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Earth Day


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With Earth Day quickly approaching I put together this conversational based lesson for my school. It was made for elementary ESL learners from grade 1 to 6. It is positive and focuses on what each child can do daily to make a difference. I hope you can enjoy it.

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Earth Day

  1. 1. Time to do something!
  2. 2. What are these pictures trying to tell you?
  3. 3. Earth Day is onApril 22nd, butreally you shouldthink about theEarth every day!The first Earth Daywas in 1970. Thenumber of peoplewho celebratedEarth Day in 1970was 20 millionpeople, in 2010, thenumber of peoplewho celebrated itwas 500 million.Let’s join the fight!
  4. 4. Walk more, not only doesit keep the air clean but itcan keep you fit!Turn it off if you’re notusing it: lights, TV,computer, and more.Buy more things made inTaiwan (food and other).Plant a tree and keep moreplants in your home,balcony and/or roof.
  5. 5. Don’t litter! When youthrow your garbage on theground it often ends up inrivers and the ocean.Recycle paper, plastic,metals, and left over foodgarbage.Bring your own bag whenyou go shopping.Bring your own water bottlewhen you buy a tea fromoutside.Bring your own containerswhen buying take-out food.
  6. 6.  Turn the water off once you wet your toothbrush. Eat less meat. When washing the dishes, have one spot for washing and another forrinsing. Don’t keep the water running to rinse the dishes.
  7. 7. More recycling andconserving ideas.Would you like to make any ofthese? Why?Can you think of anything elseyou could make to help recycleand conserve resources?
  8. 8. Did you know plastic bottles can take hundreds or thousands ofyears to decompose? Now this would be one STRONG broom.