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Technology For Ministry Donor Support2


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ISI National Staff Conference 2009 Workshop

Published in: Spiritual, Business, Technology
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Technology For Ministry Donor Support2

  1. 1. Technology for Ministry -PD Support Technology For Ministry Using Technology to Make Partnership Development Easier Roy Yabuki -DFW Director Rebekah Miller – Web Coordinator Bob Schwartz – Computers in Ministry Partnership Development (What is it all about?) • Re-connecting with many friends • Different place in relationship with each in regard to PD • Asking, Re-asking, asking if they sent the check yet. thanks • Simple process but need to stay on track with each person • About relationship, but with so many people it is hard to remember what shared with who and what promised • Tough… need to stay on task and focus on relationships… don’t need hassle of tools. Should make it easier not harder. Three Major Areas of PD • Raising Partners • Tracking Partners • Keeping Partners What do We Need? Raising Partners • List/address book of potential ministry partners with contact info • Way to keep track of where in the process of PD a person is • Way to keep track of actual interaction with people • Reminders for you to follow-up based on where they are in the process • Tracking Pledges vs. actual giving history • Analysis of response to activity (letters, appeals, website) What do We Need? Tracking Partners • What we get from home office? – Weekly Donor Report – Annual Donor Report –You learn • Who is giving? How often? • How and when What do We Need? Tracking Partners giving? • Statistics & Analysis – Crunching the data – Progress to Goal? – Summary of Donor giving Patterns? • Average monthly giving? • Last year but not this year givers? • Late donors... • Top givers? – Giver profile? Who do Igivers? more? How? • Most consistent ask for • – How are people giving? – Scott Morton stuff What do We Need? Keeping Partners – Way to keep track of interaction with people • Last time said thank you • How can we pray for our partners? • – Way to get people to experience your ministry as if they are there... •Staying in contact with partners on a regular/personal basis
  2. 2. Technology for Ministry -PD Support • Mass e-mail/Calling/Social networking • Keeping people up on what is going on • Snail Mail newsletter/personal mail – Is someone giving more or less? Why? Solution 1 – Microsoft Outlook • Centralized contact manager – can be shared • Calendar / To-do • Keep track of interaction (journal) – searchable xobni add-on • Flags/Categories – Set Priorities/Groups/Status • Mail Merge – More work to personalize • Can be backed up/ synced with exchange server – Web/outlook/ Smart phone access with one database • Outlook for Business Contact Manager – workflow Solution 2 – MS Excel/Word • Simple searchable/sortable database • Analysis of giving – Data is Hand Keyed • One page showing of data • Mail Merge -Personalized • Snail mail • Email 10 Solutions 3: TNTMPD – • Free and specifically designed for partnership development • Built in support related address book, calendar, to-do functions and can be synced with Outlook, Access & Excel • Tracks where you are in the donor relationship workflow • Automated reminders/tasks in donor relationship workflow 11 Solutions 3: TNTMPD – • Tracks and analyzes giving (hand input of data with potential some day of syncing with home office system) • Tracks interaction with people and suggests next steps • Simple reports analyzing giving patterns • Birthday and Anniversary Report • Can do mail merging 12 Tip1: iContact / Constant Contact •, • Mass E-mail • Easily send attractive formatted semi-personalized e-mail messages to different types of partners • No spam blocking • Keep track of if your mailings are actually being effective • Scheduled e-mail follow-up • Approx $6-20 month 13 Solution 4: Facebook & other social media (Youtube, Picasa, Flickr, Kodak photoshare) • Keep track of partner’s lives and interact with them as stuff happens on both sides • Partners see your interaction directly with students • Get in contact with "long lost friends, potential partners, etc and they see you interacting directly with students • Share pictures & videos so partners/potential partners can experience your ministry as it is happening (as if they are there)
  3. 3. Technology for Ministry -PD Support 14 Tip 2: Chalkline • Chalkline • Mass Snail mail • • Expensive… but good in a pinch 15 Other Options Database Tools Free • Donor Manager ( Paid • ACT!/Goldmine & other CRM Tools • Microsoft Access! • 16 Other Options • Notepad(moleskin), Calendar, address book • Online slide shows ( • (wonderful online tools like google docs) –Writer –CRM – Notebook 17 Important • Its not the tools but its your heart, your relationships and God’s grace that drives partner development • It takes time to save time… • Set aside a day • Then 10 minutes a week… 18 More Ideas? Personal “Technology/Ideas” Blog Looking for articles! Help me help you! Send Questions, Comments, & Ideas and you will see them some day if this works. Twitter: ismtips E-mail: Website/blog : Network for learning from each other