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Slides for Rahul Hampole's BOSS talk for Yahoo! Hack Europe: London 2013.

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  • BOSS

    1. 1. HACKING WITH YAHOO!BOSSRahul HampoleSr Product Manager Yahoo!
    2. 2. WHAT DOES BOSS GIVE YOU? Search Data and Infrastructure Monetization (We give you Ads!!) Support and ToolsBOSS is a service that provides you (thedeveloper) flexible access to different types ofdata from Yahoo and allows you to buildpowerful commercial applications with thatdata.BOSS provides you Search Advertisingand simple terms so that you canmonetize that innovative product andcontinue to invest your personal time init.BOSS also gives you Support and Tools toget your product working.
    3. 3. Restful XML and JSON APISearch Data - Web, Image, Spelling, News, Also Try, Blogs and Search AdsGeo Services – Placefinder & PlaceSpotterFlexibility to Blend and Re-rank Results Create your own look and feelChange rankingMix it with other API’soAuth based AuthenticationWHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
    4. 4. WHAT ELSE DO YOU GETWeb and Limited Web results (smaller subset) Complex query combinations and filters Searches for content on multiple marketsImage attributes like height, width, etcTime span filtering for News SearchExtended abstractsRecognizes most search filters from Yahoo! and Google (backdoor hacks)
    5. 5. YAHOO! BOSS GEO SERVICSPlacefinder1. Geocoding – Give it anaddress and get back aLat/Lon2. Address normalization3. Reverse Geocoding – Giveit a lat/long and get anaddressPlaceSpotter1. Recognize geographicalentities available in textualcontent2. Understand the meaningof those entities3. Couple with Geoplanet tounderstand geographicalmeaning6Learn more at
    6. 6. HOW DO I HACK WITH IT?
    7. 7. THE QUERYTells you what the user is looking forPowers secondary APIsCan be generated by a search box, URL,tags or keyword extraction from the page.Generates related topicsThe Query is your BFF!e.g.“Dark Knight”&format=xml
    8. 8. SAMPLE CALLSGetting multiple data sets /ysearch/web,images,news?q=obama /ysearch/web,images,news?web.q=obama&images.q=flower&news.q=egyptSearching through sites A Simple Movie Search /ysearch/web?q=“Dark Knight”&,,AND/OR operators /ysearch/web?q="stevejobs"AND((ipad)OR(iphone))&,
    9. 9. UNARY OPERATORSSearch for Batman but not “Dark Knight” q=(batman -“Dark Knight")Find pages with “Heath Ledger” but not “DarkKnight” q=+”heath ledger”–”DarkKnight”&
    10. 10. OUTPUT
    11. 11. IMAGE SEARCH PARAMETERSSearch for images that are not offensive /ysearch/images?q=“san francisco”&filter=yesSearch for images that are wallpaper size /ysearch/images?q=“san francisco”&dimensions=wallpaperSearch for a image at a certain refer URL /ysearch/images?q=yahoo&refererurl= Output Fields format, file size, height, width, title, total result count
    12. 12. NEWS SEARCH PARAMETERSSearch news that is less than 7 days old/ysearch/news? q=osama&age=7dSearch news that is between 20hrs and 2 days old/ysearch/news?q=osama&age=20h2dRe-rank news results by date/ysearch/news?q=osama&ranking=trueInteresting Output FieldsSource, Date, Source URL
    13. 13. BOSS + YQLTable Name: boss.searche.g. select * from where ck=… andsecret=… and q=„yahoo‟ and service=„news‟Parameters ExampleConsumer Key ck -Consumer Secret secret -Query Term q ‘yahoo’Service service ‘news’
    14. 14. UNDERSTAND OAUTHIdentificationConsumer Key – Used to make a call to the APIConsumer Secret – Used for 3 legged oAuth (not used for BOSS)Making a call( Key-Nonce – Random string generated by oAuth (prevents replay attacks)-Signature – Generated by library-Signature Method – Various types of methods supported (e.g. HMAC-SHA1)-oAuth Timestamp –Unix time (valid for 5 minutes only)-oAuth version – 1.0We have code samples in most languages on BOSS Site
    15. 15. HACK IDEAS AND USEFUL API’SRealTime Twitter/Facebook APIMobile ApplicationsVideo YouTube data APIVertical search engines Programmable web has interesting API‟sLocal + Search Pull entities using Placespotter andrecognize relationships between contentChrome extensions
    16. 16. HACK AWAY1. We have BOSS Keys available for you Find me if you don’t have them2. Code samples in the BOSS Docs3. In depth demo later today Build a location aware news service17
    17. 17. HACK AWAY!!Rahul HampoleSr Product Manager Yahoo!