Tradition vs change


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This PP looks at the issue of shark finning and looks at different traditions that were changed in different societies for the better.

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  • Tradition vs change

    1. 1. When is it right to force traditional practices to change?
    2. 2. Throughout Time People & Traditions Evolve.If, as a species we Canada 1917discover that our United Kingdom (Then including Ireland)1918past beliefs and and 1928traditions were United States1920wrong or cause Taiwan1947more harm thangood, should westill hold ontothose practices inthe name oftradition? Why? It wasn’t until the beginning of the last century that women were even thought to be people! As well as able to vote in most countries. Luckily this belief changed too!
    3. 3. Another Tradition That Has Changed for the Good of WomenFoot Binding  It was finally outlawed in This tradition started off in the early Song dynasty (960–1279). the 1911 Revolution of Sun Foot-binding resulted in lifelong Yat-Sen. disabilities for most. Why bind feet? A woman with bound feet was limited in her mobility. This caused an inability to take part in politics, social life, and the Is this a world at large. good example Bound feet made women of dependent on their families, changing mainly their men, and, traditions? therefore, became a symbol of Why or male ownership. why not?
    4. 4. Shark Fin Soup is a Tradition Too!Shark fin soup is a Up to 100 millionpopular soup of sharks are killedChinese cuisine . each year for soupShark fin soup dates or medicine.back to ChinasMing Dynasty. Thepopularity of shark finsoup rose in the late 18thand early 19th centuriesas standards of livingbegan to improve.Even though fins have noflavor people eat them to How does thisshow they have money. tradition make theIs this a good reason for Chinese culturea tradition? Why or why better?not?
    5. 5. Is this a tradition to be kept or changed?Shark Finning Facts:-Shark finning refers tothe removal andretention of shark finsand the discard at seaof the carcasses.-The shark is most oftenstill alive when it isthrown back into thewater.-Unable to swim, andbleeding to death, theshark suffers a slowdeath. Isn’t it a part of Taiwanese traditional cuisine to use all of-Ninety-five percent of the animal? Doesn’t finning go against this tradition?the animal is wasted. Which is the better tradition? .
    6. 6. Why Should Tradition Change?Sharks are critical toprotectingphytoplankton and algaestocks, which meansthey are critical toprotecting our oxygen.The ocean produces 70%of Earth’s O2(air/oxygen) and controlsover 80% of CO2.This O2 is made by oceanplants called algae andphytoplankton.They breathe CO2 andthen breathe out O2 .This is a cycle. It iscalled the carbon cycle.All life on Earth needs What is more important: tradition or air?O2 to live.
    7. 7. Shark Fin Soup is High inMercuryEven if you don’t care  Shark meat is consideredhow sharks are killed or dangerous for consumption byour oxygen levels, do women of child-bearing age,andyou care about children.poisoning yourself?  Many health organizations warnBecause sharks are the pregnant women not to eat sharktop predator of the while pregnant, or if they plan tooceans, they consume a become pregnant.lot of fish. Over time  A study in New York City foundthey collect very high that 1 in 4 Asian-born women hadlevels of mercury and dangerously high levels ofother poisons . mercury.Mercury results in  Dried shark fin has the highestdamage to the human levels of mercury.central nervous systemand causes birth defectsin infants.
    8. 8. Taiwan is Ranked the 4th Largest Shark Killer in the WorldIs Change coming? Will this new ban be enough? Taiwanese environmentalists say  This announcement is a sign shark fin consumption from that Taiwan is on the right track wedding banquets on the island’s when it comes to protecting 70-odd high-class hotels annually sharks. However, it falls short of causes the killing of at least what is really needed. With up to 900,000 sharks. By one estimate, 73 million sharks killed every 4 million sharks are killed for year, many by Taiwans fleet, a Taiwanese shark fin soup alone. finning-ban does not address the The Taiwan Fisheries Agency says larger overfishing problem that it will impose a ban next year on is driving these animals toward shark finning. extinction.
    9. 9. Think About it!How does this  Why isn’t the government warninginformation make people about the toxic levels ofyou feel? Why? mercury? Why or why not?What informationwas new to you? Are  If Taiwan becomes the first Asianyou surprised about country to enforce this shark fin ban,any of it? how could this effect how the worldShould restaurants sees Taiwan?be allowed to serve  What can you do to help? Are you toofood that isdangerous to young to help change the world?people’s health? Whyor why not?