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Ryan President's Club 2010, 2011, 2012


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Ryan President's Club 2010, 2011, 2012

  1. 1. ·b·· hI u~ Mike Voucas 612 Wheelers Farms Rd. 3rd Flr Milford, CT 06461 516-730-1803 February 7, 2013 Ryan Hollembaek 202 Main St. West Haven, CT 06516 RE: Presidents Club 2012 Dear Ryan, As 2012 quickly fades away and we move further into what promises to be an exciting 2013, I would like to take a moment to thank you for the tremendous effort you put forth in 2012 in many areas. This past year was a particularly challenging year with the volume of change and new products to incorporate into the sales call. You found a way to get it done! As a result of your efforts you have earned the recognition of being a Presidents Club winner for 2012 which places you among the top 10% of our US sales organization. This is a tremendous accomplishment and recognition of your contribution to our success. Thank you so much for your daily efforts and consistent high level of performance. I am sure that 2013 will only build on your previous successes and make for an even larger earnings and growth year for you! I am very proud of you!;;;;_ard tocelebrating youraeeomPliSh4: youinCaneun! Mike Voucas Vice President-Sales WJ1,1/ 4fo/ ,t7?-;(J7 llAL..{}/,_ 44"~~
  2. 2. Rresident.s club 2012 eb·· hI U· 2201 Rel7aissal7ce Boulevard King of Prussia, PA 19406 Jim McCusker 610-731-2551 President, U.S. 610-731-2659 (fax) Ryan Hollembaek 202 Main St West Haven, CT 06516 Congratulations! -Vou-are recognized-and-saluted as-e-tep-perfermer+vouve-wen hibu~s-t-ep,-- sales honor, the prestigious Presidents Club Award! First, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work, dedication, leadership and inspiration. You are invited to celebrate your outstanding achievement with your fellow award winners in Cancun, Mexico from Thursday, April 25, 2013 to Sunday, April 28, 2013. The past year has seen tremendous change at our company, including global reorganization, the introduction of new and innovative products and the launch of our new brand, hibu. As a company weve had many noteworthy accomplishments, including: • The successful introduction and launch of magazines • Over 10% increase in average new order • Close to 3% improvement in client retention • Double digit growth in our SEM/SEO business • Introduction of our new telephone "partner" model- _~ ~Your performance and has.helped ignite and fuel oULevolution in this rapidly- changing marketplace. The senior leadership team appreciates your courage to adopt, embrace and lead in our new environment. Our sales team has remained strong, as we adapt to new conditions and meet every challenge. Please join me to celebrate this great accomplishment at the Paradisus Cancun Resort in Cancun, Mexico. Looking forward to thanking you in person. Charge On!
  3. 3. yellowbook 360 ~ ~ :t tI ~~ III ~ 1..L PRESIDENTS CLUB 2011 March 2012 Ryan Hollembaek 202 Main Street West Haven, CT 6516 Congratulations on winning the highly coveted 2011 Presidents Club Award! This past year was a pivotal one in our journey to transform Yellowbook. Im so proud of the way our team has responded to todays market opportunities and challenges. A-:,a company, weve made significant strides particularly with our digital initiatives. A few noteworthy accomplishments: TOGETHER, WEVE ... • Sold and hosted close to 250,000 websites • Achieved major revenue gains in SEM/SEO • Successfully launched direct mail across the U.S. • Improved client retention close to 2% • Increased our average new sale approximately 33% • Implemented close to 200,000 Lead Tracker phone lines , And, 75% of our print directories now have a local identity (photo) on the front cover. Your performance and commitment to excellence has helped ignite and fuel our evolution in this rapidly changing marketplace. The senior leadership team appreciates your courage to adopt, embrace and lead in our new environment. Yellowbooks Presidents Club program has a rich tradition of recognizing and rewarding top achievers. Thank_ __ you for your devotion to meeting and exceeding company objectives. You are recognized as a sales leader throughout the Yellowbook organization. Please join me to celebrate this great accomplishment in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Resort from Thursday May 10, 2012 to Sunday May 13, 2012. Cant wait to thank you in person! Charge On!!
  4. 4. yellow book 360 ~ ~ tI ~"It III • 1.. PRESIDENTS CLUB 2010 February 16, 2011Ryan Hollembaek202 Main StWest Haven, CT 06516 Dear Ryan,Congratulations on winning the prestigious 2010 Presidents Club Award!Despite lingering economic challenges in 2010, there was clearevidence that small-business confidencewas moving in the right direction. You acted as a catalyst to help improve the business of your clients. Infact, you are part of how our national economy is recovering from the great recession.Our value proposition has expanded dramatically - website hosting, web videos, reputationmanagement, SEM/SEO education, the immediacy of direct mail or the presence and stability of theprint product. By addressing the fragmentation, the multiple ways in which Yellowbook can generateleads is at an all time high. Your success is a testament to your ability to skillfully use all of the tools inyour Yellowbook360 toolbox.Yellowbooks Presidents Club program has a rich tradition of recognizing and rewarding overachievers.You have achieved the celebrated Presidents Club Platinum Award which recognizes the top echelon ofour sales performers throughout the Yellowbook organization.As a Presidents Club Platinum winner you are entitled to receive $2,000 to use at your discretion, alongwith 3 pre-approved vacation days. In addition you will also receive a gift award and have your businesscards embossed with the Presidents Club logo.Thank you for a great year! - -- --------Joe Walsh