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Viking longships


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Published in: Education
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Viking longships

  1. 1. Aims•To investigate the design of the Viking long ship•Study what materials were used and who built what…•The study of decoration on the long ships•Usefulness in battle•Design your own long ship!!!
  2. 2. The Vikings Longships
  3. 3. ScandinaviaVikings came from the north.Now we call their land Scandinavia.Norway,Swedenand Denmark Scandinaviaare countries Atlantic Oceanin Scandinavia. British Isles
  4. 4. ScandinaviaThere are manymountains in Norwayand Sweden.There are many fiordswhere the water is deep.Ships sail in the deep water in the fiords.
  5. 5. LongshipsViking settlers sailed hugedistances in their longships
  6. 6. Vikings are most famous for their LONGSHIPS – known as DRAGON SHIPS to their enemiesThe Prow – front ofthe ship carved with ???Question???a dragon like figure Why do you think the Vikings carvedThe Stern – back of dragon like figuresthe ship with a onto the front andcarving similar to the the back of theirone on the front ships?
  7. 7. The prow of the Longship often determinedDragon headprow to scare The sail was large and made by wives, the name of the ship.enemies andsee the way! daughters and servant girls. Some of the names of Viking longships were Usually made from sheep wool covered things like "Long Serpent", "Snake of the and tar with animal fat Sea" and "Horse of the Home of to strengthen it. long Ice". Often made from strips of brightly coloured cloth (blue, green or red) sewn togetherCLINKER BUILT hullallowed for great speedand strength in stormyseas.Also allowed the ship to Shields werebe rowed up narrow brightlychannels and rivers. coloured andWhat advantages would were hung overthis give the Vikings? the sides of the ship as it entered port
  8. 8. Question!!! Question!!!What do you Does thethink of the Longship look like any kind ofdesign of the boat or shipViking that you mightLongship??? see today???
  9. 9. Viking ShipsThe Vikings were brilliant ship builders. Theirships were strong, lightweight and beautifullyshaped to skim quickly through the water.Warships and raiding ships were designed tocome right up on the beach so that men couldjump out and start fighting straight away.The ships were built of wood and madewaterproof with tar from pine trees. Thesquare sails were made of woven wool and wereoften brightly coloured. When the wind waswrong for sailing, they were rowed by teams ofoarsmen.
  10. 10. Viking longships were among the first ever ships to have akeel. The keel is extremely important as it provides theship with support in rough weather.The keel also enabled the ships to travel smoothly andquickly across the sea.A LARGE OAR at the stern steered the ship.
  11. 11. Size matters!• The smallest longships had 26 oars (13 on either side), some had as many as 70 oars (35 on either side!!!)• Longships were expensive to build and to crew. Only the rich Viking Kings could afford to have such vessels.
  12. 12. Design your own Viking Ship! Sail, usually red, green, blue Prow, fierce animal head. Remember to name your Ship – for example, LONG Stern, fierce animal head SERPENT or SNAKE OF THE SEAShields, brightly coloured andhung on side of ship whenentering port Remember how strongly built the ships were. Overlapping wood with tar and animal fat stuffed in to seal any gapsOars would be used as well as the sail for speed, or without the sail when no windOr when they had to be taken up narrow channels
  13. 13. Now have a go at designing your own Viking longboat. Find more information at:• s.html