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Mobile changes how you engage customers and employees


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How mobile is changing engagement with your customers and employees thereby providing opportunities to increase your business capability and make staff more productive

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Mobile changes how you engage customers and employees

  1. 1. Enhance your engagement with customers and employees
  2. 2. Self Intro • Your company and what it does • Your name and what you do at work • Why did you come for this workshop?
  3. 3. COMPANY OVERVIEW Founded in 2009 Asia’s leading mobile-first software house, serving clients across Asia, Americas and Europe >100 full-time digital experience engineers across offices in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Indonesia
  4. 4. A new breed of IT professionals - ones that understand business and engineering, for solving business problems via user centric digital design DIGITAL EXPERIENCE ENGINEERS
  6. 6. DBS Home Connect
  7. 7. DBS Home Connect Consumer Purpose Get more leads for mortgages Solution Let buyers check on previous transaction and put these information in a easy to access manner. Point and See Augmented Reality Uses phone’s GPS coordinates and compass direction to display results around user Problem Need a way to get to home buyers without expensive sales people
  8. 8. FOX Movie Play TV Media Purpose For subscribers, allow the easiest way to watch TV everywhere Solution Multi country deployment of a multi platform app MediaConnect Allows easily identify management of subscribers via the affiliates (SingTel/StarHub) Problem Viewers have tablets and want to watch content on the go. Piracy also prevalent in the region.
  9. 9. Toggle Now TV Media
  10. 10. Against the tide
  11. 11. SAMSUNG Air-con Enterprise Purpose An end-to-end companion in their air-con sales process that also tracks incentives Solution educating customers, recommendation, creating a quotation Problem Samsung Aircon is a new brand in Singapore. Have to get the support to Sales Reps
  12. 12. My Laundry Box
  13. 13. My Laundry Box Innovation Purpose Get laundry done Solution Locker + App based Laundry Drop off Server Driver App Driver also uses an app to manage job despatch and notify customers Problem Cost of rental, cost of manpower
  14. 14. PAPER WORKVISIBILITYMANPOWER Enterprise Problems “I don’t have enough people. Everyone needs to do more” “Fill this, fill that. Our system is working but it’s designed 10 years ago. Can it be better?” “I have no idea what exactly they are doing. Are they as efficient as they could be?"
  15. 15. AGENTLYTIC Increase Agent Productivity
  17. 17. DIGITAL EXPERIENCE ENGINEERS PAPER WORKVISIBILITYMANPOWER Less trips, Faster inspections, better Communication Digital Forms, workflow, collaboration Business Analytics Worker Metrics Faster Process & Billing
  18. 18. Business Process Re- engineering enabled by Mobile
  19. 19. and many more Our Clients
  20. 20. CONTACT +65 6222 2359 @2359media /2359media /2359media /2359media /2359media