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Swot matrix of google


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Swot matrix of google

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Swot matrix of google

  1. 1. Leave Blank Strengths – S Weaknesses – W 1. Strong brand recognition 1. Corporate governance and recall 2. Lack of independence of 2. Brand equity board 3. Talented employee base 3. Unclear vision 4. Access to Google available 4. Fast growth to anyone with Internet 5. Potential for inappropriate 5. Good cash reserves positioning of client 6. Strong revenues and profit brands on Web sites margins 6. Small relative to 7. Relationships with major competitors corporations like AOL 7. Little physical presence in 8. Culture of innovation and some global markets accountability 9. Products based on solving consumer needsOpportunities – O SO Strategies WO Strategies1. Internet-based 1. Continue to develop new 1. Develop clear vision for technologies and offerings that build upon company (W3, O1, O4) businesses continue to brand and increase unique 2. Partner when possible with develop visitors to sites (e.g., Google organizations to develop2. Worldwide growth in Video, Froogle, Gmail) – new applications (W6, W7, Internet coverage and use S4, S9, O4, O5 O2, O3, O4)3. Asia makes up most of 2. Expand Google into 3. Target growth in specific world’s population, but additional countries areas (W6, W7, O2, O3, has low Internet (particularly in Asia) and O4) penetration languages (especially 4. Develop presence in Asia4. Increasing demand for Mandarin) – S4, O2, O3 (especially in China) and Web-based business and 3. Increase advertising sales South America (W7, O2, consumer solutions (S1, S2, S9, O5, O6) O5)5. Advertising spending 4. Target business solutions in increasing online addition to consumer6. Potential to expand into solutions (S7, S8, O1) other mediaThreats – T ST Strategies WT Strategies1. Competition, especially 1. Defend against competitors 1. Establish a plan for Microsoft and Yahoo! by ensuring people are addressing threats from2. Potential for click fraud satisfied with Google Microsoft and other3. Potential for attack on services and developing competitors (W1, W2, W3, servers new services (S5, S6, T1) W6, T1)4. Legal constraints in the are 2. Build excellence in areas of of intellectual property importance to consumers in rights order to encourage Yahoo!5. Consumer attitudes toward users to switch to Google online advertising (S9, T1)
  2. 2. 3. Harness innovation to develop preventative measures to protect against attacks from hackers (S8, T2, T3)4. Be proactive in the interpretation of intellectual property rights laws and regulations (S3, S8, T4)5. Develop new streams of revenue that are not based on advertising models (S5, S3, S8, T5)