What\'s Eating You?


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Why we should be drinking alkaline water from Nikken.

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What\'s Eating You?

  1. 1. What’s Eating You? When your pH levels are too low, it means acid is scorching your heart and brain cells….your muscles….your bones and joints….and every organ in your body….24 hours a day!But where is all this nasty acid coming from?
  2. 2. Your Food More acid is produced as a byproduct when you digest food or drink acid- producing beverages….
  3. 3. Your Environment Still more acid pours into your body from: Acid rain: Adds acid to soil & water, which is absorbed by plants, animals and YOU!Air pollution: Fills your lungs with toxins and acidresidues, flooding your body with acidic waste.Pesticides, herbicides, and food additives: Bombardyour cells with artificial and synthetic acid-basedresidues.
  4. 4. Your Environment Household toxins: Synthetic materials in furnishing, carpets, and upholstery that emit acid-based gasses like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and xylene. Result: You body becomes more acidic with every passing day!
  5. 5. pH balance equals LIFEA soft drink has a pH of approx. 3.0. A million times more acidic than pH 9 Alkaline water!
  6. 6. Acidosis in your body…
  7. 7. Acidosis in your body…
  8. 8. Acidosis in your body…
  9. 9. Acidosis in your body…
  10. 10. Acidosis in your body…
  11. 11. Acidosis in your body…
  12. 12. If our bodies are It is recommended70% water…for that you drink oneYOU to be half your bodyhealthy….all that weight in ounces,water needs to of pH 8.5 to 9.5have a healthy Alkaline waterpH balance! every single day!
  13. 13. Tap Water Isn’t The Answer According to the Evironmental Protection Group, Since 2004, testing by water utilities has found 315 pollutants in the tap water Americans drink. More than half of the chemicals detected are not subject to health or safety regulations and can legally be present in any amount. The government has not set a single new drinking water standard since 2001.
  14. 14. Bottled Water Isn’t The AnswerIt is not regulated & costs more than gasoline.According to the “Environmental Working Group”, Oct.’08The top 10 selling brands of bottled water contained a total of38 pollutants, including fertilizer, industrial chemicals,pharmaceuticals and bacteria. An average of 8 pollutantswere found in each bottle!
  15. 15. The Bottled Water “Disaster” 28 Billion plastic bottles are thrown away each year & take over 300 years to degrade. 17 Million barrels of oil are used to manufacture these bottles!
  16. 16. Additional Concerns! 2,500,000 tons of CO2 is released during production of these bottles! The amount of money spent by consumers on bottled water each year!
  17. 17. Health Hazards of Storage Then packed around in your vehicle…Heat + Plastic = Chemicals that can leach into the water & cause many serious health problems!
  18. 18. Enter Nikken!Filters to NSF Standards 42 & 53, Ionizes(Ionized water slows down cellular destruction)Creates 8.5 – 9.5 Alkaline water!Uses no electricity Sport Bottle WaterfallWater tastes sweet and silky smooth!
  19. 19. Nikken’s PiMag Sports Bottle An Intelligent Alternative to Bottled Water • Advanced Technology: Next Generation Pi, Magnetics & alkalizing materials turn tap water into amazing PiMag water • Creates Alkaline Water & decreases oxidation-reduction potential, which can offset the oxidizing effect of free radicals • Meets or Exceeds Standards for Contaminants, Taste, Odor and Aesthetics • Independent Laboratory Tested to Reduce/Eliminate Chlorine, Chloramine, Particulates, Heavy Metals, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) • Replaceable Filter (40 Gallon Capacity) means the bottle plus two replacement filters = 768 – 20 oz bottles of the best water in the world for less than 12 cents each at retail. After additional filter changes…each 20 oz bottle is only a nickel!
  20. 20. An Easy & Convincing Demo! 4 Drops of the reagent in each glass….For optimum health, we should drink half of our body weight in ounces of pure, great tasting, alkaline PiMag water every day!
  21. 21. pH balance in your body…What kind of water do you want you & your family to drink? Do you want to purchase it retail…or at a discount?