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Father's Day Presentation for Chris


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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Father's Day Presentation for Chris

  1. 1. Daddy, when I first entered this world on May 14, 2009 at 12:50 am it was ALL ABOUT US
  2. 2. When my loving mommy was texting you from her hospital bed on my birthday as you traveled to get on the USS Ponce about 7 hrs later, it was still ALL ABOUT US
  3. 3. On my 2 nd day in the hospital, Daddy, Mommy was telling me how much I reminded her of you that made me smile….still it was ALL ABOUT US
  4. 4. On my 3 rd day, when I was leaving Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune to go home in the stroller you assembled, Daddy, again it was ALL ABOUT US
  5. 5. On my 5 th & 6 th day, Daddy, when you put a smile on my 1 st time Uncle Kaoss’ face and had my Nana humming your song to put me to sleep at Olive Garden Res’t with Mommy, it was ALL ABOUT US
  6. 6. As Nana was letting me hear you sing on day 7 and Mommy gave me a kiss from you, Daddy, on day 8, you know it was ALL ABOUT US
  7. 7. On day 9, Pop-Pop said he will be here to guide me ‘til you return, Daddy, and day 10 Nana made me laugh talkin’ ‘bout you and mommy….. yes, it was ALL ABOUT US
  8. 8. As I was thinking of you while swinging in my rocker you put together before leaving, when mommy was telling me how much I looked like you, and while napping, I wished you were here, Daddy, (days 11, 12, & 13)….it was ALL ABOUT US
  9. 9. Mommy was telling me how you both first met on day 15 and Nana took this photo because I was sleeping in a pose just like you on day 16. Yep, Daddy…it’s still ALL ABOUT US
  10. 10. Daddy, I was getting excited when mommy said you were on line on day 16 th , and I so wish you were here when I was getting ready for my dreaded bath on day 17…Help! It’s ALL ABOUT US!
  11. 11. Daddy, wondering what you were doing on day 19, and then you called me and mommy on day 20, and mommy kissed me after you told her to in your Email at 3 weeks old…..Yes, it truly is ALL ABOUT US
  12. 12. On day 22 and 23 Days old, Daddy, I knew God blessed me with wonderful, loving parents, who I know will be there for me to raise me up to be a fine young man…that’s what I see in our future… It’s ALL ABOUT US
  13. 13. And when Grandma Sharon came for a surprise visit from Chesapeake, VA when I was 24 days old, Daddy…yep, it was ALL ABOUT US
  14. 14. Just chillin’ on days 25 and on day 26, I decided that I wanted to dress in Marine Corps colors so I could be like you, Daddy! Cuz you know it’s ALL ABOUT US
  15. 15. Mommy giving me plenty of kisses from you and her on day 27 and I’m looking dapper in my 4-week old picture before we head out for a day on the town. I’m representin’ you, Daddy cuz it’s ALL ABOUT US
  16. 16. Daddy, my 1 st outing at Chuckie Cheese for Za-Za’s birthday party at 1 month, 6 days old…I enjoyed being with God-Momma Ebony, and my Nana took good care of me as I was worn out, but it was still ALL ABOUT US!
  17. 17. YES, DADDY…. IT’S ALL ABOUT US…. About You, Me, and Mommy…. OUR LITTLE FAMILY!