YES! Dare2Dream Parent Table Talk 2012


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YES! Dare2Dream Parent Table Talk 2012

  1. 1. Introduction Lighthouse Outreach, Inc., is a community based, grass roots organizationestablished in 2001 and incorporated in 2005. It was founded by ChristChurch Ministries with the philosophy of "to be effective, a program mustfocus not just on a city, but on the individuals who live there.“In 2007, Lighthouse Outreach, Inc. received the community based abstinenceeducation five year renewable grant, and in 2010 the teenage pregnancyprevention grant awarded by the US Department of Health & HumanServices. The fulfillment of this award is through The Lighthouse Project andthe Yes!Dare2Dream Program.
  2. 2. Lighthouse Project Mission Lighthouse Projects mission is to educate and empower teensages 13-16 of Greater Hampton Roads through the Yes! Dare to Dream Youth Empowerment Program (D2D), an innovativeapproach to teen pregnancy prevention and avoidance of other risky behaviors.
  3. 3. Lighthouse Project SuccessResearch after previous Lighthouse programs has shown that:1) Teens who had never engaged in sexual activity reported their intent to remain abstinent.2) Sexually active teens reported a new commitment to not engage insex.3) A large percentage of teens reported increased knowledge regardi r risky behaviors.
  4. 4. What are the teens saying?“One thing I learned during this class is what the commonSTD’s are and how they affect and look on your body. Thiscourse was leaps and bounds better than last years. ““I enjoyed this class because it taught me things I neverknew, it’s a great learning environment, it was fun! ““This class really helps me feel comfortable about this. “
  5. 5. US Department of Health & Human Services defines abstinence education as:The standards of abstinence education (A-H elements) werewritten into law to support the overall goal to reduce out-of-wedlock childbirth. It has become clear that integrating thetheme of abstinence and healthy marriage is crucial forequipping and empowering young people to successfully liveabstinent lifestyles.
  6. 6. Renewed Abstinence “Renewed Abstinence” is introduced as a choice. Great sensitivity is considered towards students that are sexuallyactive. Although you can never get your virginity back, onecan still benefit by choosing to return to a way of life that is free from sexual involvement.
  7. 7. The Problem: State Trends & Statistics The Center for Disease Control and the Virginia Department of Health report that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and teen pregnancy remain major public health challenges in the United States. While substantial progress has been made in reducing these rates, there is still work to be done. National & State teen pregnancy rate vs. Virginia Planning District 23 (Per 1000 births)70 61.960 48.5 45.5 40.5 44.450 35.4 34.4 37.140 26.9 27 26.7 27.1 27.630 17.120 9.1 13.410 0
  8. 8. Yes!Dare2 Dream Program Design Our programs are age appropriate and medicallyaccurate and designed to provide an interventionthat prevents teen pregnancy. It also preparesadolescents to become financially self-sufficient, aswell as, gain healthy relationship, goal setting andleadership skills.
  9. 9. Yes!Dare2Dream Program EvaluationLighthouse Outreach is dedicated to providing the youth in the HamptonRoads area the most effective programming available. In order to do so, anextensive evaluation is undertaken throughout the year.The main source for the program evaluation comes from pre, post , 6 and12 month follow-up surveys. The surveys are confidential and anonymousand aid in tailoring programs to the specific youth we serve.Moreover, community needs assessments and focus group interviews arealso conducted to assess satisfaction with the program’s variouscomponents, secure feedback on media components, and identify anyissues associated with the evaluation process or the programming.
  10. 10. Understanding ALL the consequences of teen sex• Physical • Social• Disease- STD’s • Low self-esteem• Pregnancy • Depression• Increased Probability of • Guilt involvement in other high • Rejection risk behaviors, such • Loss of Reputation as, drugs and alcohol • Potential loss of social network
  11. 11. Understanding ALL the consequences of teen sex• Intellectual • Spiritual• Loss of focus on goals • Internal Conflict• Decreased graduation • Guilt rate • Disconnect with spiritual• Depression man• Impaired decision making • Potential loss of religious• Suicidal thoughts social network• Thoughts of involvement of other high risk behaviors
  12. 12. Understanding ALL the consequences of teen sex• Emotional • Financial• Low self-esteem • Healthcare expenses• Suicidal thoughts/ attempts • Childcare expenses• Guilt • Transportation Issues• Depression • Government Assistance• Hopelessness • Food• Stress • Shelter• Mood Swings • Clothing• Confusion • Extra Tax Burden• Withdraw from • Potential Decreased Earning family/friends Potential• Feelings of disappointment • Employment
  13. 13. How can parents help to prevent their kids from these consequences?Parents + Yes!Dare2Dream= HELP
  14. 14. Parent Connectedness: 40 Developmental Assets Search Institutes 40 Developmental Assets® are concrete, common sense, positive experiences and qualities essential to raising successful young people.These assets have the power during critical adolescentyears to influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults. ( .org)
  15. 15. Benefits to Community & Teens Teens have increased self- esteem Teens will be more Less teen productive citizens in pregnancies the community. Teens would be EMPOWERED to Less infection fromdream big and to be sexual activityall that they can be. Teens will be more productive citizens in their communities Less teen violence in Increased self- our schools and our esteem communities. Our teens will be healthier and safer because they would Teens strive to reach have learned skills to their life goals and help them make plans. positive decisions for their lives and their future.
  16. 16. Benefits to Parents Provides teens Free program with the skills where snacks are needed to make provided healthy choices and set goals Creates opportunities for Positive summer parents/guardians program that to maintain open empowers teens in dialogue with their a safe environment teens regarding their futures
  17. 17. Yes!Dare2Dream Program Topics Goal Setting
  18. 18. Yes!Dare2Dream PartnershipsCommunity Saturation Model: a social marketing strategy that connects everyone in a community to reinforce a message •Hampton Health Department Medical Community Faith Based Organizations •Pattern Interrupt Ministries •Miracle Temple Baptist Church •Abyssinia Baptist Church •Little Zion Baptist Church •West End Baptist Church Youth Serving Organizations •Outstanding Youth on the Move •Compasion •Family and Child Empowerment Services •Sister II Sister •Global Resources and Community Enterprises •Y. H Thomas Community Center
  19. 19. 2012 Community Rally- Hampton Teen Center
  20. 20. Facilitator Curriculum Training Sessions
  21. 21. Attendance to every session is very important for maximum impact. Every parent that has a child that successfully completes the Yes!Dare2Dream programwill be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a $50 giftcard
  22. 22. Partnership & Volunteer Opportunities • Yes!Dare2Dream program volunteer • Community Rally • Community Presentations/ Exhibit Tables • Youth Advisory Board
  23. 23. Or contact us at: 2021A Cunningham Dr. Suite #5 Hampton, VA 23666 (757)827-7787 Fax# (757)827-0063 Facebook: Yes!Dare2Dream