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Some notes about the galaxy note s pen


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Samsung is considered one of the major players in the manufacturing of electronic gadgets. They introduced to the market a completely new line of smart phones and tablet PCs, which did not fail to captivate people. People are saying ‘I want to sell my iPad and shift to the newest Samsung device available.’

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Some notes about the galaxy note s pen

  1. 1. Original Post:
  2. 2. One of the latest offerings from Samsung is theGalaxy Note. This gadget is actually part smartphone, part tablet PC. It is a smart phonebecause it has all the functionalities of a regularmobile phone plus a few other extras likebrowsing capability, and sending and receivingemails. It is also a tablet PC because of its formfactor. In addition, you can do many other thingswith it just like what you do with the tablet PC.There are applications for productivity as wellas applications that can assist youwell with your work that you caninstall. Having seen this gadgetat work will really make you thinkof how to sell an iPad so that youcan shift to this one. Original Post:
  3. 3. Samsung prefers to call this hybrid a smartphone. This 5.3-inch smartphone is a bit smaller than their 7-inch tablet but it has a screen that is a lot bigger than that of the iPhone. Its screen is actually bigger than the whole body of the iPhone, which makes it agreat alternative to a big tablet PC. One unique thing about this hybrid is the presence of the S Pen, which is its dedicated stylus. You don’t really need it, however, there are some nifty things that it can do when paired with certain applications installed on the phone. Original Post:
  4. 4. The S Pen is considered an input device forthe Galaxy Note smart phone. You use itjust as you would use an actual pen and it isactually fast when recognizing pressurewhen it is being used. It does not run on anybatteries so you would not have to stressabout making sure that it will have powerwhen using it. There is also a button on theS Pen that can be used for additional input. Original Post:
  5. 5. The S Pen is one feature that people will either like or dislike. Somepeople, especially those with fat fingers will welcome this niftypiece of equipment because they can be more precise when typingthings or when the software they use has a handwriting-recognition capability. There are also applications that work wellwith this stylus. One of these applications is the S Memo, which is built-in when youpurchase the Note. You could personalizea screen shot from Google Maps, writenotes, draw doodles andsend it via email. Original Post:
  6. 6. This nifty pen that comes with the Galaxy Note is anintegral part of the package. It offers a unique userexperience on the Note. Now you might be thinkinghow to sell an iPad and purchase the Note to see foryourself how helpful this stylus is. Original Post: