Personality Assesment Powerpoint Presentation


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Personality Assesment Powerpoint Presentation

  1. 1. The New Y-CAPP Inc. <br />“Wedon’t strive for excellence, <br />that’s where we begin!”<br />
  2. 2. The New Y-CAPP Inc. <br />Personality Assessment<br />
  3. 3. Personality<br />The pattern of feelings, thoughts <br />and activities that distinguishes<br />one person from another. <br />
  4. 4. Personality Characteristics of an<br />OWL<br />Owls keep a close watch on their emotions.<br />Owls “actually read” the instruction manuals and then alphabetically file them.<br />They like to make careful and intentional decisions.<br />They like to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems. <br />Owls live by the motto “Let’s do this right!”<br />Owls tend to turn anger inward.<br />They tend to focus on the past. <br />They like maps, charts and organization.<br />Owls provide great quality control. <br />They have deep feelings for those they love.<br />They have high standards and like rules and consistency.<br />Owls will slow down under pressure <br />They need a non-critical atmosphere to do their best work.<br />They need praise of their character as well as their accomplishments.<br />Owls go “by the book.”<br />
  5. 5. Personality Characteristics of A<br />Lamb<br />Above all, Lambs are LOYAL.<br />They have a strong need for personal relationships.<br />They have a deep need to please others.<br />Lambs have hearts full of compassion.<br />They often react strongly to sudden changes.<br />The typically “go with the flow.”<br />Lambs hold stubbornly to what they feel is right.<br />They will have only a few close friends, but they will have deep friendships.<br />They can absorb incredible emotional pain and still remain committed.<br />They can be indecisive.<br />Lambs are great procrastinators.<br />They are empathizers.<br />They need to be prepared for change.<br />Lambs are soft in attitude and action while processing courage & strength.<br />They are quite relational. <br />Words that may be an emotional “pebble” to a Lion can be a 101lb “weight” to a Lamb.<br />
  6. 6. Personality Characteristics of A<br />Lion<br />Lions are born leaders<br />Lions like to accomplish things with immediate results.<br />A lion’s time frame in NOW.<br />Lions are decisive, but may not consult others.<br />Lions just want to know the “bottom line” when communicating. <br />They can feel threatened by questions. <br />Lions are not afraid of pressure or confrontation. <br />Lions are bosses (…..or at least they think they are)<br />They love to solve problems.<br />Lions want directives followed without questioning. <br />Lions demand allegiance.<br />They love to change things; while you’re away they might rearrange the room.<br />Lions are doers.<br />
  7. 7. Personality Characteristics of A<br />Chameleon<br />Chameleons just want to have fun. <br />Chameleons are great at motivating others to action.<br />Chameleons tend to avoid confrontation at all cost.<br />They focus on the future. (Trust me, it will all work out!”)<br />Chameleons tend to avoid the fine print. <br />They can adapt to any environment.<br />Chameleons are tremendous net workers (but they don’t know anyone’s last name)<br />They’re more susceptible to peer pressure. <br />Chameleons are easily excitable.<br />They are cheerleaders. <br />They love to talk. <br />They want to be involved in decisions. <br />Chameleons tend to be optimistic.<br />Chameleons enjoy off-the-wall humor.<br />Their key phrase is “lighten up!”<br />They have a strong desire to be liked.<br />Chameleons are soft and encouraging with people. <br />They can have 25 best friends.<br />
  8. 8. Which one are you?<br />
  9. 9. The New Y-CAPP<br />The New Y-CAPP Inc. <br />