Features of academic essay


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Features of academic essay

  1. 1. Features of Academic Essay
  2. 2. Structure What is a paragraph? A combination of related sentences which aim to develop the key idea of the paragraph. What types of paragraphs are there in an academic essay? Introductory, body, concluding paragraphs What is the function of the first paragraph? -to paraphrase the rubric -outline the plan of the essay -present the writer’s position, point of view or thesis
  3. 3. Structure What is the thesis statement in the essay? Such films make violence appear entertaining, exciting and even something to be copied. What do we call the key idea of the paragraph? Topic sentence Are topic sentences general or specific? They tend to be general Where does it go in the sentence? It can come at the beginning, the end and even at the middle? Identify topic sentences in every paragraph
  4. 4. Structure What are supporting sentences? specific and detailed, providing facts and example, evidence. they answer the questions the reader will develop in their mind after reading your topic sentence Is the whole essay a logical transition from one paragraph to another or just a group of non-related paragraphs? Logically-related whole
  5. 5. Structure How can we link all the paragraphs in a logical sequence? That depends on the position of the topic sentence Let’s read the first paragraph where the topic sentence comes first How are the first and second paragraphs connected in this case? With the last sentence of the first paragraph that acts as a connection to link the information with that coming up in the next paragraph Let’s read the paragraph where the topic sentence comes last Supporting sentences build up arguments and examples to make a case for the main idea contained at the end
  6. 6. Content All the questions raised in the rubric are to be answered, otherwise the essay will leave a feeling of being incomplete.
  7. 7. Register-Academic style Formal words Major cities Passive constructions Violence is shown in films, to be copied, heroes are shown to be copied, what is needed, must be prevented General nouns concern, trend, development, problems, reality action
  8. 8. Register-Academic style Noun phrases with prepositions -cause of concern, sense of reality -consequences of violent acts Hedging language It seems to be increasingly clear The government should regulate the films industry Producers must be prevented from Films could emphasise the tragic consequences of violent acts This would educate people Violence can bring serious social problems
  9. 9. Register-Academic style Signposting However, it seems to be increasingly clear; First of all They therefore lose their sense of reality Heroes are shown as people to be admired even though they are very violent characters and so the levels of violence increase, especially in major cities throughout the world The government should regulate the films industry on the one hand, and provide better education on the other To conclude Attributive adjectives real consequences, worrying trend, violent characters, impressionable people, aggressive behaviour, tragic consequences serious social problems
  10. 10. Register-Academic style Noun phrases with the main headword After the headword Violence in films (where) problems in our society. people to be admired, Such films make violence appear entertaining, exciting and even something to be copied the only way to improve this situation
  11. 11. Criteria Structure (5 points) Does it follow a clear plan of organization? Does it offer effective support for the ideas it puts forward? Is there a clear relationship between all the parts and the whole essay? Content (5 points) Does it answer the question that is asked? Accuracy (5 points) Does it use appropriate and accurate grammatical constructions, and vocabulary Register (5 points) Is it written in an informal style? Variety of the language used (5 points) Does it use varied and ambitious grammar and vocabulary?
  12. 12. Presentations /Essays Many bad presentations have too much repetition or unnecessary information. All irrelevant information must be cut down Successful presentations are easy to follow because they are well organised Effective presentations have their main ideas organised into three or four points/in essay into three or 4 paragraphs The main points/topic sentences can be framed as questions to which both readers and listeners ( if the questions are good ones) will want to know the answers. Both good presentations and essays don’t end abruptly. They should leave their readers and listeners with a clear summary of everything you have covered.