Gems of Joy Designs Newsletter


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A newsletter for women featuring Gems of Joy Designs and articles. Created and designed by Yolanda Berry.

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Gems of Joy Designs Newsletter

  1. 1. s Gems of JoyDesign Volume I, Issue I Dec 2010 elcome to our first issue of the W Gems of Joy Designs newsletter. We will feature the latest trends in fashion, local jewelry art exhibits and shows My product is geared for the young teen, college student, mother and the career woman who loves fashion and as well as showcase my contemporary col- understands that accessories are key lection of custom made jewelry. to her wardrobe. My name is Yolanda Berry. I’m a jewelry I am inspired by color and believe that designer and entrepreneur based in everyone should find their passion and Northern New Jersey. I’ve been designing do what they love. As an artist and jewelry for about 4 years. I started creating entrepreneur, I encourage others to jewelry because I could not find earrings that pursue their talents, ablitities and gifts I liked in the retail stores. to share with others. I hope you will find my newsletter inspiring an inform- ative. Inside this issue: Introduction 1 All About Gems 2 What’s Hot? 3 Jewelry that inspires 4 Discount coupon 4 Forward comments or suggestions to: gemsofjoydesigns@yahoo.comPage Layout Design by Yolanda Berry - Credits to InStyle Magazine for content material
  2. 2. Fashion News: All About Gems The 4 C for Gemstone Jewelry Different Gemstones There are many different ways to categorize types of gemstones. It’s reasonable to expect lasting Sometimes they are identified by value and enjoyment when you category. Alternately types of gem- purchase gemstone jewelry. stones may be classed by how they are made. Another way to Learning a few things about gem- classify gems is by describing stone quality and value will help them as precious, semi-precious you make sure you get what you or organic. want and deserve. When gemstones are identified by You can start by trusting your category, the following categories instincts. Sensory appeal is always may apply: paramount. So, if a particular gem- stone or jewelry design "speaks" to Diamonds - considered the most you, by all means listen! You can precious stone in the world. also use what you know about the 4Cs. The familiar diamond value Corundum - contains gemstones factors of color, cut, clarity, and like sapphires and rubies. carat weight apply to colored gem- stones as well. However, each Chrysoberyl - alexandrite and gemstone variety is judged by its cat’s eyes are two common stones own potential: no one expects an of this type. aquamarine to have the same color as a sapphire or an emerald Quartz - amethyst, onyx, citrine, to be as flawless as an aquama- and carnelian are part of this rine. But there are a few general group. rules you can use to judge gem- stone quality. Beryl - related to quartz and con- tains stones like emeralds and aquamarines.
  3. 3. What’s Hot? Color: Camel The Military Look WHY IT’S HOT: Neutral tones are back and matches with anything in your wardrobe.WHY ITS HOT: Grommets, buttons and camou-flage prints adorn everything from satchels to strap- Boldpy ankle boots. WHY ITS HOT: Minimalist shapes pop against sleek Deco outfits and black-and-white patterns.WHY ITS HOT: Bring pizzazz to a plain shift with Pearlsbeaded bags, etched clutches and cone heels. WHY THEYRE HOT: Black leather and thick chains Lace transform the demure into the daring.WHY ITS HOT: The dainty fabric reveals its tough Fall Tonesside when covering biker boots and oversize ban-gles. WHY THEYRE HOT: Richly hued suedes and skins add a sophisticated, lush touch. Cozy BowsWHY ITS HOT: Snuggle-worthy materials don’tsacrifice warmth for style when paired with skinny WHY THEY’RE HOT: Feminine, sexy ties for womenjeans and a blazer. that can be worn around the neck, shoulder or waist for a casual or professional look.
  4. 4. Jewelry Designs & Photography by Yolanda BerryGems of Joy Designs 10% off (1 pair) earrings Expiration: January 30,