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Location ideas

Location ideas for thriller film opening.

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Location ideas

  1. 1. LOCATION
  2. 2. Indoor Location For the beginning of my film opening I want a old, grungy room where the hostages will be situated. I want it to look realistic and due to the research I have conducted, many thriller films use this type of interior. I have my own garage that will fit perfectly for the idea that I want however, when the hostages escape I will have to film somewhere else because outside of my garage is just grass area. I will add certain props and move things to create the ideal look that I want. I will have two chairs with the characters sat blindfolded. I think it will look tense and thrilling if I perfect the overall look. I will also turn the lights off so it creates a dark, gloomy effect and to add suspense. I will most likely need to clear some things to enable the characters to escape and move around during the shot.
  3. 3. Outdoor Location The outdoor location is the one that is hardest to find as I need a alley/wall type area so that the characters can act out the scene properly. I want to follow the idea of them being trapped and scared so a thrilling location is very important. Old, grungy fencing or walls is ideal as it follows the connotations of a thriller film. I wanted an alleyway where the character is face to face with the villain. It will most definitely make it more intense and scary is the space is smaller. This is a location near my local area that I might use in specific the alleyway. Hopefully, it will be darker to be a lot more scary. I think the entrapment of the walls will hopefully be effective and I may need to add some props also. I will want the girl at the dead end and then the man holding the sister at the other.
  4. 4. Other Ideas I have also looked around other potential areas that I might use such as lanes instead of alley ways and other houses. A house might be more effective. However, I am going to do some primary research around to see what will look better. My aim is to get a dirty, shabby location that will intensify the characters situation and importantly make it more intense to follow the conventions of a thriller film. It would be perfect if the outdoor location I want was embedded within the house or situated near it however, I don’t think I will find a house suitable but I will have to look.