Ppt trip to london - nouns


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Ppt trip to london - nouns

  1. 2. Hello! We are Jenny and Jake. We are going on a holiday with mum and dad to London to visit our grandma Martha.
  2. 3. We went to the airport in Gudja. Then we boarded the Airmalta aeroplane.
  3. 4. Grandma hugged us and we all went to her house in London.
  4. 5. Next day we all took the bus to go to the centre of the city to see many interesting places.
  5. 6. We saw a big tower called Big Ben. Dad took a photo of the tower with his camera.
  6. 7. Then we went to see the London Bridge.
  7. 8. There is a wide and long river passing under this bridge. It is called River Thames.
  8. 9. On another day, grandma took us to see Buckingham Palace, the palace of England’s queen. Her name is Queen Elizabeth.
  9. 10. In the streets near the palace we saw the soldiers’ parade. The soldiers had a red and black uniform and a big black hat.
  10. 11. Our favourite day was when we went to the London Zoo. It is a fantastic place. We saw many different animals. We had fun giving names to all the animals. We called the hippo Snorty because he was making funny sounds in the water.
  11. 12. We called the elephant Max because it is the biggest animal in the zoo.
  12. 13. We also liked the gorilla. It was huge but very friendly. We named it King Kong like the one we saw in a film.
  13. 14. The crocodile looked fierce and nasty. We didn’t go near it because we were afraid.
  14. 15. The lion looked fierce too but it is a very beautiful animal. We called it Simba.
  15. 16. After a week, it was time to come back to Malta. We really had fun on our holiday but we were sad to leave England and grandma Martha.
  16. 18. We found many: grandma dad mum queen soldier
  17. 19. We found many: airport house street palace city
  18. 20. We found many: gorilla hippo elephant lion crocodile
  19. 21. We found many: bridge aeroplane water bus camera
  20. 22. All these are called:
  21. 23. grandma Martha palace Buckingham gorilla King Kong aeroplane Airmalta All the can have a name:
  22. 24. c f g b Find 4 common nouns and 4 proper nouns starting with: s