Link building techniques


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Link Building is the process of creating inbound links to one’s own website.
Link building is one of the best ways to make your site popular.

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Link building techniques

  1. 1. Basic Link Building Techniques Yvette M. Divino SEO Jr. Specialist
  2. 2. What is Link Building?• Off-page Optimization is also known as “Link Building”• Link Building is the process of creating inbound links to one’s own website.• Link building is one of the best ways to make your site popular. Basic Link Building Techniques
  3. 3. Advantages of Link Building • Increases search engine ranking • Increases website traffic • Increases sales Disadvantages of Link Building O Time Consuming O Chances of Reduced Sales O Low inbound links PR reduces website PR Basic Link Building Techniques
  4. 4. DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONO “Directory submission” is a website optimization strategy that no website owner should ignore.O It establishes the credibility of your websiteO Search engines like Google and Yahoo! love directories for higher search result.O Niche Directories is necessary to create your business hype.O Permanent backlink assist with one time investment. Two (2) Types of Directories: – General Directories – Topic-Specific/Niche Directories Basic Link Building Techniques
  5. 5. THE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA SITES – Social Bookmarking – Social Networking – Podcasting Basic Link Building Techniques
  6. 6. Social Bookmark• can let your website indexed by Google as soon as possible• can let your website get more traffic• can get a visitor to your site which may end up in conversions Sample: Basic Link Building Techniques
  7. 7. Social Networking • Create Profiles/Appears Real to the customers(visitors) • Able to advertise products and services • Connect/communicate with customers easily Sample: Basic Link Building Techniques
  8. 8. FORUM POSTING – Register to a forum – Setting UP a forum signatureO It is important for getting traffic and quality back links that increase SERP. (Signature Link)O great way to build a reputation online and get to know people who are the same interests as youO Signature links will give more traffic & Massive link to your website.Sample: Basic Link Building Techniques
  9. 9. CLASSIFIED AD POSTING • Free posting • Paid PostingO Useful way of announcing the Business, Products and ServicesO Grab readers attention and direct him/her to the website from where products can be purchased or services requested.O Powerful marketing tools, the foundation of today’s economic development.O With guaranteed exposure and rapid results, free classifieds ads generate the customers you need for your business to maintain its prosperity.Sample: Basic Link Building Techniques
  10. 10. BLOGGING• Article Posting• Blog Posting• RSS Feeds Submission• Blog Commenting Basic Link Building Techniques
  11. 11. Article Posting • Can get quality backlinks to your website • Helps us to improve the traffic to our website • Can get the attention of the potential customers Sample: Advantage!&id=6750514 Basic Link Building Techniques
  12. 12. Blog Posting • Blogs are more search engine friendly than websites. • Blogs can drive more traffic to your website • Blogs can start for free or at very low cost • Blogs brings your ideas to the public • You can share information with your followersSample: Basic Link Building Techniques
  13. 13. RSS Feeds Submission • It might reach some bloggers and readers • Use as a reminder of your website and its updates • To get noticed by RSS search engine • Drive more traffic Basic Link Building Techniques
  14. 14. Blog Commenting • Fast Backlinks • Engagement With Potential Customers • Meeting New People • Invitations to Guest Post Sample: to-the-ITSS-Blog.aspx Basic Link Building Techniques
  15. 15. ARTICLE SUBMISSION and PRESS RELEASE SUBMISSION • Category • Title • Author • Article Body • Signature or Resource Box Basic Link Building Techniques
  16. 16. Basic Link Building Techniques
  17. 17. Link Wheel Basic Link Building Techniques
  18. 18. Contact/Find Me: Facebook: Twitter:!/yhenggnehyBasic Link Building Techniques Yvette M. Divino - SEO