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Analysis of ‘Alice in Wonderland’


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Analysis of ‘Alice in Wonderland’

  1. 1. My Role as a Producer As a producer, it is important that the audience are fully aware of your brand as it ensures that they are able to recognise it at a later stage. The introduction to a movie with the brand logo increases familiarity so that they return to a trusted brand. This is similar to ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ which I previously analysed.
  2. 2. The Use of Props Using props in movies are vital, they place items in a scene that help the audience familiarise with the setting, or are able to infer the type of environment they are in. One example is the scene pictured to the left, the props used in this establishment scene in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ sets the scene for the audience. The vast use of props"Dressing Props" - the furniture, drapes, flooring, etc., used todress sets related to wealth in this scene allow the audience to understand"Hand Props" - items which are used or held by Actors the background of their"Hero Props" - objects central to the action in a scene protagonist – Alice. Some of the"Stunt Props" - replica items made of soft materials props include: garden"Mechanical Props" - which may move or illuminate furniture, tables withProps also include weapons, such as guns and knives, andgreenery and foliage including trees and plants. umbrellas, musicians playing music, and serving trays and cutlery.
  3. 3. The Use of PropsIn this medium shot of the ‘mad hatter’ in ‘Alice and Wonderland’, the audience ispresented with props that indicate a type of party or gathering has/or is aboutto occur – a tea party. The well known story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is the firstmention of this tea party, in order to follow traditions of the fairy tale theproducers have made sure that the appropriate props have been used to showthis. The props used include: a tea pot, tea cups, sweet and savoury foods, adecorated table and seats to accommodate guests.
  4. 4. Though the use of props the audience understand the position and status of the characters, this allows the audience to further there understanding of why certain events are happening and help them understand the film.This long shot of the ‘Queen of Hearts’ allows the audience to know that she hold somekind of powerful position within the film. The props in the room show this authority: theuse of a throne – thrones are generally recognised for being used by royalty and peoplein positions of power, as she sits on one it gives an automatic impression that she is aperson that has this power. Another prop used is the stained glass hearts above her, sheis ‘The Queen of Hearts’ so it is only right that one of the props included in a scenewhere she appears to have a lot of power would be something heart shaped.
  5. 5. LocationThese two establishing shots of location allow the audience to ‘establish’ the scene. Thefirst frame (pictured on the left) shows the and privileged background of Alice, theprotagonist. The bright openness of the location and the large country manor in thebackground indicates happiness and the wealth the family possesses. However incontrast, ‘Wonderland’ (on the right) is the complete opposite. The vague image of acastle in the distance surrounded by darkness portrays mystery, this is appropriate asthe story of ‘Alice and Wonderland’ is one about mystery and adventure which thissetting/location portrays.
  6. 6. Lighting The scene pictured to my left shows the use of natural lighting, this particular use of lighting is significant as this is prior to Alice falling down the hole into ‘Wonderland’. The natural lighting used in the beginning of the film shows the lack of mystery, potential danger and ‘the unknown’ she is about to discover. In contrast, this scene (to the left) lacks any form of lighting. This is used to express the mystery of ‘Wonderland’ and the fairy tale genre and shows the change from security and safety into the mystery that Alice is exposed to.