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Turning Customers Into Fans


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Case studies from Yahoo!

Published in: Business
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Turning Customers Into Fans

  1. 1. Turning Customers Into Fans Robyn Tippins Yahoo! Developer Network Photo by
  2. 2. Yahoo! Merchant Summit 1. To build loyalty 2. To address requests from clients for more networking and learning opportunities
  3. 3. • Survey Results: 100% would go again; 97% approval rating • Social Media: 31k people reached; 90k impressions; over a dozen videos
  4. 4. Learned • Piggyback on another relevant and successful conference • Consider partnering with relevant sponsors (American Express OPEN Business Forum)
  5. 5. Yahoo! Developer Network Events 1. Cost-conscious marketing 2. Community Building 3. Loyalty
  6. 6. Grassroots Community Events • Local Barcamps • Meetups • Local Hack events • Fewer large conferences • Every Yahoo! is an Evangelist (EYIAE)
  7. 7. • Events attended increased • Praise and loyalty increased
  8. 8. Learned • Internal Tech Talks give new speakers a chance to try speaking in a friendly environment • Sometimes travel funding was necessary, but often we could find a local Yahoo to attend • Swag was a big hit, and fairly inexpensive • Only sponsor events we could attend • Designate one person as the ‘go to’ for certain regions so people there remember and connect to him.
  9. 9. Flickr Community Events 1. Marketing 2. Community Building 3. Loyalty
  10. 10. Grassroots Community Events • Support local Flickr-created events • Find hot topics, and create regional events around them (Olympics; Presidential Inauguration) • Support local member-created events • Hire a community manager for each language • Global, online events
  11. 11. • Local media coverage • Social media mentions (including Flickr forums and blog posts)
  12. 12. Learned • Create a process for ‘supporting’ member events. • Enlist local Yahoos help • Create a How to Host page and make it public • Prepack swag bags