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The camera


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camera presention

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The camera

  1. 1. Welcome to the camera
  2. 2. Welcome to the camera By camera group 4 ( Wade, Bridget and Johnny)
  3. 3. Welcome to the camera
  4. 4. Inventor of the camera
  5. 5. Inventor of the camera • Girolamo Cardano the cameras inventorAt 1501 september 24 GirolamoCardano(1501-1576) born at pavia.He is Leonardo Di Ser Piero DaVinci(1452-1519)s friends son.At 1526 he got medicl doctor degree atpavia university.After that he is a famous doctor in Europe.
  6. 6. Inventor of the camera
  7. 7. FACTS
  8. 8. FACTS • *If the shutter is open to long the picture will probally be blury*For most cameras the shutter will be open for lessthan 1 hundreth of a second*The light goes through the lens and onto a mirroron the inside of the camera and then the lightbounces of the mirror and into the eye peace andthen you see what the camera is going to take apicture of when you are happy you click the buttonat the top of the camera and the mirror will flip upand capture the picture in the film.
  9. 9. FACTS
  10. 10. MORE FACTS• A video camera takes 24 picture frames per second• A picture camera takes 1 picture each time you press the botton•
  11. 11. Types of cameras
  12. 12. Types of cameras• Camera phone,trafic camera• digatal camera,trail camera• game camera,toy camera• ip camera,single lens reflex camera• twin lens reflex camera,pocket camera• video camera,pinhole camera• view camera,movie camera. And many more!
  13. 13. Types of cameras
  14. 14. PHOTOS
  15. 15. Camera’s timeline • Cameras timelineThe first camera made by Girolamo Cardano at1550.That is made by wood.In 1906 American people put the Flash lamp on thecameras.In 1841 Wogelande (persons name) made acamera with metal.In 1849 David Bru (a person) made the first 3Dcamera.In 1861 a person name is Maxwell made the firstcamera can use all the colors.
  16. 16. Inside the camera • Inside the camera.This is a broken camera with the fronttaken off. •