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  1. 1. What can you see?What can you see?
  2. 2. The enormous shark is swimming after the small fish. The orange fish is coming in, but the pink fish is going out. The jellyfish is coming down and the Sting ray is going up.
  3. 3. Spot the differenceSpot the difference
  4. 4. OppositesOpposites
  5. 5. Examples of Opposites byExamples of Opposites by changing word.changing word. rough shallow big  calm  deep  small
  6. 6. smallbig
  7. 7. fair dark
  8. 8. up down
  9. 9. hot cold
  10. 10. sunset sunrise
  11. 11. happy sad
  12. 12. Examples of OppositesExamples of Opposites Visible Correct Like  invisible  incorrect  dislike
  13. 13. incorrect correct
  14. 14. appeardisappear
  15. 15. unhappy happy
  16. 16. invisible visible
  17. 17. In Winter the sea is rough however in Summer it is calm. The large shark is behind the small fish.
  18. 18. The diver dives in the deep blue sea , the child swims in the ______ water. The large shark eats the ______ fish. Many shells are in the sea but _____ is on the sand. Find these oppositesFind these opposites shallow small one
  19. 19. The fish is visible but the jelly fish is ________. The girl is happy but the boy is _________. I like sandy beaches but my brother _______ them. Find these opposites...Find these opposites... invisible unhappy dislikes
  20. 20. OppositesOpposites hot small rough fair/light tall young/new cold large calm dark short old