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Acs 2013

  1. 1. My Chinese Classand iPAdsChinHuei YehShrewsbury Public 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Essential Questions SAMR Model What do I do with the iPad inmy class? Suggestions / Remarks1
  3. 3. Shrewsbury iPad program Pilot  program  2011   iPad  1:1  since  2012  fall   G5-­‐G12  1:1  in  5  years  2
  4. 4. How many iPads are there in school now?  600 + school districts in the Statesadopted a 1:1 iPad program  Potential of tablet in education
  5. 5. 4
  6. 6. 5
  7. 7. practicepedagogyiPad6
  8. 8. Before each class, I often askmyself the followingquestions:7
  9. 9. Question #1:Why do I use the iPad in thislesson? What is my objectivewith the iPad?8
  10. 10. Question #2:What can the iPad do that is notpossible?9
  11. 11. O  ACTFL 201210
  12. 12. 11
  13. 13. Question #3:How should my lesson planningbe revised as a result ofimplementing of the iPad?12
  14. 14. Question #4:What learning style am Iexpecting the iPad to actuate?project-based? traditionalteaching? game-based? orsomething else?13
  15. 15. Question #5:What changes I need to makewith my original plan to allowthe iPad application be morefluid?14
  16. 16. Question #6:What backup plan should bebuilt into learning activitieswhen the technology doesn’twork as planned?15
  17. 17. Question #7:What is my own comfort levelwith the iPad? Can I solvestudents’ technical questions inclass?16
  18. 18. iPad  Replace  PC/Mac?  www.bhphotovideo.com17
  19. 19. 18Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura
  20. 20. What change did theiPad bring into myclassroom?19
  21. 21. 20
  22. 22. 1 • More engaging2• Meeting different learning needs3 • More target language used4 • More creation5 • Interactive collaboration21
  23. 23. Content Creation  The iPad offers students theability to capture, developand publish their learning inthe creative, engaging,multimedia way theyexperience the world.22
  24. 24. • View photo• Read eBooks• Browse websitesConsumption• Make video• Make recording• Write eBooksCreationWhat  do  you  do  with  iPad?  23
  25. 25. MaximizinglearningeffectPedagogyiPad24
  26. 26. 25
  27. 27. LearningProductsAudiovideoExplain &recordtheirlearningStorytellingComicseBooksHandDrawingQuantity Quality26
  28. 28. Audio  Creation    Target language  Sharing their workwith the familyand peers27
  29. 29. Video Creation Use Target Language Active Collaboration Share works with peers and family28Animoto iMovie Sonic Pics
  30. 30.   Create your own stories  Add your voices  Promote Creativity  Practice speaking and listening29Puppet pals Sock Puppets Toontastic
  31. 31. Screen  capture   Hands-on Live action Checking with understanding Ideal for stroke orders30
  32. 32. Comic Books A fun way to explorestorytelling without writing along story Use your own pictures andeffectsComic strip31
  33. 33. Story kit Writing Speaking Listening Reading Creativity Ownership32
  34. 34. Student’s work
  35. 35. Student’s Work
  36. 36. 35
  37. 37. Reading  Reading helper36
  38. 38. Socrative Students response system Check for understanding Exit ticket37
  39. 39. 38
  40. 40. Notability Recording Handwriting, typing, picture Workflow39
  41. 41. Edmodo + iPad Existing Ticket Homework Grading System Communication betweenT&SI love it!Students love itas well.40
  42. 42. .41
  43. 43. Sticky notes42
  44. 44. Chinese Pictographs Hands-on Creation43
  45. 45. iPad is a tool. It can Help students solve specificproblem Overcome certain obstacles Create content todemonstrate theirunderstanding44
  46. 46. The iPad itself won’tmake my classroomdifferent.45
  47. 47. The iPad doesn’t teach! Content apps may helpintroducing, reinforcing andreviewing new content The iPad cannot teach ourstudents46
  48. 48. It’s  not  about  the  iPad  neither  the  apps.    47
  49. 49. It’s  all  about  how  you’re  going  to  use  the  iPad.  48
  50. 50. Students’ Response  I love using the iPads because it let us writeChinese and learn new characters becauseyou could type a word and then find out 10more by just looking at the other ones.  Yeah! I really enjoyed using the iPad in class!I really liked how you could type in thepinyin, then have to search and select thecorrect character that you are looking for. Imgoing to get the Chinese keyboard on myiPod touch!Connecting with real life…49
  51. 51. Students’ Response  Working with the iPads was really funyesterday! I liked Socrative and how wecould be quizzed by typing, and getting ourresults in seconds! Popplet was very fun,and I LOVED play with it and typing. I wouldlove to do this again!!! >:D  I thought that this app was a fun andcreative way to apply what we are learninginto a real life situation.50
  52. 52. Students’ response  I thought story-kit was really cool because we gotto practice speaking and typing. Story-kit wasvery fun and the books turned out great! I hopewe will be able to do it again.  I thought that this app was a fun and creativeway to apply what we are learning into a real lifesituation.  I thought using story kit to create a book inChinese was very fun. We got to use all of ourknowledge and showcase it in a cool way.Thanks for letting us use the ipads and forposting my story here on the blog!51
  53. 53. The iPad is only oneof the tool in mytoolbox. It is not thebest tool for every job.52
  54. 54. High  quality  teaching  is  the  #1  influence  on  student    learning.  53
  55. 55. 54
  56. 56. 55