Mobile Game Market has high RPG games penetration, but 80% of total market revenue (~$14.5M) is from Casino Game titles Major players lack workforce to become developers. Most Games are still imported from China No breakthrough in Gameplay. Most storylines are from China.
    21. 21. Vietnam – Recommendations Expand game portfolios with focus in Casual Game Developers Card/Casino Games: iWin(MeCorp) has proven to be great monetization games. Match 3/Puzzle: Candy Crush is a huge success in Vietnam. Xếp hình (VNG) takes the lead in this category. Pay attention to consumers’ taste  Beside graphic, Story line is increasingly important for mobile gamers. Players should create games with new storyline From Western, Vietnam, etc rather than stick with Chinese storyline
    22. 22. Vietnam – Recommendations Partnership with well-positioned platform operators companies Social Experience benefit: expanding Users base via social networking Multi-player benefits: Increasing game engagement Marketing benefits: Securing marketing channels for new games Player challenge benefits: Increasing game usage by adding attractive features such as ranking or challenging quests
    23. 23. Vietnam – Recommendations Collaborations: -between different players -between different games from same players Game A Game B Exchange content Exchange content Acquire new users In contrast to TV marketing, this marketing tool can be used by smaller developers as well Benefit Market and acquire new users for existing games
    24. 24. Vietnam – Recommendations Other Recommendations Gacha system: great monetization tools Problem: gambling? Regulations? TV Advertising: attract different audience pools Problem: Budget?
    25. 25. IDG VENTURES VIETNAM Thank You For Listening!