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Beneficial Facts of Yellow Sapphire


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Yellow sapphire stones are specifically recommended for married women wanting to start a family. Adept at warding off evil spirits, yellow sapphires are stated to have a sure impact on the immune system. If you’re around to embark on a new small business venture, put on your yellow sapphire jewelry. The gemstone is stated to improve concentration, which is usually especially helpful in achieving academic and professional goals. Also, it does not hurt that the gemstone is also identified to attract wealth.For more details visit

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Beneficial Facts of Yellow Sapphire

  1. 1. Beneficial Facts of Yellow Sapphire Presented By:-
  2. 2. Ye llo w sapphire / Pukhraj is the g e m pro po se d fo r Jupite r which is the larg e st and he avie st plane t am o ng all the plane ts in o ur so lar syste m . The King of Planet - Jupiter
  3. 3. Ye llo w Sapphire o r pukhraj sto ne fo r a se cure , co rdial and pe ace ful m arrie d life and g irls who are ye t to be g e t m arrie d sho uld we ar o rig inal Ye llo w Sapphire o r pukhraj sto ne to le t the ring ing o f we dding be lls so o n.
  4. 4. Yo u m ay also try we aring Sapphire fo r e ng ag e m e nt o r we dding ring s. Eve n if yo u are m ale yo u m ay also we ar ye llo w sto ne fo r stro ng lo ve re latio ns and m o re o ve r fo r yo ur dre am g irl.
  5. 5. Ye llo w sapphire is kno wn to im pro ve co nce ntratio n and he lps in achie ving acade m ic succe ss. It can be wo rn by stude nts and pro fe ssio nals striving to achie ve pro fe ssio nal succe ss.
  6. 6. Ye llo w sapphire o r Pukhraj g e m sto ne is fam o us fo r its uniq ue he aling pro pe rtie s apart fro m be ing kno wn as a lucky sto ne which he lps to im pro ve financialstatus.
  7. 7. Website: - Yello wsapphire.o Callus: - + 91 -921 61 1 668 8 Mail us: - info @ yello wsapphire.o rg.i n Co ntact Us